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By Mike Johnson on 2006-09-24 22:48:00

TNA X-Division champion Senshi vs. Chris Sabin

They did some back and forth counter wrestling early.  Senshi kicked Sabin in the rear.  Sabin left the ring to compose himself.  Sabin tried to roll Senshi up with a crucifix for a near fall.  He began working over Senshi's arm, but was kicked.  Senshi began working him over with chops.  Sabin came back with a rolling senton splash for a near fall.  He torqued Senshi's arm, working it over.  They continued back and forth.  Senshi nailed Sabin with the hook kick for a two count.  Senshi locked on body scissors.  Senshi continued to work Sabin over with chops.  Sabin began hiring back and they chopped each other back and forth.  Senshi went to the floor after being kicked.  Sabin went for a dive but as he hit the ropes to fly through, Senshi kicked him in the head.  Senshi began toying and disrespecting Sabin with boots to the face.  Senshi kicked Sabin, who ended up draped between the top and middle ropes.  Senshi went to the top and hit the Warrior's Way double stomp to Sabin's neck and back.  Senshi went for a kick but Sabin caught him and nailed a Dragon Screw legwhip.  Sabin began peppering him with punches and forearms.  Senshi charged and Sabin hit a flapjack into the turnbuckles.  Sabin drilled him in the corner and tied him to the tree of woe.  Senshi drilled Sabin with a kick to escape.  Sabin hit a tiltowhirl backbreaker followed by a missile dropkick that looked awesome for a near fall.  Senshi was hit with an enziguiri.  Sabin went to the top but Senshi hit a handspring into a kick.  He went to superplex Sabin but Sabin hung him upside down, jumped down and rolled through, hitting the big dropkick to the face.  Sabin went for the pin but Senshi put his feet on the ropes.  Senshi took over and went to the top for the Warrior's Way.

Sonjay Dutt and Jay Lethal ran down.  Lethal distracted the referee (aren't they supposed to be babyfaces?) while Dutt replaced Sabin with a blowup doll dressed like him.  Senshi was distracted by Lethal and then went to hit the double stomp, like an idiot.  He landed on his feet and stared, like an idiot.  Sabin clotheslined him.  He put the doll on top of Senshi.  The fans began chanting, "This is stupid" and they were right.  It is stupid.  Sabin dove off the the top but Senshi tossed the doll into Sabin's arms.  Senshi drilled Sabin with a kick and pinned him to retain the belt.

A mixed match,  Some of it was a little too slow and repetitive.  When it picked up, the near falls and highspots were awesome and fun.  The crowd completely rejected the Jackass stuff at the end and with good reason.  Hopefully this leads to Sabin realizing that they blew him his title shot and gives him a serious edge to his character.  We'll have to see.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Christian Cage.  He told Cage the rumor is that Sting is on his way.  OK, that settles it.  It's not Sting.  Cage said he wasn't concerned because he's the top guy in the company.  Cage said that Rhino hurt him when he called Cage heartless.  He said the fans live vicariously through him because they are losers who will never accomplish anything in their lives.  Cage said that he considered Rhino to be part of his family, but this was never about Rhino, it was about Cage.  Cage said he was the biggest star in TNA, past, present, and future.  A damn good promo.

They aired a video feature on Christian Cage vs. Rhino.

Christian Cage vs. Rhino

Rhino charged the ring, which led to Cage backing up the aisle.  Mike Tenay pointed out that Rhino was working against doctor's orders with a concussion, so that's going to be playing into the story.  Rhino unloaded early on Cage with punches and stomps.  Cage went for the Unprettier, but Rhino shoved him off and his a backdrop.  Rhino set for the Gore, but Cage retreated out of the ring.  Rhino followed.  Rhino backdropped Cage out of the ring over the top to the floor.  They brawled into the crowd.  Rhino crotched Cage on the steps of the bleachers.  He choked Cage with a fan's sign.  Rhino showed some brief hesitation from time to time to sell the concussion.  They teased Rhino tossing Cage off the top of the bleachers, but Cage elbowed him in the back of the head to escape.  They battled back towards the ring including Cage rolling down the bleacher stairs.  Rhino pressed and dropped Cage over the safety rail.  They brawled to the rampway, where Cage hit the Implant DDT. Rhino came up busted open.  Cage continued the assault while Rhino looked light the lights were on but no one was home.  Cage continued to beat him.  He went to the top rope and beckoned for Rhino to return to his feet.  He nailed a missile dropkick.  Rhino kicked out, although he was selling that he was completely out of it.  Cage continued to beat Rhino, then played to the crowd.  He charged Rhino in the corner, but Rhino evaded (fell?) out of the way.  Both were down as the crowd rallied them. 

Rhino made a comeback with a shoulderblock off the ropes.  He hit a belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall.  Cage avoided a charge and went for the Unprettier.  Rhino escaped it and drilled Cage with a spinebuster.  Rhino went for the gore, slower than usual because he was so exhausted, and Cage kicked him in the face to prevent it.  Cage got another near fall.  Cage finally drilled him with the Unprettier but Rhino got his shoulder up.  Cage went to attack Rhino but Rhino caught him with a TKO variation for a near fall.  Cage came back with a clothesline, but the referee was bumped in the process.

Cage set up Rhino for a conchairto, but Rhino moved at the last second.  Cage hurt his hand and Rhino drilled him with the Gore.  There was no referee to make the count.  Rhino obviously had it won.  He tried to revive Andrew Thomas.  Rhino set up Cage for a Conchairto of his own.  When he went to nail Cage, Thomas took the chair away.  Cage nailed Rhino with the Unprettier on the second chair. 

A good back and forth match that told a good story.  Cage took the next step towards Sting, while Rhino lost nothing because he had a good showing and came off as a sympathetic babyface by fighting through his concussion.  Good stuff.

Your winner, Christian Cage!

Mike Tenay announced that a car pulled up at the Impact Zone and they went outside to Jeremy Borash.  Eric Young appeared, saying he knew it had to be Sting's car.  They went to investigate but it was LAX's car. They questioned him and Young said he didn't realize they were trying to steal this car.  That was priceless.  Konnan shoved him away and said that AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels were going to get the fight they wanted.  He said that they better pray a fire breaks out because LAX is going to end it all tonight.  He said that LAX would lead the Latino revolution. Great promo from the Freebirds of 2006. 

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