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By Mike Johnson on 2012-07-28 23:30:00

FWE champion Jay Lethal vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Carlito Colon vs. Tommy Dreamer - Elimination Match.

Everyone shook hands before the match, which got a big round of applause.  Lethal locked up with Dreamer as Kendrick and Carlito locked up.  Everyone broke clean.   They locked up again, splitting opponents and ended up in opposite corners.  

Lethal ducked a Carlito clothesline and nailed a dive to the outside on Dreamer.  Carlito and Kendrick, in the ring, battled back and forth as the others battled on the outside.  Kendrick lifted Carlito for a standing vertical suplex but Carlito landed on his feet and nailed a lowblow.

Lethal and Dreamer battled back to the ring.  Lethal went for a flying axehandle but Dreamer nailed him in the mid-section.  Lethal came back with a handstand into a dropkick and then nailed a superkick, sending Dreamer to the outside.

Lethal went for a dive to the outside on all three but they scattered on the floor.   All four met in the center of the ring and the challengers began working over Lethal.   Kendrick held Lethal as Dreamer measured him for a punch.  Carlito tried to do the same but Lethal ducked and Kendrick was nailed.

Carlito and Dreamer doubled on Kendrick.  Lethal ducked a clothesline and nailed a handspring elbow on both.  Kendrick nailed Sliced Bread #2 pinning Lethal.

Lethal has been eliminated so there will be a new FWE champion.

Kendrick worked over Dreamer with chops in the corner.   Dreamer did the Flair Flop.   Carlito suplexed Kendrick into Dreamer and covered him for a two count.  Dreamer whipped Kendrick into the ropes and locked on a sleeper.   Carlito locked on a sleeper behind Dreamer.

Kendrick was kicked off from both Carlito and Dreamer during charges int the corner.  Dreamer went for the Spicoli Driver but was kicked into the corner.  Kendrick nailed the Sliced Bread #2 off Dreamer's back for the pin on Carlito.

Carlito has been eliminated.

Kendrick scored a near fall on Dreamer.  The fans chanted for Dreamer.  Dreamer and Kendrick battled to the floor where Dreamer took a fan's drink and sprayed it like Muta.   He called to see what side of the crowd wanted them to brawl over.  When they got to the railing, Kemdrick cut him off with an atomic drop onto the railing.

They battled back to the ring, where Dreamer cut off Kendrick on the top and nailed a superplex for a close two count.   He set up a chair but was nailed with a drop toehold into the chair.  Kendrick scored a two count.  Kendrick, with the chair, went to the top and dove off but Dreamer kicked the chair into his face.

Dreamer went for the Spicoli Driver but Kendrick slipped out.  Dreamer and Kendrick went into a series of near falls.  Dreamer finally nailed the Driver and scored the pin.

Your winner and new FWE champion,. Tommy Dreamer!

Dreamer invited a girl to hold the belt for him and suddenly a stream of children hit the ring, so it ended up being a takeoff of the famous scene with Bob Backlund and all the kids from Ag Hall in the opening of WWF Championship Wrestling TV many many decades ago.

Real good match to end the show.

Overall, an OK show.  There were a few times the booking made me scratch my head (mostly, some of the backwards ways things worked, like a heel helping a babyface win and a heel challenging a babyface to a Street Fight and threatening to quit if he didn't get the match) but it was the usual FWE show with lots of names making their career working hard, a lot of names and an enjoyable few hours of pro wrestling.

The promotion returns on 10/5 in Brooklyn, NY with The Beautiful People coming in and more to be announced.


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