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By Mike Johnson on 2011-12-18 19:56:58
Backstage, Josh Mathews interviewed The Big Show.  Show was all smiles.  He said that when he saw Mark Henry on Friday, he knew he had Henry beat.  He said he has the freedom to nail Henry with a chair tonight and tonight's the night he nine year drought as not being World champion is over.  He forgot that ECW title run apparently!   He said tonight was the night for the Giants.

WWE World champion Mark Henry vs. Big Show: Chair Match

Henry's ankle was all taped up.  When the bell rang, Show rolled to the outside and tossed a ton of chairs into the ring.   He nearly nailed the referee with one.   He and Henry both grabbed chairs and faced off.   Henry threw the chair down and walked out of the ring.   He said the match wasn't happening and demanded his title belt.  He walked off.  Show followed him.  Henry tried to nail him with the belt but Show ducked and nailed him with a chair several times.  He worked over Henry on the floor with body shots.  Henry cut him off with a knee to the mid-section and nailed Show across the back with a chair.

Henry slammed Show's hand across the stairs and sent him back into the ring.   As Henry returned to the ring, Show brandished a chaiir.  Henry slammed it out of his hands.  Show was selling that he hurt his left hand outside.   Henry worked him over, driving the chair into his chest.   Show fired back, but was selling his hand.  He went for the chokeslam but Henry fought him off and worked him over with a chair.  The story was that Show's KO punch would be useless.

Henry went for a bodyslam but Show fought him off.  He went for a chokeslam but couldn't do it.  Henry went to nail Show with a chair but Show nailed him with a right handed KO punch.  Show covered him and made the pin.

Your winner and new World champion Big Show!

Henry immediately attacked Show from behind with a chair and DDT'd him on a number of chairs.

The building began chanting for Daniel Bryan and he hit the ring and cashed in. They announced it was for the title.

Daniel Bryan covered Big Show and won the belt.

Your winner and NEW World champion, Daniel Bryan!!!!

Bryan immediately got in Michael Cole's face and declared that he was the new World champion. He turned to the camera and said that this was for everyone who supported him the last 12 years and thanked them. He celebrated.

The Henry vs. Show match wasn't much beyond some chair spots but since it was the set up for the title cash-in, it didn't need to be. Quite the cool moment to see Bryan win the belt. We now have two former ROH champions as the WWE kingpins.

Josh Mathews interviewed Booker T.  He said Booker didn't need to go out there and do this but Booker said that he didn't ask for this fight, but he's going to finish it.  He said it's not about winning but about not going out like a sucka.  It was a strong serious promo.

WWE Intercontinental champion Cody Rhodes vs. Booker T

Booker came out strong, working over Rhodes with chops and punches.  He clotheslined Rhodes down and slammed him hard.   Booker scored several near falls.  The crowd was chanting for Booker as he followed Rhodes to the floor.  Booker nailed a series of chops and punches as Rhodes was entirely on the defensive.  Rhodes was tossed back into the ring but caught Booker with a knee as he returned through the ropes.  They battled over a suplex but Cody snapped him throat-first on the ropes and drilled him with a forearm.  Booker fell to the floor outside.

On the floor, Rhodes peppered Booker with punches and slammed him into the barrier.  He yelled that it was a young man's game "and I'm the youngest."   Rhodes sent Booker back into the ring and tied him up on the mat, trying to wear him down.   Cody whipped him into the corner but was caught with an elbow as he charged.   He went for a clothesline but Rhodes did the same and they were both down.  The referee nearly counted both out.  

Booker and Rhodes returned to their feet and battled back and forth.   Booker got the better of the exchange but Rhodes cut him off.  Booker ran through him with a clothesline and a sideslam for a two count.   Booker nailed a sidewalk slam on Rhodes.   Booker did the Spinaroonie.  He went for the Axe Kick and a scissors kick but Rhodes ducked both and drilled Booker with a kick to the head for a two count.  The announcers wondered why Booker did the Spinaroonie when he did, wondering if he was out on his feet.

Rhodes drilled Booker with another kick to the head and scored the clean pin.

Your winner and still WWE Intercontinental champion, Cody Rhodes!

They did a solid job.  Booker looked fine for a guy who hasn't wrestled regularly in some time.  The story was that Booker fought the good fight but he was too hurt from the attacks earlier and Rhodes eventually wore him down.  It was fine as a way to legitimize Rhodes but not a show stealing match by any means.

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