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By Mike Johnson on 2012-07-28 23:30:00

Welcome to's ongoing coverage of Family Wrestling Entertainment's X at Carle Place High School in Carle Place, Long Island, NY.

FWE Women's champion Winter made her way to the ring.   Michael Schiavello of HDNet is also here doing commentary with her.

 NWA champion Colt Cabana vs. Ricky Reyes

We had some Cabana patented silliness early.  Reyes was all business and wanted to go.  Cabana and Reyes locked up and Cabana began working over his arm.   Reyes reversed and begn working over Cabana's arm and nailed his shoulder with several shots.

Reyes and Cabana went back and forth until Reyes cut him off with a stiff clothesline.   Reyes worked him over with a series of kicks to the back.   Reyes locked in a rear chinlock but Cabana fought back.  Reyes cut him off and covered him for a two count.

Reyes locked the rear chinlock in again but Cabana fired back with a series of elbows.  Reyes cut him off with a Judo throw and cinched in another chinlock.   They battled back and forth and crisscrossed the ring, butting heads.  Reyes went to the outside.

When he returned, Cabana nailed a series of elbows working over Reyes.  Cabana used a forward roll for a two count.   Cabana used a Mongolian Chop.   Reyes nailed an enziguiri in the corner.

Reyes drilled Cabana with a kick to the chest.  Cabana ducked a clothesline and used a backslide for a two count.  He nailed the Flying A**hole in the corner and went to the top rope.   Reyes cut him off with a kick to the head.    Reyes went to top but was pulled onto Cabana's shoulders.  Cabana dropped down, drilling Reyes into the top buckle and scored the pin.

Your winner,Colt Cabana!

Good back and forth match to open the show.

Jesse Godderz vs. Julio Dinero

Godderz was razzing all the kids at ringside.  He's got a good swagger as a heel.   Dinero came out to funk music and got the crowd to get behind him easily.  They both played to the crowd early.

Dinero took the mic and made fun of Godderz being from Iowa and for losing on CBS' Big Brother.  Lots of arguing, which leads to playing to the crowd on the corner.  Obviously, the crowd was behind Dinero more since he was the babyface.

Godderz muscled over Dinero, locking him up in a hammerlock.  When Dinero reversed it, Godderz ran for the ropes and screamed for the referee to make him break it.  Godderz used a drop toehold and floated over into a front facelock.  When Dinero reversed it, same deal.

Dinero worked over Godderz with hiptosses.  Godderz went to the floor and tried to walk out but Dinero pulled him over to a fan and had the young boy hold his arm while Dinero drilled him.   Dinero tossed him back in the ring and came off the top with a Ryder Kick.

Godderz whipped Dinero into the corner but was kicked off.  Dinero went for a dropkick but was clotheslined over the top to the floor.   Godderz brought him back to the ring, then pressed and dropped Dinero.  He drilled Dinero with a clothesline as he was in the sitting position and scored a two count.

Godderz choked Dinero while doing pushups, which was a cool heel move.  Dinero used a foot trip but was caught and powerslammed for another two count.  Godderz locked in a rear chinlock.  He drilled Dinero across the back.

Godderz slammed Dinero again.  He played to the crowd before dropping a leg but missed.  Dinero ducked a clothesline and nailed a flying forearm.   Dinero drilled him with several rights and an inverted atomic drop into a Russian leg sweep.   He peppered Godderz with punches.

Dinero used a front legsweep for another two count.    Godderz drilled him with a back elbow but was nailed as he charged Dinero.   Dinero charged him in the corner but was nailed in the mid-section.  Godderz covered Dinero and put his legs on the buckles for leverage while scoring the pin.

Your winner, Jesse Godderz!

Decent match with a lot of playing to the crowd, which is what a show at this level should be.

AJ Pann introduced Johnny Knockout.   Pann told him he was brought out to apologize.  Knockout said that he was legally obligated to be here tonight.  He said that for those who don't know why he's not in his wrestling gear.  In February, he was supposed to be in a Tri-Borough championship match but was asked to step away from the company because he got too crazy in the back.  He sat at home for a few months and he said to himself that something needed to be done and changes needed to me made.  So he started showing up to ruin FWE's events so he can get back the title that was rightfully his.  He said that led to him getting arrested although that's not the way you should go about your business.  He said that he beat up the lowlife and got in trouble for it, so he's making some public apologies.

He said that he appreciates FWE promoter Jordan Schneider for giving him a chance to apologize and apologized to him, the security guards, the staff and everyone else who freaked out.  He wanted to apologize to the fans even though he knows they have his back.  He said he never wanted to put them in harm's way.

He said there was one more person he has to apologize to because he's a man and that's what men do, handle their responsibilities.  He asked Damien Darling to come out. 

Darling came to the ring and he said he knows that it sucks to lose, whatever.  He said that if he has to shake Knockout's hand to let him apologize and get back to work, he's a gracious man and will do that.  They went to shake hands and Knockout drilled him with the mic.  They brawled but were pulled apart by security.  They brawled again and to the back.

Wes Draven vs. Matt Taven.

Taven took control early with a series of rights and drilled Taven with a knee to the mid-section.  Draven caught him with a wraparound into a head scissors, sending Taven to the floor.  He then hit a spinning dive to the floor.

Draven hit a 619 like move to Taven on the outside and nailed a standing moonsault off the apron.  Taven caught him and tried to run Draven into the ringposty but Draven shoved him into it.

Taven was rolled back into the ring but cut off Draven with a kick to the head as he returned to the ring.  Taven nailed a standing vertical suplex, holding Draven up for awhile before drilling him down for a two count.  Taven cinched in a rear chinlock, trying to force a submission.

Taven began using a series of backbreaker on Draven, getting several two counts.  He choked at Draven and continued to work him over.  Draven nailed a kick and used a moonsault but was caught.  He turned it into an inverted DDT for a two count.

Draven nailed a right hand.  He caught Taven with a kick to the mid-section.  He rebounded off the ropes but was caught with a leaping kick to the back of the head.   Draven nailed a superkick and went to the top, nailing a 450 splash for a two count.

Taven distracted the referee, allowing Taven's manager Kasee Ray to nail a superkick on Draven.  Taven came off with a good looking frog splash from the top for the pin.

Your winner, Matt Taven!

Draven is coming along nicely as a highspot artist but needs some work putting it together.  Taven's great.  You can see why he's been offered a WWE developmental deal.  Good all around athlete.


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