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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-12 18:22:01

Karen Jarrett came to the ring.   She said that after spending time at home, she's decided that it's time to get back on the road.  She announced that she's the new General Manager here in FWE and tonight was a perfect time to start throwing her weight around.    She said the next match was now a No DQ bout.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Carlito: No DQ

They went back and forth, then faced off.  The crowd was heavily into Dreamer early.  Dreamer worked over Carlito with some clubbering shots but was caught with a dropkick to the floor.  Carlito nailed a pescado to the floor.

They brawled on the floor, where Carlito worked over Dreamer.  Back in the ring, Carlito nailed a springboard moonsault for a two count.   Dreamer backdropped Carlito to the floor, then hit a sliding dropkick to the outside.  Dreamer misted him like Great Muta using someone's drink, then worked over Carlio.

Carlito cut off Dreamer and worked him over.  He tossed several chairs into the ring.  He set up the chairs and suplexed Dreamer across them.   Carlito wedged a chair in the corner and whipped Dreamer hard into it.  He grabbed an apple and went to spit in Dreamer's face but Dreamer ducked and nailed him with a DDT for a two count.

They went back and forth until Dreamer nailed the Spicoli Driver and scored the pin.

Your winner, advancing, Tommy Dreamer!

Really fun back and forth brawl.  Carlito was working much harder than he usually does on the indies.

Grand Prix: Chris Masters vs. Wes Draven

Masters easily overpowers Draven early.  Masters was caught with a dive to the outside.  Draven went to do a springboard move but was caught with a powerslam, then a backbreaker.

Masters drove Draven hard into the corner and whipped him.  Masters yanked him hard out of the corner, then stomped him.   Draven surprised himwith a forward roll but Masters kicked up and clobbered him with a lariat.

Masters locked him in a Torture Rack but Draven elbowed his way out of it.  He went for a sunset flip but Masters stopped it and went for a punch.  He missed and hit the mat.  Draven nailed a spinning kick for a two count.

Masters was beaten down with some offense but finally caught him in the Masterlock for the submission.

Your winner, Chris Masters!

Another good match with a nice David vs. Goliath theme.  Draven moved up a notch in the fans' eyes for hanging in there.

Grand Prix: Joey Ryan vs. Brian Kendrick

Kendrick controlled the early portion, so Ryan went to the floor to try and halt his momentum.  Kendrick nailed him with a dropkick to the floor and worked him over.  Ryan whipped Kendrick hard into the railing.  Ryan worked him over and wrapped his arm around the ringpost.

Ryan worked over Kendrick when they returned to the ring, beating him down in the corner.   Kendrick fired back but was caught in an armbar.    Kendrick fought free finally and faked out Ryan during a charge.  Ryan went to the floor and Kendrick hit a nice dive to the floor.

Ryan returned to the ring and caught Kendrick with a pumphandle suplex.  He charged Kendrick but was caught with a kick to the face.  Kendrick went for Sliced Bread #2 but Ryan slipped out and nailed a powerbomb.  Kendrick kicked out and reversed a move, then hit sliced bread #2.

They battled on the top.  Kendrick went for a suplex but Ryan turned it into a sunset flip powerbomb.  He tossed Kendrick to the floor and worked him over, the rolled him back into the ring.  Ryan rolled him up for a small package for a two count.

Ryan put Kendrick on top for a belly to back suplex but Kendrick turned it into sliced bread #2 and scored the pin.

Your winner, Brian Kendrick!

Good back and forth bout.

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