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By Mike Johnson on 2016-03-05 08:46:00

 Chris Payne vs. Joey Ryan vs. Fallah Bahh vs. Brian Myers

Bahh, doing something of a Yokozunma style gimmick, was super over.  I popped for Ryan coming out to EMF's "Unbelievable." Bahh and Myers wanted nothing to do with Ryan so he and Payne started out.  Ryan did all his dong shenanigans.  Myers superkicked him and nailed an elevated DDT on Bahh.  Bahh moves excellently for such a big man.

Myers nailed Bahh with a chair but he came back and slammed Myers into it after it was set up in the corner.  Payne and Ryan battled to the top but Bahh slipped underneath for a Tower of Doom spot.  Bahh's manager accidentally tossed salt in his eyes, setting up Chris Payne for the pin.

Your winner, Chris Payne!

A good, but chaotic four way.  There was a lot more action than I could cover.

2 Hott Steve Scott vs. Man Scout Jake Manning vs. Talon vs. Rex Lawless vs. Max Caster vs. Ken Broadway

Broadway and Caster started out.  Manning stood in the corner reading a scout manual.  Manning attacked Caster but was attacked by Talon himself.  Lawless caught two of his opponents and nailed a double Fall Away Slam.  Lots of fighting on the floor and in the ring with lots of exchanges.  Lawless finally started cleaning house on everyone.  Lots of good action with all sorts of back and forth interactions.

It led to everyone fighting on the floor, where Scott nailed a swanton off the top onto everyone.  Lawless hit a flip dive over the top to the floor taking out the pile.  In the ring, Lawless nailed a sitdown chokeslam for a two count.  Caster returned to the fray.  Manning whipped out an old school piledriver.  He was nailed with a swinging neckbreaker and pinned by Steve Scott.

Your winner, Steve Scott!

Your standard multi-man bout with lots of exchanges, near falls and big spots.  Lots of fast paced work across the board.

Colt Cabana vs Bobby Wayward.

Big pop for Cabana.  They do all sorts of tie-ups early on.  Wayward is warded off by Cabana throughout most of them.   Wayward complained to the referee about Cabana's antics.  Cabana continued to use his European style skills and worked over Wayward's extremities.

Cabana was nailed with a big knee that sent him through the ropes and to the floor.  Wayward followed, where he sent Cabana into the ringpost.  Cabana made his comeback with all his standard spots and the Flying A**hole in the corner.  Wayward came back with a leg strike for a two count.  Cabana made a comeback and used a Backlund Bridge for the pin.

Your winner, Colt Cabana!

Kevin Matthews vs. Bull James

They locked up several times with no clear advantage between the two.  Bull slammed him but Matthews dropkicked him out of the ring and hit a flip dive to the outside.     Back in the ring, Matthews whipped him into the corner but Bull kicked him off during a charge.  Bull began taking it to Matthews and then locked him in a rear chinlock. He worked over Matthews and nailed a top rope headbutt for a two count.

They battled back and forth,  Matthews drilled him with a DDT variation and went to the top.  Bull cut him off and they battled in the corner.  Matthews knocked him into the ring and nailed a shoulderblock off the top for a two count.  Matthews went for a piledriver but Bull backdropped him over.   He avoided a sunset flip and went to the top for a Doink Drop.  He missed it and was rolled up for the pin.

Your winner, Kevin Matthews!

Matthews put James over and thanked him for giving him that match in "this awesome freaking company."  He gave James the ring and the crowd chanted "Please come back!"  James saluted the crowd

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