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By Mike Johnson on 2006-09-24 22:48:00

They went to an interview earlier today with AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels in an empty arena.  Styles said that LAX is going to want to brawl and take things to their level but it's not going to happen because it's all about the cables.  Daniels said that Konnan is laying down this racial propaganda and compares himself to the Latino wrestlers of the past.  Daniels said that if Eddie Guerrero was here today, Konnan would cut his throat to get it.  He said none of this has to do with race or being Latino, it has to do with Konnan being an a**hole.  He said that there is going to be no weapon that will help them get the belts tonight.  They promised they would win the tag belts.

ULTIMATE X MATCH: NWA Tag Team champions LAX vs. AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels

LAX attacked the challengers immediately.  Daniels tossed Homicide out then hit a leg lariat on Hernandez.  Homicide went for the Cop Killa early on Styles, who evaded.  He slingshot Styles into the ropes and then handed him off to Hernandez who suplexed him over.  Homicide went to the cables but Daniels pulled him down.  Daniels went after Homicide's shoulder.  They worked over Hernandez.  Styles went to the cables as Daniels fought off LAX.  Homicide grabbed Styles feet and rolled him until Styles fell and clotheslined himself on the top rope on the way down.  Daniels fought off both members of LAX.  Homicide backdropped Daniels to the floor.  Homicide hit a tope con hilo to Daniels, sailing over the rail in the process.  Styles did a dive to the floor on Homicide.  Hernandez teased diving but Daniels cut him off.  Daniels locked in the Koji Klutch but Homicide broke it up.  Hernandez held Styles upside down for Homicide to dropkick him.  Hernandez then drilled Styles down. 

LAX brought a ladder into the ring, trying to climb up.  Styles whipped Homicide into the ropes, then shoved the ladder into Homicide's face.  They picked up Hernandez for an atomic drop, crotching him on the ladder.  Styles tried to climb the ropes but Homicide pulled him to the floor.  Daniels climbed up the ropes but Daniels superplexed him off while choking him.  The crowd chanted, "This is awesome."  Konnan worked over Daniels on the floor.

Homicide hit a butterfly suplex on Styles.  Hernandez hit a powerslam.  Homicide and Styles battled as Hernandez tried to work the ropes.  Styles hit a springboard into a forearm to take down Hernandez.  Homicide brought a chair into the equation but Styles attacked him.  Homicide made his way across the cables, and scissored his legs around it.  Styles springboarded to grab the cable and while hanging, began delivering knee strikes to Homicide.  They both finally crash into the ring.  It looked like Homicide hit the Ace Crusher on the way down.

Daniels almost made it all the way over but Hernandez pulled him down onto his shoulders.  Homicide hit a top rope bulldog on Daniels.  Hernandez made his way across the cables but Styles pulled him down, forcing him to splash his own partner on the way down.  Styles unloaded with offense on LAX including the Pele Kick on Hernandez.  Styles and Daniels hit a double suplex into a neckbreaker on Hernandez.  Homicide missed a frog splash.  Daniels and Styles did the double goozle on Homicide.  Hernandez came back with a killer double clothesline.

Konnan pulled out a table at ringside.  Hernandez teased powerbombing Styles over the top through the table but Daniels made the save.  Daniels hit a uranage and the Best Moonsault Ever on Hernandez.  Styles hit the Spiral Tap.  Homicide caught Daniels with the Cop Killa.  Styles and Daniels brawled above the table on the apron.  Styles caught Homicide and hit the Styles Clash through a table.  This match is worth the price of the PPV at this point.

Konnan nailed Styles with the slapjack outside the ring.  Daniels ascended the Ultimate X scaffolding.  Konna tried swiping at him with a Singapore Cane.  Daniels stoood atop the scaffolding and dove across to the center, grabbed the belts and came down.  Unbelievably awesome fn' finish.  I wouldn't have booked LAX to lose the belts at this point but there's no way anyone could have lost momentum after one of the best matches all year.  Awesome, awesome stuff.

Your winners and new NWA Tag Team champions AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels!

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