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By Buck Woodward on 2004-07-12 01:30:00

Backstage, Eugene confronted Triple H over what Chris Benoit had told him.  Triple H convinced Eugene that Benoit was a liar, that Evolution was his friends, and that they would finish off Chris Benoit tonight. Triple H told Eugene that they had a surprise for him tonight, one that would make him happy.  A less-than-thrilled Ric Flair then gave Eugene one of his "Nature Boy" robes to wear tonight.  Eugene put on the robe and went into a Flair impersonation.  

World Tag Team Champions La Resistance (Sylvan Grenier & Rob Conway) vs. Ric Flair & Eugene Dinsmore. 

Sylvan attempted to sing "Oh Canada" before the match, but was interrupted by Ric Flair's music. Eugene kept imitating Flair's mannerisms, annoying the Nature Boy. Eugene started out the match with Rob Conway, letting out a "Whoo" before locking up.  Eugene put Conway in a corner then did a Flair strut. Eugene applied a side headlock, then traded hammerlocks. Eugene did a drop toe hold and grabbed a side headlock, then hit a shoulderblock and a hip toss. Eugene hit a chop, and let out another Flair-like yell.  Grenier tagged in, and Eugene hit a shinbuster and a Flair-style kneedrop, followed by a chop and a strut. Grenier hit a knee to the midsection and a backdrop.  Eugene did the begging off, ala Flair, and a poke to the eyes. Flair couldn't believe Eugene was doing all his spots.  Conway tagged back in and chopped Eugene, but Eugene returned fire with his own chops. Conway hit a series of punches, and Eugene did the Flair Flop. Eugene tripped Conway and went for the figure four, but Conway kicked him off into the ringpost.  Flair tagged himself in, to a big pop, and started to strut.

Flair put Conway in a corner and hit a chop and a punch.  Grenier ran in and Flair backdropped him. Flair went back and forth, taking care of both members of La Resistance. Flair hit his kneedrop on Grenier, and chopped down Conway. Eugene, back on the apron, cheered for his partner.  Flair hit a long vertical suplex on Conway, and yelled "Now we go to school" before putting on the Figure Four to a pop.  Grenier ran in with an elbowdrop to break it up. Grenier tagged in, and worked over Flair, getting a two count after elbows on the outside.  Conway tagged in, and traded chops with Flair, actually getting the better of Flair.  Conway started slapping Flair, and Flair fired back with some shots until Conway hit a clothesline for a two count. Conway kept Flair from his corner, and tagged in Grenier. Flair hit some chops, put Grenier stomped Flair in a corner.  Grenier backdropped Flair for a two count, then applied a reverse chinlock. Flair fought up, but Grenier hit a shoulderblock and tagged in Conway, who choked Flair and applied a front facelock. 

Flair backed Conway towards his corner, but Grenier yanked Eugene off the apron and rammed him into the ringsteps. Flair got double teamed by La Resistance, who hit the Au Revoir on him.  Eugene hulked up on the floor, and attacked La Resistance, ramming Conway's legs into the ringpost and pummeling Grenier in a corner.  Eugene continued his assault, shoving the referee out of the way.  Eugene then hit a stunner, Rock Bottom and People's Elbow (with a Flair strut) on La Reistance but was already disqualified for shoving the referee at the thirteen minute mark.  

Winners via disqualification: La Resistance. 

Post match, Eugene helped an expressionless Ric Flair to his feet. 


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