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By Mike Johnson on 2006-12-03 22:18:00

ECW's December to Dismember opened with a video feature on the Extreme Elimination Chamber match featuring highlights of major moves from ECW stars with comments from Paul Heyman, Big Show, and others interspersed with the narrator.

The show opened with a pyrotecnics burst that likely cost more than the entire financial budget of ECW's first PPV, Barely Legal. Joey Styles and Tazz welcomed everyone to the show, putting over the Extreme Elimination Chamber match. They then shot it over the Spanish Announce Team.

MNM vs. The Hardy Boyz

MNM did their grand entrance, with Joey Styles saying this would likely be the one and only time they would ever compete together in ECW.  That would certainly explain why they had new matching fur coats, complete with digital messages flashing across them.  There was a big "Hardys" chant when they came to the ring.

Joey Mercury and Matt Hardy started the match, locking up and then shoving each other away.  Hardy took Mercury down with a side headlock several times, going to the mat.  The Hardys and MNM both faced off in the center of the ring arguing.  There were some brief technical issues with the cameras freezing. 

The Hardys tagged in and out, working over Mercury, including a double wheelbarrow suplex.  Nitro tagged in, but was soon on the receiving end of The Hardy's offense as well.  Hardy went for a jawbreaker but Nitro broke it.  MNM hit a double reverse elbow on Jeff Hardy.  There was a slight, "She's a crackwhore" chant at Melina. 

Nitro went for a standing moonsault press but missed.  Matt tagged in and began unloading on Nitro.  Hardy hit a Splash Mountain out of the corner but Mercury broke it up.  He rebounded off the ropes but Melina tried to trip him.  Matt went out of the ring but was hit by Mercury.  You'd think Hardy would know to ignore women in wrestling by now.

MNM hit a gutbuster on Matt.  WWE's production team appeared to mute a "She's got herpes" chant.  Nitro received a two count on Hardy and then distracted the referee.  Melina worked him over from ringside.  Nitro hit Jeff, forcing the referee to push him back into the corner.  MNM worked over Matt while the referee's back was turned, but only received a two count.

MNM went for a double suplex but Matt landed on his feet and hit a neckbreaker on both.  He crawled for the tag, but MNM knocked Jeff to the floor and continued beating on Matt.  Mercury went for the Twist of Fate but Matt shoved him into the corner, where Nitro was standing on the top rope.  Nitro was crotched.

Jeff Hardy tagged in and hit a ton of offense on Mercury.  He nailed a low legdrop but Nitro broke up the pinfall.  Hardy spiked Nitro on his head.  Matt hit a clotheslines over the top on Mercury, then dove outside.  The fans chanted "ECW."  Nitro then did a running tope.  Jeff went to the top and dove off all three.  The fans chanted, "Holy sh**"

The Hardys tossed MNM back in the ring.  Matt hit the Twist of Fate on Mercury.  Jeff went for the Swanton, but Nitro broke it up.  He dragged Matt out of the ring and slammed his head into the apron.  Nitro hit a missile dropkick on Jeff for a two count.  Nitro brought Jeff into MNM's corner and began working over his back.

MNM hit a double slingshot on Jeff, sending him into the turnbuckles.  Mercury locked on a surfboard style move as Jeff tried to work his way to the ropes to force a break.  Mercury continued to onslaught.  MNM sent Hardy into the corner again.  Nitro tossed Jeff to the floor where a waiting Melina kicked Hardy in the gut.  Mercury joined in.  Hardy was tossed back into the ring, where Mercury got several two counts.  He continued working on Hardy's lower back.  MNM did the old Demolition finisher.  Matt Hardy broke up the pinfall.

Mercury worked over Hardy with a rear chinlock.  Hardy fought to his feet.  Mercury rolled up Hardy but Hardy kicked out, sending Mercury out of the ring in the process.  Jeff went to make a tag but Mercury attacked Matt from the floor, preventing the tag yet again. 

MNM continued the assault until Jeff was able to dive off the top with the Will O'The Wisp turning moonsault press.  He tagged Matt, who cleaned house with punches and clotheslines.  He hit a running clothesline on Nitro in the corner and bulldogged him, clotheslining Mercury at the the same time.  Hardy hit the Side Effect on Nitro for a near-fall.  He went to the second rope to hit his trademark legdrop, getting another close near-fall.

Jeff went to the top and Matt brought Nitro over for a powerbomb.  Mercury attacked Matt, then gave Nitro some momentum, allowing him to hit a hurrancanrana off the top on Jeff.  All four brawled in the ring.  The Hardys hit stereo superplexes on MNM.  Melina tried to slap Jeff, but he grabbed her arm.  Nitro went to dropkick Jeff, but he sidestepped.  If you are reading this anywhere but, why are you supporting lazy cut and paste idiots?  Melina was hit in the face by the dropkick and took a bump from the apron to the floor.

Jeff caught Nitro with a nearfall.  MNM grabbed Jeff and hit the Snapshot, but Matt Hardy interfered to save the pinfall.  The crowd began chanting, "Hardys."  MNM tried to set up a top rope snapshot but Matt broke it up.  He hit a double neckbreaker on MNM and laid them atop of each other.

Jeff Hardy hit the swanton bomb off the top on both and scored the pinfall.  A really good opening match that told a story, had some great near falls and fun wrestling.  A great way to start the PPV.

Your winners, Matt and Jeff Hardy.


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