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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-12 18:22:01

The Young Bucks vs. Bandido Jr. & Trent Baretta vs. FWE Tag Team champions  EJ Risk & VSK

Everyone started battling in the ring at the bell.  The Bucks were sent to the floor, where the champs hit stereo dives on them.     Everyone hit a bunch of dives to the floor.  Lots of cool spots early.

The Bucks cut off Bandido and dazzled him with some double team offense, then took out Baretta as well.   Baretta  tagged in and hit an awesome dropkick through the ropes on one of the Bucks.

Baretta hit some good offense on each of the Bucks, culminating with a backdrop on Nick Jackson.   He nailed an awesome spinning DDT on Matt.  The tag champs tagged in and cleaned house on Baretta with some cool double team moves.

The Bucks hit the ring and had a superkick party.   Bandido worked them over and hit a reverse rana on Nick Jackson, then hit an insane dive that he may have overshot Jackson.  Everyone battled on the floor where Matt Jackson hit a superplex on VSK to the floor on everyone else.  Everyone chanted "This is awesome" followed by "This is wrestling."

They continued with all sorts of insane spots until The Bucks pinned Bandido with a series of cool moonsaults and kicks.  The celebrated but the champions rolled them up and scored the pin.

Your winners and still FWE Tag Team champions, EJ Risk & VSK!

Just an awesome, insane series of spots and crazy moves.  The fans hated the finish as they were all about the Bucks!

Rhett Titus vs. Jorge Santi

They locked up and went back and forth, feeling each other out and trying to work on the other's arm.     They had some solid back and wrestling.   Titus hit a springboard into a back suplex for a two count.

Titus tossed Santi to the outside and worked him over on the floor, then rolled him back into the ring for a two count.  He locked in an amrbar and worked on Santi's arm and shoulder.  Santi fired back but was cut off.  Titus went to the ropes but was nailed with a dropkick as he sailed off.

Titus nailed a high knee but was caught with a kick to the face.  Santi nailed a Yakuza Kick for a two count.   Santo kicked him off a charge into the corner and went for a tornado DDT but Rhett stopped him and powered Santi back into the same corner.  He went for a superplex but was shoved off.  Titus recovered and nailed a butterfly superplex into the ring for a two count.

Titus finally rolled him up and hooked the tights to get the pin.

Your winner, Rhett Titus!

Out came GM Karen Jarrett, who said that if he thinks he's going to win like that, he has another thing coming and ordered the match restarted.

This time Santi rolled him up and scored the pin.

Your winner, Jorge Santi!


FWE Tri-Borough champion Paul London vs. Tony Nese

London did his ten minute ring entrance.  He offered his hand to Nese, who blew it off.  They locked up and had some good wrestling early.  Nese nailed several shoulderblocks to take London down hard.

They locked up and Nese grabbed a side headlock.     London worked his way out but was grabbed back into the side headlock.   London was his with several shoulderblocks but nailed a dropkick to take him out. London and Nese each missed several spinkicks.  London sent Nese to the outside and teased a dive but Nese took his legs out from under him and nailed a springboard moonsault.

Nese nailed a legdrop for a two count.   He scissored London's body, trying to squeeze a submission out of him.  London fought his way out and nailed several hard chops.  Nese worked him over and nailed him off the apron to the floor.

Nese went for a dive but London superkicked him as he got to the ropes.   London nailed a big missile dropkick   London stomped at Nese and locked in a rear chinlock.  They battled to the floor, where London slammed him on the floor, then hit a legdrop off the guard rail to the floor.

Back in the ring, London rolled him up for a two count.  Nese fought back hard with several hard chops.  London nailed him and sent him to the floor.  London went for a dive but Nese got out of the way.  He cartwheeled across the apron and kicked London down, then hit a dive to the outside.

Nese worked over Paul in the corner and teased a superplex.  London fought him off but Nese returned.  London nailed a kick to the kidney to get him down.  Nese scored with a kick to the face but London came bac with a faceplant for a two count.  London went for a shooting star but Nese attacked him.  London battled back and nailed a double stomp. 

They went back and forth.  London missed a shooting star press.  Nese nailed a running kick to the face and hit a 450 splash off the top and scored the pin.

Your winner, Tony Nese!

Really good, physical encounter.

London took the ring mic and said Nese is really damn good, but unfortunately for him, it wasn't a title match.  It said it sucks for me because I lost.  He said that Nese beat him cleanly so he challenged Nese to do it again, for the belt, at the next show.  Nese said that he's got it, but first, he's going to win the tournament.  London said his title is more important.  Nese said if it was up to him, he would do it right now.  London returned to the ring with the belt.   Nese said it's up to the officials.  The referee announced that it could not happen now.  London and Nese shook hands.

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