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By Mike Johnson on 2006-09-24 22:48:00

Raven vs. Brother Runt vs. Abyss (with Jim Mitchell) - No DQ

Raven entered from the top of the bleachers. Runt had a Singapore Cane and a trash can lid. Raven and Abyss worked over Runt early. Runt rolled to the floor, so Raven immediately turned on Abyss. Abyss hit the running sit down splash. Runt stalked Abyss, the put a trash can between two turnbuckles. He began caning Abyss. Runt and Abyss battled in front of the trash can. Raven and Runt tossed Abyss into it. Raven was tossed to the floor by Runt. Abyss pressed Runt over his head and threw him out of the ring onto Raven. On the floor, Abyss threw Runt into the railing. Raven slammed Abyss into the ring steps. Raven hit a side Russian Legsweep on Runt into the railing. They tossed a ton of weapons into the ring. Raven nailed Runt in the head with the trash can. Runt made a comeback killing both with a trash can lid, the ring bell, and a cookie sheet. Tenay and West noted that Team 3D warned Runt not to get into trouble while they were gone, so that may be a hint. Raven put on a Gladiator helmet and headbutt Runt with it.

Raven dragged Runt and a trash can to the entrance ramp. Raven threw Runt past the entrance ramp, sending him backstage. Abyss brought a table to the rampway. He attacked Raven, who was busted open. Abyss stalked down the ring, presumably looking for Runt. Abyss instead returned with a ladder, nailing Raven with it. He set up a ladder and began to climb it, but Raven recovered and attacked Abyss. He put Abyss on the table and made his trademark crucifix as he ascended the ladder. Runt re-emerged above them and did a double stomp from above the entranceway onto Abyss, but only caught him glancingly. The table and Abyss flipped over.

Raven and Runt returned to ringside. Raven locked a dog collar around Runt's neck and dragged him into the corner of the venue, where two tables stacked up were hidden under a cloth. Tenay and West did a great job explaining this, saying the wrestlers had set up booby traps for each other in preparation. Raven climbed onto a platform and dragged Runt up by the chain throatfirst. It looked sick. He finally dragged Runt up to the platform. Runt lowblowed him. Raven nailed Runt, sending him downward. Runt crashed through the first table, which flipped over atop him on the way down. Sick. Raven went for a cover but it wasn't a falls count anywhere match.

Raven dragged Runt back to the ring. The crowd chanted for Raven. Raven made a cover but Jim Mitchell put Runt's foot on the ropes. Runt shoved Raven into Abyss, who hit the Black Hole Slam and scored the pin.

Your winner, Abyss!

A good brawl. Runt took some sick punishment here, especially since the bumps didn't exactly go as planned which may not look as spectacular but are worse for the wear and tear of the body. Raven was working harder here than we've seen in awhile. Abyss did his usual good job. Best thing thus far here. It looks like we may have Team 3D vs. Abyss & Runt in our future based on the foreshadowing here.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviewed Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett had all sort of extra padding to protect himself. Jarrett said the fans love him because he's honest with them. He said that TNA management tried to get fans to pay $30 for an announcement when any website online can tell them. He said, "SpikeTV...hello?" Borash didn't know what he was talking about. Jarrett said that the announcement didn't concern him but who is delivering it does. He said that Jim Cornette said it was someone who isn't on the card. Jarrett assumed it's Sting, saying he makes a career of coming from the rafters. Eric Young showed up and said that Sting slipped through their web. Jarrett warned Young to search the building and make sure Sting didn't interfere in his match tonight. They did a good job of making fans wonder where it was Sting or not.

They aired a video feature on the Battle Royal.

Triple Chance Tag Team Battle Royal: America's Most Wanted (with Gail Kim), The James Gang, The Naturals, The Paparazzi, Diamonds In The Rough (with Simon Diamond), Matt Bentley and Frankie Kazarian, Ron Killings and Lance Hoyt, Shark Boy and Norman Smiley

Rules: When both members of a team are eliminated, the team is out. If one team member remains in the ring, his partner remains at ringside. When they are down to two wrestlers, their partners return to the ring with a traditional tag match deciding the final fall.

Everyone battled in the ring.  James Storm was hiding behind Gail Kim on the floor.  Highlights included Storm shoving Chase Stevens, who was going for a springboard move (in a Battle Royal??) into the crowd, which looked awesome.   The Paparazzi brawled with Kazarian and Bentley after Devine pulled the ropes down, causing Kazarian's elimination.  At least two undercard teams have a storyline now.  It came down to AMW, Kip James, and Andy Douglas.  Storm was tossed over by Kip.  He tried to skin the cat, but was kicked in the face.  James and Harris went over the top.  They both held on but James kicked Harris, who fell to the floor.  The referees were distracted by the brawling, so AMW tossed out James, leading to AMW vs. The Naturals in the finals.

Team Eliminations, in order: Norman Smiley & Shark Boy, Diamonds in the Rough, Ron Killings & Lance Hoyt, Kazarian and Matt Bentley, The Paparazzi, The James Gang

AMW vs. The Naturals for NWA Tag Team title shot

The Naturals were the underdogs early since Stevens was out from being thrown into the crowd.   The James Gang protested to no avail.  Stevens was holding his ankle.  AMW worked over Douglas in the ring.  They blooded Douglas' nose.  Every time Chase Stevens gets close to getting back on the apron, AMW took him back down.      AMW set up for the Death Sentence but the James Gang hit the ringside area to break it up.  Stevens tagged in.  Storm went for the Whirlybird, but Stevens evaded and rolled him up for the pin.  The match was OK but they laid out a solid story.  They gave The Naturals the emotional win that they needed to try and get to the next level.  I think the James Gang involvement wasn't needed, but that was just me.  Douglas yelled at the Naturals telling them he and the fans were proud of them.  He told them, "Never give up.  Never surrender." 

Your winners, The Naturals!

They aired a video feature on the X-Division championship bout.


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