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By Buck Woodward on 2004-07-12 01:30:00

Molly Holly vs. Victoria.

Molly went after the arm of Victoria, who responded with a monkey flip and slam.  Victoria went for her gyrating moonsault, but Molly cradled her for two. Victoria hit a second rope moonsault on a standing Molly for two.  Molly rolled to the floor, and Victoria hit a pescado. As Victoria went up the ringsteps, Molly tripped her and Victoria hit the ringsteps hard.  Victoria was on the floor, clutching her shoulder. Victoria got back in the ring at the nine count.  Molly went after the shoulder, kicking it. Molly hit a handspring elbow on the shoulder for two, then applied an overhead wristlock. Victoria battled up, but Molly took her down with a Fujiwara armbar. Molly drover her knee into the arm, then reapplied the Fujiwara, adding a bridge. Molly tossed Victoria against the ropes, trapping her arm against the top rope.  Victoria rolled to the floor, but Molly tossed her back in and hit an elbowdrop, but missed a second.  Victoria grabbed a double leg takedown and rolled up Molly for a two count.  Victoria grabbed a backslide for another two. Molly kicked Victoria, but ran into a powerslam. Victoria went for the Widow's Peak, but her shoulder gave out, and Molly floated out.  Victoria then hit a quick superkick for the pin at the six minute mark. Victoria is now the number one contender for the Women's Title.

Winner: Victoria.


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