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By Mike Johnson on 2006-09-24 22:48:00

They aired a video feature on the Fans' Revenge Match.

Fans Revenge Match: NWA champion Jeff Jarrett vs. Samoa Joe (Non-title)

They have 18 fans around the ring with straps.  Samoa Joe came to the ring first.  Backstage, Young said he couldn't find Sting anywhere.  Jarrett asked if he looked in the rafters.  Young deadpanned, "You think he'd be up there?"  Young is awesome.  Jarrett told him to search every inch of the rafters and keep Sting from interfering. 

At least one of the fans is a Dory Funk Jr. student.  Jarrett was wearing tons of padding.  Joe controlled Jarrett early.  He unloaded with a series of punches.  He hit a running charge in the corner, then kicked Jarrett.  He tossed Jarrett over the top but Jarrett scampered back into the ring.  Joe continued to destroy Jarrett and began pulling off some of the layers of clothing Jarrett had for protection.  Jarrett ended on the floor and the fans whipped him.  Jarrett tossed Joe to the floor but the fans wouldn't whip him.  He went to the floor to bring Joe back in and got whipped.  Jarrett grabbed a strap on the way in and began lashing Joe with it.  He choked Joe with the strap.  Jarrett continued to choke Joe out but Joe fought back and peppered Jarrett with punches.  Jarrett clotheslined Joe with the strap.  Jarrett went to the top for a flying bodypress but Joe kicked up.  The fans rallied Joe.  Jarrett tried to rebound off the ropes but Joe sidestepped him.  Joe kicked Jarrett in the face, then hit the senton back splash.  He took the remaining layers off Jarrett and began chopping away.

Jarrett retreated and was lashed like crazy by the fans as he made his way around the ring.  Back in the ring, Joe lashed Jarrett on his own.  Jarrett cut off Joe with a dropkick.  Joe caught Jarrett with a powerslam for a two count.  Jarrett tried to surprise Joe with a rollup.  He attempted to choke Joe with one of his T-shirts and then tried to tie Joe to the ropes.  Joe used the strap to tie Jarrett to the ropes.  Joe held Jarrett for fans to hop in the ring and take shots.  Jarrett grabbed a guitar but Joe cinched in the choke.  Jarrett got to the ropes.  Joe shoved the referee.  Jarrett hit the stroke on the guitar but got a two count.

Jarrett looked like he saw a ghost when Joe kicked up.  Joe and Jarrett began paintbrushing each other with slaps.  They went to the ropes.  Jarrett went to hit the stroke but Joe hit an enziguiri.  Joe caught Jarrett with the muscle buster and pinned him clean.

Your winner, Samoa Joe!

TNA's No Surrender ended with not one, but two big announcements.  Jim Cornette announced that starting Thursday 11/16, Impact would air at 9 PM Eastern.  There was no word on whether it would be a one or two hour show, so it appears the show length won't be extended.  

Jim Cornette then pitched to a video feature on Kurt Angle that was filmed several days ago in Nashville, TN.  It ended with an announcement that Angle was coming to TNA with Angle declaring, "It's real, it's damn real." 

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