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By Mike Johnson on 2011-12-18 19:56:58
They announced Booker T was being evaluated by medical staff.  Josh Mathews said that it's believed his match with Cody Rhodes is off, but they don't have confirmation.

Teddy Long was dressed as Santa Claus and decorating a Christmas tree.  Hornswoggle showed up dressed like a elf.  Long said that he's been a good little boy, Teddy has some surprises for him.  Horny said he's not a boy, he has a beard, he's dressed ridiculous and asked since when Santa is a black man.  Long said where he grew up, no jolly white man would go.  Long said that last week Hornswoggle tried to talk jive on Raw, so Long gave him a book on Ebonics so he wouldn't "embarass himself" again.  Hornswoggle kicked him in the leg on the way out and Long was hopping up and down.  It felt like a bad sitcom scene.

Tables Match: Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett.

There were a number of tables set up around the ring.  Big "Randy" chant at the bell.  They faced off and started slugging it out.  Orton nailed his back snap on Barrett and immediately went to the floor to bring a table into the ring.  He had it placed standing upwards about to bring it in when Barrett kicked the table from inside the ring, snapping it into Orton's face.  Barrett went to the floor and worked over Orton.  He tossed Orton back in and went to slide a table in.  The leg opened and was caught on the apron so Orton kicked the table into Barrett's chest.

On the floor, Orton sent Barrett into the ring steps.   He started to crawl towards the aisle as Orton set up a table up on the floor.  Orton chased Barrett towards the entranceway but was caught with a kick.  Barrett tried to nail a pumphandle slam through a table but Orton slipped out and kicked him.  Barrett flipped the table over to prevent being put through it.  Orton chased him back towards ringside, nailing him into the apron and then teasing he was going to do a move off the stairs through a table.  He went for a suplex but Barrett blocked and posted Orton into the ringpost.  Barrett followed that up with a big boot on the floor.

Barrett brought several tables into the ring as Orton recovered on the floor.  He continued working over Orton on the floor and slammed his head into a table.  Barrett placed Orton on a table on the outside and climbed the ropes outside.  Orton rolled off the table but Barrett attacked him and continued working over Orton.  He rolled Randy back into the ring and went to the ropes.  Barrett came off with an elbow off the middle turnbuckle, then choked Orton against the ropes.  He trapped Orton in the ropes and drilled him with a series of knee strikes.  Orton was hanging precariously in the ropes.  Barrett tried to nail a big boot, sending Orton through a table on the floor but Orton's leg caught the ropes and saved him.

Barrett placed a table in one of the corners and teased an over the shoulder powerslam into it.  Orton slipped out and nailed a series of clotheslines and a powerslam.   Orton went for the hanging DDT but Barrett slipped out and sent Orton over the top to the apron.  He went for a big boot but crotched himself.  They battled on the apron and Barrett went for Wasteland.  Orton fought out of it and caught Barrett with the hanging DDT.

Orton began calling for the RKO.  Barrett sent him off into the table but Orton cut himself off.  Barrett caught Orton with the Black Hole Slam.  He slammed the table over the prone Orton.   Barrett set up a table near one of the corners.  He draped Orton facedown on the table and went to the ropes.   Barrett came off the ropes with a dive but Orton popped up and caught him with the RKO through the table for the win.

Your winner, Randy Orton!

Good, physical match.  Barrett looked strong with his offense on Orton and even though he lost, the way they set it up, it was one of those deals where Orton caught him with a miracle move at the right moment to save the day.  They didn't elevate Barrett but they didn't in any way shape or form hinder him either way. 

Backstage, The Bellas were sitting with Santa Long saying how they each deserved a present over the other and blaming the other one for being the bad one.  Long said they both have been bad but it's the holiday season.  He said that they both deserved something.  He handed them his business card in case they wanted to play reindeer games.  They slapped him and walked out.  Long told them to call him.  Jack Swagger showed up and told Long he was ridiculous for not doing anything for what happened with him and Mark Henry on Smackdown.  Long wanted Swagger to sit on his lap to talk about it.  Swagger started cutting a promo on Long but Sheamus showed up.  Long turned his attention to Sheamus.  Swagger was mad he was being blown off so Sheamus insulted him.  Long tried to tell them this wasn't the time or place.  Long then changed his mind and made a match between them tonight.

WWE Divas champion Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly

Phoenix dared Kelly to slap her again, then drilled her with a slap.  Kelly slapped her and dropkicked her out of the ring.  Kelly bulldogged Phoenix off the apron to the floor and slammed her several times into the apron.  Back in the ring, Kelly did a cartwheel into a Tarantula like move.  Kelly did a spinning headscissor into the corner.  She followed Phoenix into the corner but was powered up into the buckles.

Beth began working over Kelly in the corner and scored a near fall.  She used her boots to stop over Kelly's back and pulled her off the ropes into a powerbomb like move.  Kelly screamed and cried.  Her selling has gotten a lot better in recent weeks.   Phoenix locked in a camel clutch.  The mics caught her asking the ref if they still had time.  Kelly caught her with a surprise small package for a two count.

Kelly nailed a bulldog and started slamming Phoenix' head into the mat over and over.   Phoenix was kicked off a charge into the corner but caught her with a slam down for several near falls.   With Kelly down, Phoenix ascended to the top.  She went for a top rope legdrop but Kelly rolled out of the ring.   Kelly pulled herself up and went for the K2 but Phoenix reversed it and went for the Glam Slam.  Kelly rolled through for a near fall but Phoenix reversed it for another near fall.  Phoenix pulled up Kelly and nailed a powerbomb type flapjack.  She crawled over to Kelly and scored the pin.

Your winner and still Divas champion, Beth Phoenix!

Easily the best Divas match all month.  They worked their asses off and Kelly especially showed a ton of improvement. This was the weakest thing on the show so far from an in-ring standpoint but by no mean was this a bad match.

Backstage, Alberto Del Rio was screaming at Ricardo that he has one job and that's to get Del Rio's car and food ready.  He yelled at Ricardo to get his food.  Miz showed up and said they worked together to weaken Punk but when the bell rings...Alberto cut him off and said that there was never any alliance.  He said he was just using Miz.  Miz said "Really?" several times.  He said that Del Rio's title run was as unineresting as the Ravens' Superbowl reign.  Miz bragged that he beat John Cena at Wrestlemania while Del Rio couldn't beat Edge while Edge's neck was hanging on by a thread.   Del Rio started mocking Miz in Spanish and Miz told him he didn't comprende, mocking Alberto.  Alberto said he was a real man while Miz was a pretend badass from a reality show.  He said that Miz couldn't take Ricardo, much less Alberto.  Ricardo came back with food and Miz shoved it in his face.  Ricardo stood there shocked and Del Rio shoved him down as well.  Good segment.

WWE Intercontinental champion Cody Rhodes vs. Booker T.

 As Booker came to the ring, Rhodes attacked him from behind, slammed him into a guard ral and put the boots to him.  A ton of officials, including Road Dogg and Bill DeMott, came out to force Rhodes to the back.  Several officials and a trainer helped Booker to his feet.  They told him they wanted him to return to the back so he could be examined.

No match...yet.  The angle has actually been a good old school throwback in terms of getting heat on Cody, but its the type of angle you should be doing on TV to build to the PPV, not the PPV itself.

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