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By Mike Johnson on 2011-12-18 19:56:58
Welcome to's live, ongoing WWE TLC 2011 PPV coverage. Coverage will be posted at the end of the first segment.

TLC kicked off with a nice video package inspired by "'Twas the Night Before Christmas."

Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole welcomed everyone to the show.  No Booker since he's wrestling.

Vickie Guerrero came out and introduced Dolph Ziggler.

WWE United States champion Dolph Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder.

Massive pop for Ryder coming out.  Ryder got the early offense on Dolph, including a catapult into the corner, then a clothesline over the top to the floor.  Ryder hit a flip dive over the top to the floor and jumped up doing the fistpump.  He slammed Ziggler into the apron but Dolph came back with a DDT on the apron.    The crowd immediately began chanting, "Let's go Ryder."  

Ziggler followed up with a neckbreaker and a series of elbowdrops.  He covered Ryder for a two count.  Ziggler continued the assault and locked in a side chinlock.  The crowd was behind Ryder big time, chanting for him.  Ziggler drilled him down and mocked Zack by doing situps in the ring.  Ryder was trapped in the chinlock again and the crowd chanted for him to make the comeback.  Say what you will about Ryder, but the crowd is emotionally invested into him in a way they aren't about most of the guys working today.

Ziggler placed Ryder on the top and slapped him but Ryder slapped him back and nailed a missile dropkick for a two count.  Both men struggled to return to their feet.  Ziggler charged but was nailed with an elbow to the face.  Ryder followed up with a running forearm and a boot scrape in the corner.  They called it the Broski Boot.  Ryder covered Vickie but she draped Dolph's foot over the bottom rope.  The referee threw her out of ringside.

Ziggler rolled up Dolph with a jackrabbit rollup.  Dolph rolled through and reversed it grabbing the ropes for leverage but Ryder still kicked up.  Ziggler nailed the Famouser but Ryder kicked up at the last second.   Ziggler went for a sleeper but was shoved off.  Ziggler nailed a leaping leg lariat for a two count.   Ziggler went to the top but was cut off.  Ryder nailed a top rope rana for a close near fall.

Ryder signalled for the Rough Ryder but Ziggler sent him into the turnbuckles and rolled him up, hooking the tights for another two count.  The crowd chanted for Ryder, who pulled himself up in the corner.  Ziggler went for a big splash in the corner but Ryder drilled him with a pair of knees.  Ryder nailed the Rough Ryder and scored the pin as the place went nuts. 

Your winner and new United States champion, Zack Ryder!

Ryder ran to the first row with the title and embraced his father.  He leapt on the announcer's table and did the firstpump. 

Good opener and the right result.  A really nice feel good moment.

Backstage, Booker T told Alicia Fox he was excited about his match against Cody Rhodes where Cody attacked him and worked over Booker.  A ton of officials hit the scene and pulled them apart as Rhodes screamed "Can you dig that Booker? Merry Christmas."  Booker looked irate as he got to his feet.

WWE Tag Team champions Air Boom vs. Epico and Primo (with Rosa Mendes)

Rosa was doing a Shelly Martinez deal, dancing while pointing to her charges when they were in the corners, just like Salinas in LAX.   Epico and Bourne started off.   Bourne caught him with a small package early for a two count.   Bourne controlled him and sunset flipped him for a two count.  Kingston tagged in.  The challengers tried to double team him but were nailed with a dropkick.

Primo cut off Kofi and monkeyflipped him out of the corner.  Kingston landed on his feet and monkeyflipped Primo in response.  Bourne tagged in and the champs began working over Primo.  Primo cut off Bourne.  He tried to nailed a springboard bodypress on both Primo and Epico but they caught him and tossed him out of the ring to the floor.  Epico tossed him back into the ring for a two count.

Epico and Primo cut the ring off on Bourne, stomping him in the corner.   Primo covered him for a two count and locked in a front facelock.    Bourne nearly fought his way to the corner but was carried back to the challengers' corner.  By the way, Mendes is looking beyond hot.  Happy to finally see her in a regular role.   The challengers kept working over Bourne, who kicked up.

Cole and Lawler talked about what was trending.  I bet 25 years from now, people are really going to care as they watch this PPV.

Kingston tried to rally his champion.  Epico locked Bourne in the Gori Guerrero Especial, trying to force a submission.  Bourne finally nailed Epico, drinking him down to the mat with both his knees.  Kingston made the hot tag and cleaned house, as they say, on the challengers.   Kingston nailed Epico to the floor and clotheslined Primo.  Kingston drilled Primo with the Boom Drop.  He called for Trouble in Paradise but Primo saw it and ducked backwards.  Primo kicked him but Kingston came back with a flying bodypress for a two count.  Epico broke it up.  Bourne nailed a dive to the floor on Epico.

Kingston nailed Trouble in Paradise on Primo and scored the pin.

Your winners and still WWE Tag Team champions, Air Boom!

Solid match but nothing really outside the box memorable.  Everyone worked a decent pace and it was pretty much what you'd expect.

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