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By Mike Johnson on 2006-09-24 22:48:00

Welcome to's live coverage of TNA's No Surrender PPV from Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios.

Pre-Game Show: I can't make this up. The No Surrender pre-game opened with a commercial for Bound for Glory. How about giving the paying customers something before you try to fleece them for more money? Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme welcomed everyone and began running down the lineup for the PPV (this one, not Bound for Glory). Borash pushed that everyone was wondering what was up with the big announcement. Mike Tenay then read the Dixie Carter statement from earlier this week on the TNA website. They aired a Christian Cage-Rhino video feature. Tenay and West pushed the return of the Ultimate X match later tonight.

Outside, Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme welcomed the winner of the "Why I Hate Jeff Jarrett" contest, and had him demonstrate how hard he'd whip Jarrett. They then pulled a pretty hot girl, who had to be a plant based on how she played to the camera, and whipped a dummy dressed like Jarrett in the rear.

Bobby Roode vs. Vaughn Doring

Roode's opponent was never acknowledged by name by the ring announcer. The crowd chanted, "Let's go jobber." Roode worked him over before taking him down to the mat and cinching in a chin lock. Doring shot Roode off into the ropes, but Roode shoulderblocked him down. Doring got some offense in but Roode clotheslined him over the top rope. He chopped Doring in the corner and began kicking him. Roode hit a kneedrop and played to the camera. He whipped Doring into the ropes but got kicked for having his head down. Roode came back with a clothesline. Doring got a bunch of offense, building some momentum. At this point, Roode was giving far too much away for his "first match" after all that build. Roode finally hit the Northern Lariat and then his new finisher, the Payoff, a rolling DDT.

Your winner, Bobby Roode!

They aired a video feature on the X-Division Jackass deal. Outside, Borash and Hemme were testing fans for the Revenge. Eric Young (wow, he got bigger) showed up and said he was on the cusp of being fired and needed to mobilize the movement. The fans started chanting "Don't fire Eric."

They aired a video feature on the Naturals and America's Most Wanted building to the Tag Battle Royal. They aired a video feature on Raven vs. Abyss vs. Brother Runt. Jeremy Borash interviewed Abyss and Jim Mitchell. Mitchell warned Raven and Runt to abandon all hope. Borash was awesome here, looking scared of Abyss. Mitchell cut another of his great promos, saying Raven has once again lost another friend and has angered Abyss. He warned that it was time for "Doomsday" and laughed maniacally.

They aired a video feature on the Ultimate X match.

Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme, inside the ring, put over the Ultimate X match. Hemme climbed the ropes to show how high it is. Didn't she just have a hernia surgery? They noted the "huge" promise from TNA officials as well. Mike Tenay and Don West discussed the Fans' Revenge match. Mike Tenay promised that the professional wrestling industry would change tonight, forever.

They aired a music video to close the pre-game show.

TNA No Surrender

TNA No Surrender opened with a video feature imposing TNA personalities with politicians and others involved in major racial and political issues of the past, including FDR, Nelson Mandela, and Rodney King. Mike Tenay welcomed everyone and pushed an announcement that would rewrite "the history of the professional wrestling industry."

Eric Young vs. A-1

Young entered from the crowd and brought a parade of fans chanting "Don't fire Eric." He was announced as hailing from "an undisclosed location." Young has added a lot of mass. A-1 shoulderblocked Young down. Young slid out of the ring but jumped back in when A-1 followed. A-1 was upset at ringside. Young tossed him back into the ring, then hopped into the crowd to lead a "Don't fire Eric" chant. Young hit a bodypress but A-1 kicked out. A-1 powerslammed Young for a two count. A-1 charged and squashed Young in the corner. Young evaded another charge and fired back with several shots. A-1 grabbed Young and tossed him to the floor. They battled on the floor for a short time. A-1 locked in a surfboard. Young got back to his feet and hit a clothesline in the corner. Young hit a top rope elbow and scored a two count. A-1 tried for a tombstone, but Young reversed it then shot A-1 into a wheelbarrow suplex, catching him with a neckbreaker on the way down for the pin. The match was what it was. Average.

Your winner, Eric Young!

Mike Tenay pushed the announcement that will change the face of the wrestling business. Hey, did you hear they are going to have a big announcement tonight?

They aired highlights of the fans practicing for the Fan's Revenge match during the pre-game show.

They went to Jeremy Borash, who was in front of Jim Cornette's office.  Borash went into the office and hey, Cornette wasn't arrested for killing Russo and he didn't quit yet!  Cornette promised that everything is going to change and tonight, there's going to be an announcement made by a wrestler that isn't even on the card tonight.  He said it's going to shock the world.  I am wondering if it's Sting making the announcement after the way it was phrased.  Cornette was jovial, saying TNA is changing and warned everyone not to tune out early.

Jay Lethal vs. Petey Williams

When they introduced Lethal, he was nowhere to be found.  They went backstage where Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, and Chris Sabin were goofing around playing videogames and acting like goofs.  Jerry Lynn yelled at them to get it together.  Dutt said they took care of it and held up a box of laxatives.  Lynn told Sabin he should be preparing for his X-Division shot tonight.  Sabin offered him a potato chip.  Lynn walked off disgusted as Sabin yelled, "Jerry? You forgot your chip!" 

In the ring, Williams was looking at the bottle of water he was sipping, worried it was poisoned.  Lethal came to the ring, taping his wrists and getting ready as he made his way down the aisle.  Williams shoulderblocked him down.  Lethal went for a tiltowhirl but Williams evaded it.  Lethal went for his cartwheel into the dropkick but again, Williams evaded.  Lethal finally hit the dropkick.  Lethal hit a springboard dropkick into the ring for a two count.  Lethal was on the apron when Williams slid out between his legs to the floor and pulled him off into the guard rail.  Williams worked him over on the floor and then continued the assault in the ring.  As the match continued, Williams began acting as if he was trying not to go to the bathroom.  The referee and Lethal were both acting as if they smelled something.  Williams tied Lethal in the tree of woe but couldn't get on the ropes because he had to go so bad.  Dutt was at ringside showing off the laxative box.  Lethal began nailing Williams with punches to the gut, "making it worse" for Williams.  Lethal gave him an atomic drop.  Lethal hit a clothesline and a rolling senton splash.  He kept striking Williams in the gut.  He gave Williams a gutbuster for a two count.  Williams made a comeback but was hampered by his condition.  The crowd chanted, "Hold it in."  Williams went for the Canadian Destroyer but finally couldn't stop holding it.  He went to leave the ring but Lethal rolled him up for the pin.  Williams ran to the back.  Easily the dumbest thing in recent memory from TNA. This hardly fueled any hopes of the X-Division going to the next level, unless you think of it as the next level of sports-entertainment stupidity. Welcome back to wrestling, Vince Russo.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviewed Rhino.  Borash said that doctors had advised Rhino not to wrestle tonight.  Borash said he was dealing with a shoulder problem and head trauma.  Rhino said to dish the advice out to Christian Cage.  He said he considered Cage family but was going to kick his ass all over the Impact Zone.  He was selling the effects of a concussion.  Borash questioned whether he was OK.  Rhino said he was fine and was going to teach Cage what happens when you turn on a friend.  Obviously the concussion is going to play into the match, so this was a nice foreshadowing.

They aired a video on Raven vs. Brother Runt vs. Abyss.

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