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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-12 18:22:01

Welcome to PWInsider's live, ongoing coverage of the FWE Grand Prix event in Brooklyn, NY.

The show opened live with Karen and Jeff Jarrett coming out to the ring. Jeff said that when they agreed to this date, he only had one stipulation and that was to let the crowd sing "Happy Birthday" to Karen.

The crowd started but Jason Gotti came out and said it was garbage that he wasn't on the show but this was going on. He challenged Jarrett to face him and shoved Jeff. Jeff asked him if he was really asking for this and took off his shirt. Gotti shoved him again. Karen began yelling at Gotti and shoved him.

Jarrett nailed Gotti, then drilled him with a guitar and covered him for the pin.

Your winner, Jeff Jarrett!

Grand Prix Round One: Sonjay Dutt vs. Petey Williams

Williams attacked Dutt before the bell and worked him over.  He covered Dutt for a two count and stomped away at him.    Dutt rolled to the outside but was whipped into the ringside barrier.  Petey went after him but was backdropped over the barrier to the floor.  Dutt nailed him in the crowd.

Back in the ring, Williams avoided a kick and nailed a move that drove Dutt into his knees for a two count.   He tied Dutt to the tree of woe and stood over him, singing "O Canada."

He worked over Dutt and tied him again but this time Dutt pulled himself up and nailed a Cutter as he pushed himself out of the corner.     Dutt nailed a running Yakuza kick in the corner and nailed a top rope rana, followed by a standing moonsault for a two count.

Dutt came off the top with a flying splash for a two count.  He went to the ropes but Williams cut him off.  They battled back and forth until Williams nailed a Russian legsweep.  Williams went for the Canadian Piledriver but Dutt escaped.  They went into an awesome back and forth series of near falls.

Dutt locked in a camel clutch for a submission attempt.  Petey muscled his way out but Dutt rolled him up for a a two count.  Williams locked on a Sharpshooter but Dutt made it to the ropes.  They went back and forth until Williams caught him with a Canadian Piledriver for the pin.

Your winner, Petey Williams!

Really great opener!  Lots of good wrestling and near falls here.

Rosita  vs.  Kasey Ray vs. Ivelisse

All three battled early.  Ray was sent to the outside.  Rosita went to the top but Ivelisse slammed her down to the mat, then mocked the crowd.  Ray went after Ivelisse but her legs were kicked  out from under her and she did a split on the apron.  Ivelisse then kicked her back to the floor.  Ouch.

Rosita nailed a Thesz Press on Ivelisse then worked her over.   They did a three way chinlock.  Ivelisse let Rosita go, then took out Ray's legs.    Rosita fought them both off and nailed a neckbreaker on Ray.

Rosita began chopping away at Ivelisse in the corner and placed her on the top for a move.  She went for a superplex but Ray attacked her and they did a Tower of Doom spot.  Ivelisse took out Ray and locked her in a submission, then caught Rosita coming in and trapped her in an armbar.  Ray finally tapped.

Your winner, Ivelisse!

Good match. Ivelisse was really looking good from an in-ring standpoint.  Rosita showed some fire.  This was the most I've seen of Ray inthe ring and she was trying hard.

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