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By Mike Johnson on 2011-12-18 19:56:58
Sledgehammer Ladder Match: Kevin Nash vs. Triple H

They noted HHH was the current COO of WWE, so that storyline is still in play.  They have a ton of ladders set up around ringside and in the entranceway,

They started slugging it out.  Nash tried to get him in the corner but HHH slipped out and drilled him with a flurry of punches.     Nash kneed him in the mid-section and drilled HHH in the corner with knees.  HHH battled back with a series of rights but Nash threw him into the corner for a number of knees in the mid-section.   Nash beat HHH down to the mat but HHH came back with a big knee, sending Nash to the floor.

HHH followed him.  He went to grab a ladder but Nash booted him.  He grabbed a ladder and ran it into HHH's face and neck, sending him into the timekeeper's area.  The storyline was that Nash was targeting HHH's neck.  Nash placed a ladder in the ring and turned to go after HHH but HHH had recovered and leapt off the barrier with a double axehandle,  HHH peppered him with punches on the floor.  HHH clotheslined him into the crowd.

HHH took some time to catch his breath and went after Nash as he returned to the his feet.   Nash caught him with an elbow and nailed Snake Eyes, dropping HHH on the guard rail barrier.  He went to whip HHH into the ringpost but it was reversed and Nash nailed the ringpost.  Nash was rolled into the ring after HHH worked over his knees.  HHH used a ladder and drilled it into Nash's knees.   He picked up the ladder and drilled it across Nash's knee.  He placed Nash's leg in the ladder and locked on a figure four leglock.  That's a new twist I've never seen before.

HHH set up ladders in opposite sides of the ring corners.  He dropped one down onto Nash.   He pulled Nash up to whip him into the other ladder but Nash reversed it and HHH took a backwards bump into the ladder, then sailed over the top to the floor.  It was an impressive sight.   Nash waited for HHH to recover and as he pulled himself up, Nash slammed a ladder into HHH's head.

Nash went to the floor and brought HHH to the apron, nailing him with several elbows across the throat.   A ladder was set up across the middle turnbuckle in a corner.  Nash nailed a sideslam on another ladder.   He nailed a catapult in a corner on HHH, sending him upwards into a ladder.   HHH was pushed to the floor by Nash.   Nash began preparing the announcer's table to use it.   He went for a powerbomb but HHH backdropped him onto the table, with Nash hitting it barely and rolling over it to the floor. 

HHH returned to the ring and set up a ladder in the middle of the ring.  He began climbing for the sledgehammer but Nash nailed him across the back and pulled him down to the mat.   He placed the ladder in the corner and whipped HHH into it.   Nash chokeslammed HHH in the middle of the ring.   Nash went to the floor and pulled a table out from under the ring.   He brought it into the ring.  Nash was moving really slowly.  He set up the table and pulled down the singlet.  He pulled HHH over for a powerbomb but HHH tackled him into the ladder.  It was an awkward moment.

HHH nailed Nash with the ladder, sending him off the apron to the floor.  He set the ladder up and went up the ladder.  Nash began climbing the other side.  HHH got to the hammer but Nash met him on the top before he could get it.  Nash swung the hammer into Nash's head twice, although the blows didn't look like they were huge blows.  Nash took a bump off the ladder through the table, which looked impressive.

HHH retrieved the sledgehammer as Nash pulled himself to his feet.  HHH nailed him with shot after shot.  He tossed the ladder out of the ring and stood over Nash.  He threw down the sledgehammer and set Nash for the Pedigree.  Nash blew the move.  The announcers said Nash's leg collapsed.  HHH pulled him up and nailed the move.

Nash tried to make the clique hand sign to HHH but got a crotch chop for his efforts.   HHH drilled him with the sledgehammer and pinned him.

Your winner, Triple H!

They stretchered Nash out.  I really have to wonder if this was it for him, given his run and how badly it has been so far .

As far as the match, well, they did their best but this wasn't very good.  There were a few moments that looked good but you could tell that Nash just couldn't take the type of punishment you need in a match like this. His knees aren't good and even working that in didn't help things. The crowd live was into it as they got to the big spots so it wasn't a total abomination but you could see that they were trying to create this huge back and forth war and it just didn't have the intensity needed to get that across. In a way that's WWE's fault for even booking this.

Matt Striker interviewed WWE champion CM Punk.  They showed the attack from this past Monday.  Punk said he had six days to watch that over and over and as painful as it was, he was something more painful.  He saw clown shoes Johnny Laurinatis accept a Slammy Award for Superstar of the Year and he's yet to be given his Slammy.  Ace showed up and Punk wanted to know where his Slammy is.  Ace said it was sent but since its the holiday season, it might take awhile to get to him.  He told Punk to concentrate on his title.  Punk told him to go fire himself, because after tonight he's still going to have to deal with Punk as champ.  Ace told him to good luck.  Punk told him luck was for losers and walked off.

Jack Swagger vs. Sheamus (with Vickie Guerrero)

It was all Sheamus early, including a series of shots to the chest as Swagger was caught in the ropes.  Swagger was sent to the floor.   Guerrero distracted Sheamus as he went to follow, allowing Swagger to attack him and toss Sheamus hard into the barrier wall.   He worked over Sheamus and tossed him to the ring.  Swagger nailed the Vader Bomb splash out of the corner for a two count.

Swagger sent him into the ropes and drilled Sheamus from behind.  He went to do it again but this time ate a clothesline.  Sheamus nailed a series of clotheslines including one in the corner.  He began beating the hell out of Swagger in the corner and slammed him for a two count.   He went to the outside but Swagger knocked him off the apron to the floor.  He followed but was rammed into the ringpost back first and sent into the barrier wall.

Sheamus tossed him back in and went to the top for the flying battering ram for another two count.   Swagger came back and began working over Sheamus' knee and leg, setting up for the anklelock.   Sheamus was able to roll through and sent Swagger into the corner.  He nailed the Brogue Kick and scored the pin.

Your winner, Sheamus!

Pretty much your standard TV match.


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