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By Mike Johnson on 2012-07-28 23:30:00
Adrenaline Express (EJ Risk & VSK) vs The Midnight Sensations (Rockwell & Shields)

They battled to the outside early.  The Sensations tossed Express back in but were nailed with sliding dropkicks and dives.  The Express worked over Rockwell, draping him over the ropes as VSK came off with a stomp to the back.

The Express nailed a series of high flying moves in the corner.  The Sensations cut off Risk and drilled him with a series of shots across the back for a two count.

They worked over Risk and scored a series of two counts.   VSK nailed a leaping leg kick and crawled over for a hot tag.   They cleaned house with some hot offense.  They tossed the Sensation out of the ring and scored the pin.

FWE Women's Champion Winter vs. Maria Kanellis

Maria rolled up Winter for a quick two count.   Kanellis drilled her with a clothesline and mussed up Winter's head.  She beat her with a series of punches.

Winter cut her off and choked Kanellis against the bottom rope.   Winter used  a series of pinfall attempts then locked in a rear chinlock.  Maria made a comeback and nailed a clothesline, then a head scissors.  Maria sent her into the corner and teased the Bronco Buster but Winter rolled out of the ring.

Maria kicked at Winter but the ropes nailed the referee, who was half out of the ring, low.  He went down.  Maria was nailed with a neckbreaker from behind.  Bennett ran another referee out to the ring to score a two count.  The referee didn't count fast enough so Bennett nailed him.  Another ref hit the ring and Bennett nailed him too.

Maria nailed a bulldog and scored the pin.

Your winner and new FWE Women's champion Maria Kanellis!

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