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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-12 18:22:01

Serena Deeb vs. Cheerleader Melissa vs. Angelina Love

Melissa stood on the apron as Love an Deeb went back and forth.    She spent a lot of time early on letting them work each other over.    She finally decided to enter the fray but was kicked down by Love, who took her out and nailed a series of clotheslines on Deeb.

Deeb went for a crucifix on Love but failed.    She nailed several pinfall attempts.  Deeb nailed several right hands but was caught and whipped by her hair by Love.  They were both down, so Melissa covered her and tried to capitalize.

Love was locked in a leglock by Melissa, who was then caught in an abdominal stretch.  Deeb worked over Melissa with some rapid fire forearms and hit a monkey flip out of the corner.  She went for another but Melissa caught her and spun her around into the corner.  She tried to set up Deeb for a superplex but was fought off.  Deeb went for a flying bodypress but missed.

Melissa went for a move but was caught with a Love spinkick.    Melissa was caught in between the others, pinballing back and forth between forearms.  Love and Deeb took turns working her over.  Deeb nailed a gutbuster and covered her but Love pulled her off and tried to make the cover.  Deeb then pulled her off and they got in each other's faces.

Melissa shoved them into each other.  She went for a move on Deeb who escaped but was nailed by Love with a big kick and pinned.

Your winner, Angelina Love!

It will be Love vs. Ivelisse later down the line for a shot at FWE Women's champion Maria.

Ted DiBiase Jr. vs. Colt Cabana

DiBiase came out first and heeled the crowd, saying he didn't need WWE, he was a self made millionaire and coming here was the worst mistake of his life.

Cabana came out and mocked DiBiase for calling the fans "booger-eaters: and asked if that's the type of creative he was taught when he cut promos.  Cabana offered everyone $1 to do a push-up in the ring as a parody of DiBiase Sr.  A little kid got in the ring and did it to a big pop.  Cabana helped the kid out of the ring but was when attacked by DiBiase.

DiBiase nailed Cabana with a series of rights but Cabana came back with some offense.  DiBiase retreated from the ring and when he returned, he locked on an armbar.  Cabana reversed it in his own unique style and ran DiBiase out of the ring.

Cabana followed him to the floor and slammed him onto the apron.  DiBiase cut off Cabana with a running knee as he returned to the ring.  DiBiase worked him over with a series of right hands.  DiBiase suplexed Cabana over for a suplex and scored a two count, then locked in a side chinlock.

DiBiase continued to control Cabana, choking him against the ropes.  DiBiase nailed a dropkick for another two count.    Cabana fought back and sent DiBiase out of the ring and he landed hard.  When he returned, Cabana nailed some clubbering.

Cabana hit the Flying A**hole in the corner for a two count.   DiBiase worked over Cabana in the corner with a series of right hands.  Cabana yelled Superfly and came off the top, by landing on his feet, then splashing DiBiase for a two count.

DiBiase caught him with the Million Dollar Slam and scored the pin.

Your winner, Ted DiBiase!

FWE champ John Morrison vs. Matt Morgan

Morgan used his power to control Morrison early. He sent Morrison into the ropes and shoulderblocked him down hard.  Morrison left the ring and said that this is a match ten years in the making because back in OVW, The Blueprint used to beat down Johnny Blaze all the time, but tonight, he's facing John Morrison.

Morrison worked over Morgan but missed an elbow.  Morgan beat him down all over the ringside area.  Morgan went to whip Morgan into the stairs but Morrison landed on them and flipped over onto his feet.  He nailed Morgan and whipped him into the guard rail.

Back in the ring, Morgan cut off Morrison.  Morgan caught him and walked around the ring with him, then nailed a sideslam for a two count.     Morrison was worked over but finally ducked, sending Morgan over the top to the floor.

Morgan locked in a straight jacket choke on Morrison.   Morrison finally made a comeback after Morgan missed a charge in the corner.  Morrison nailed a series of rights and lefts then nailed a spinkick.  He nailed a spinning splash for a two count but was cut off by Morgan and worked over in the corner.  Morgan elevated Morrison and slammed him into the buckles.

Morgan went for a standing suplex but Morrison turned it into a DDT mid-stream, getting a two count.  Morgan missed the Carbon Footprint and was nailed with a spinning kick.  Morrison hit his twisting splash off the top for a near fall.

Morrison went to the top but was caught for a chokeslam.  He escaped but ate the Carbon Footprint, kicking up at the last second.     Morrison went for a Russian Leg sweep but Morgan escaped.  Morrison hit a springboard kick to the head, then hit a split-legged twisting moonsault for the pin.

Your winner, John Morrison!

All of the winners who advanced returned to the ring to pose for photos to close the night. Morrison posed on the ropes and when he returned to the ring, Petey Williams kicked him and nailed a Canadian Destroyer.

That's all from FWE!

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