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By Mike Johnson on 2016-03-05 08:46:00

NWA Women's champion Amber Gallows vs. Barbi Hayden with Shelly Martinez as the guest referee.

They had some nice back and forth counter-wrestling early.   Gallows maneuvered Hayden into a full nelson but it was reversed.    Gallows slipped out, kicked and snapmared Hayden down for a two count.   Gallows was whipped into the corner but slipped through the ropes as Hayden charged.  Hayden followed her to the apron and offered her hand but then speared her on the apron.

They battled to the outside with Hayden getting the better of the exchange.  She tossed the champ back in the ring and came off the ropes with two knees.  She locked Amber in a side chinlock.  They battled back and forth.  Hayden grabbed Gallows in a head scissors as she charged in the corner and hung outside the ring to apply additional pressure.

Hayden continued to work over Gallows, who kicked her off during a charge.  Gallows used a Stinkface.  Hayden kicked her and nailed a neckbreaker for a two count.    Gallows went for a backslide and tried to roll through to force a pin but it didn't quite work.  She nailed an X-Factor for the pin.

Your winner and still NWA Women's champion Amber Gallows!

They worked hard and tried to do some nice physical stuff.  Not all of it clicked but it was a solid bout.

The Lifeguard vs. Demo

The Lifeguard came out and cut a promo challenging someone.  Out came Demo, a masked Little Person.  He got on his knees to be at Demo's size and got dropkicked in the face.  Lifeguard had enough, grabbed him and tossed him sideways into the buckles.  He kept beating Demo down on the apron but pulled him up every time he made a cover, looking to punish him more.

He put Demo over his knee and spanked him.   He picked up Demo for a powerbomb but it was turned into a rana for a two count.  Lifeguard cut him off and slammed Demo.  He went to the top for a back senton splash but missed when Demo moved.    Demo pulled himself to the top and nailed a flying bodypress for the pin.  That got a big reaction.

Your winner, Demo!

This was exactly what it should have been.

WrestlePro Tag Team champions Club Taboo (Craig Steele & Sandy Mann) vs. Team Tremendous Investigations (Bill Carr & Dan Barry)

The champions controlled Barry early so Carr tagged in and went back and forth with Craig Steele with power spots.  Sandy Mann tagged in but was quickly overwhelmed by Team Tremendous.  Carr sent him UP with a big back body drop.  Barry tagged in and and nailed some body shots.

Steele was able to tag back in and muscled Carr, slamming him.  Team Tremendous came back with a running Outsider's Edge into a DDT variation for a two count.  Steele attacked Carr and tossed him to the floor.  They nailed a springboard tombstone for the pin.

Your winners and still Tag Team champions, Club Taboo!

Decent bout but I think I expected a little more here because Team Tremendous was involved. Still, a decent match with some cool double team maneuevers.

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