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By Mike Johnson on 2016-03-05 08:46:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of the debut WrestlePro event in Rahway, NJ at the Rahway Rec Center!

The show opened with the promotion asking everyone to welcome a very special guest.  Out came Terry Funk to a huge ovation and a massive "Terry" chant.  Funk gave a nice speech welcoming everyone to the show and thanking them for being great fans who have supported him his entire career.  The building gave him a nice ovation.   It was hard to hear his speech over the crowd.

WrestlePro champion Bad Apple Matt Macintosh vs. Pat Buck

They locked up and each reversed each other's attempts at a waistlock takedown.  Macintosh took Buck down to the mat and locked him in  head scissors.  Buck popped up and landed on his feet and they faced off.  They circled each other and exchanged maneuvers until Buck slipped behind him and nailed a dropkick that sent the champ to the floor.

Macintosh returned to the ring where he was a bit wary but up in a test of strength with the challenger.   Buck took him to the mat.  Macintosh reversed but Buck reversed, swinging around until he sent the champ through the ropes to the floor.  Buck went for a dive but was nailed as he hit the ropes.  Macintosh took over and worked him over.  Buck made a comeback but was shoved as he charged the corner for a monkeyflip.

Macintosh worked over Buck and punted him in the gut with a hard kick.  They battled to the top where Macintosh leapt off the top and came down with a double stomp across the back of Buck's neck.  Buck, sitting on the top turnbuckle, ceashed into the ring for a two count. 

Buck was worked over but came back to life and worked over MacIntosh.  He was tossed over the top but skinned the cat and pulled the champ up and over the top to the floor.  Buck then hit a dive through the ropes, wiping out the champ.  He nailed a missile dropkick on the champ and then nailed another one into the corner.  He locked on a figure four leglock but Macintosh made it to the ropes, forcing the break.

MacIntosh grabbed Buck in a DVDR position and rammed him into the buckles then nailed a superkick for a two count.   Buck refused to stay down but was kicked in the gut and nailed with another double stomp to the head.  He was locked in the Muta Lock and forced to tap out.

Your winner and still WrestlePro champion Bad Apple Matt Macintosh!

Damn good opening match with a super hot crowd and some really nice near falls.  Buck losing here is notable since he's the owner and one of the bookers, so by losing clean in the opener, he is showing it's not going to be all about him.    Macintosh looked really good and Buck looked great.  The crowd was so into this, it took everything to the next level.

Anthony Bowens vs. Dan Maff.

Maff immediately began physically taking it to Bowens, who refused to back down and slapped the veteran.  Maff beat him down  and nailed a back senton splash, then hit a dive to the outside.  Bowens fired back and brawled with Maff, who nailed a sit-down powerbomb for a near fall.

Maff went to rebound off the ropes but was nailed with a big forearm.  He resonded with one of his own in response.  Bowens was backdropped but landed on his feet and nailed a superkick for a two count.   Maff was caught with a death valley driver and dropped across Bowens' knee for a two count.  The crowd chanted, "Holy sh**" at that one.  Bowens followed up with a nice spinebuster and went to the top rope.  He came off with a splash but Maff kicked him in the face.

Maff charged with a cannonall in the corner.  Bowens nailed another DVDR then hit a running knee to the face for another two count.  Bown tried up Maff in the ropes and nailed him with strikes, slaps and forearms.  This is some stiff stuff. Maff came back with a series of chops in the corner and multiple running cannonballs.  He finally scored the pin, which he really did have to earn.

Your winner, Dan Maff!

A really tremendous, stiff and hard fought back and forth match.  Maff really made Bowens here by giving him so much of the offense.  In the end, the veteran outsmarted Bowens but the finish was nowhere near as important as the match, which was just awesome with some really great moments and stiff match.

Mario Bokara vs. Clas

If Clash has a first name, I didn't catch it.  He goes right after Bokara but is slammed down several times.  Bokara gets in his face and absorbs some punches.   He grabs Clash and begins tossing him with German suplex after German supex.  He just KILLED him.  He finally went for the pin and pulled Clash back up.  He kept doing it until Clash was completely out on his feet and unable to defend himself.  The referee called for a stoppage.

Your winner, Mario Bokara!

Well, that is an interesting way to get Bokara over a as a beast!

Alex & Kyle Reynolds & John Silver vs. The Heavenly Bodies

There was a brawl at the start.  The Reynolds nailed stereo dives.  Silver drilled one of the Bodies with stiff kicks to the chest.  They continued controlling the action with some nice triple team  maneuevers.  Kyle went for a twisting moonsault press but one of the Bodies pulled their partner to the outside, so no water in the pool.  The Bodies began working over Kyle as they antagonized Silver and Alex.  

Kyle tried to fight back but they kept cutting him off and beating him down.  He made the hot tag to Silver, who cleaned house with clotheslines and Beal Tosses and then pressed one of the Bodies and tossed him over the top to the floor into the others.  He kicked one of the Bodies, whipped him into a double superkick from the Reynolds and hit a back suplex.

The other two Bodies attacked Silver and worked him over, but were only able to score a two count.  Everything broke down into a crazy sequence of big moves.  The Bodies came off the top with a Blockbuster on Silver and scored the pin.

Your winners, The Heavenly Bodies!

Another good match with some really nice physical action.

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