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By Buck Woodward on 2004-07-12 01:30:00

A video package on the Kane-Matt Hardy rivalry was shown. 

Kane vs. Matt Hardy, no disqualifications, no countouts. 

They started the match by going at it at ringside, with the two trading punches. Matt rammed Kane into the ringpost and the Spanish announcers table, then hit Kane with a monitor.  Matt pulled Kane onto the table, and went for a Twist Of Fate, but Kane kicked him off into the security wall.  They went into the crowd, and Kane ripped the padding off the security wall, then dropped Hardy chest first across it. In the ring finally, Kane choked Matt and stepped on his throat.  Kane rammed Hardy into the apron face first, then hit a chop to the throat. Back on the floor, Kane hit a short arm clothesline. Kane tossed Matt back into the ring and hit a side slam. Matt fired off some punches, but Kane continued to dominate, slugging Hardy in a corner. Matt threw some kicks, but was clotheslined down.

Kane took Matt to the floor and tossed him into the steel runway.  The fans briefly chanted for tables. Back in the ring, Kane went to the top rope and hit a clothesline. Kane screamed at Matt "Why don't you fight?" and kicked him down.  Matt fired off a few punches, and Kane flung him to the floor. Hardy picked up a chair and hit Kane in the gut, but Kane then booted the chair into Hardy's face. Kane slid the chair into the ring, but Hardy attacked, pulling Kane across the top rope, then hitting a series of punches.  Kane fell off the apron, getting his foot twisted between the second and bottom ropes.  Hardy hit a series of rights.  Kane got free, but Hardy hit him with the ring bell in the head.  Hardy hit a top rope legdrop in the ring across the back of Kane's head.  Hardy went for a Twist Of Fate, but Kane backdropped him. Kane lifted Hardy for a Tombstone, but Hardy floated out and his the Twist Of Fate for two.  Kane kicked out, then sat up.  Matt hit some rights, but Kane grabbed him in a short chokeslam. Kane went and tossed in a section of the ringsteps.  Lita ran down to the ring, and stood between Kane and Matt, begging him not to hit Matt with the steps. Kane threw down the steps and backed Lita into a corner. 

Kane screamed at her "Watch what I do to your boyfriend" and picked the steps back up.  Hardy though, had gotten to his feet and picked up the chair.  Hardy hit the steps with the chair, sending them into the face of Kane. Hardy then got the pin at the ten minute mark.

Winner: Matt Hardy.

Backstage, Lita and Hardy argued, with Hardy taking Lita to task for taking such a risk while pregnant.  Hardy told Lita that he needed time to figure things out, and that she needed to stay away from the ring while he did, for the sake of the baby.  Lita seemed to agree, as Hardy walked off.


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