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By Mike Johnson on 2012-07-28 23:30:00
Jorge Santi vs Joey Ace

They went back and forth until Santi nailed a shoulderblock.  Ace cut him off and began choking Santi on the mat.   He locked in a rear chinlock,   Santi tried to fire up with a series of elbows to the mid-section.

Santi backdropped Ace over and kicked him down.  He nailed a doublestomp and nailed a leg lariat.  Santi went for a superkick.  but was caught.  Ace went for a powerbomb but Santi turned it into a rana, sending him running into the buckles.

Ace cut him off with a clothesline and scored the pin after his valet Diamond D interfered.

Your winner, Joey Ace!

Harry Smith vs Mike Bennett

The crowd got on Bennett with Yankees chants, since he's from Boston.  He took the mic and said that he's never, ever heard that before.  Bennett said that Smith was bigger than he expected, but he's still better.  He said that for all Smith accomplished, Bennett is better.  As famous as his family is, he is still better.  Bennett said that he's so confident he will win that if he doesn't he will refund everyone's money, say NYC is better than Boston and shake Smith's hand. 

Bennett spent some time stalling.  He and Smith went back and forth.  Bennett began working over his leg and foot.  At one point, he draped it over the guard rail and kicked it.  He locked in a leglock and began screaming at the crowd "who sucks now" to get heat.

Smith drilled Bennett with a shoulderblock into the turnbuckles but Bennett dropkicked him in the legs, forcing him back to the mat.  Bennett locked in an anklelock.  Smith broke it but Bennett nailed him with a series of elbows across the ankle.  He continued working over Smith's leg.  Smith nailed several strikes to the back.

Bennett lifted up Smith into the air and drilled his knee down.  Smith made a comeback and nailed a running boot to the face.  He caught Bennett with a powerslam for a two count but Bennett kicked up at the last second.  Smith locked on a Sharpshooter.   Bennett slipped out and went for an anklelock.  Smith kicked him off and rolled him up  for the pin.

Your winner, Harry Smith!

Bennett shook Smith's hand, then lowblowed him and walked off.

FWE Tri Borough Champion Damien Darling vs. Azriel

They had some nice back and forth wrestling early.  Azrieal leapfrogged and hiptossed Darling.  Darling cut him off in the corner with a back elbow and chopped away at him, then drilled him into the turnbuckles.

He whipped Azrieal across the ring but it was reversed and he was smashed into the buckles.  Azrieal came off the ropes with a bodypress for a two count.  Azrieal nailed a slingshot senton splash for a two count.

Darling came back with a series of chops in the corner.   Darling whipped Azrieal into the opposite corner and nailed a splash into it for a two count.  He began choking Azrieal on the mat.  He nailed a standing vertical suplex.

Azrieal slipped through his legd and pulled Darling's tights down, leading to a sequence where Darling took a bunch of bumps while his cheeks were exposed.  Azrieal came off the top with a splash for a two count.

Darling's valet distracted Azrieal, allowing Darling to nail the X-Factor for a two count.   Azrieal made a comeback but Darling walked out and said he was done.  As he walked out, Johnny Knockout came from the back and tossed him back in the ring.  Security walked Knockout out and the referee was distracted from seeing Azrieal small package the champ.  Darling nailed Azrieal and rolled him up for the pin.

Your winner and still FWE Tri-Borough champion, Damien Darling!

Darling took the mic and said that Knockout tried to stick his nose in Darling's business but it didn't matter because he's still the champion.  He said he's better than everyone else in the locker room and makes more than anyone else in the locker room.  He challenged Knockout to a non-sanctioned Street Fight for their return to Brooklyn on 10/5.  Knockout agreed.


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