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By Mike Johnson on 2016-03-05 08:46:00


WrestlePro Rumble for a future WrestlePro Championship Match

 Number one was Habib the Car Wash Guy.  Number two was The CPA.  They kept trying to lock up but never did.  Number three was Gamble, who wasted no time working them both over.  Number four was Bobby Wayward, who tossed Gamble.  CPA tossed Wayward over the top but he was knocked down.  Habib dropkicked him off the apron eliminating Wayward.

Next out was Jos A, who was doing a soccer gimmick.  Habib grabbed his soccer ball and washed it, then tossed it at Jos, who ducked and it hit CPA, who was out in the cirner.  Ronald Kingsley and Steve Merry Men were next out.  After that it was DJ Mario, Mario Bokara, Merrill Richardson, Adam Merry Men, Jos B, Joey Ryan and The Revolting Blob out.  Everyone battled as the ring continued to fill up.

The Blob grabbed Ryan's penis and this led to everyone grabbing each other's penis.  Joey then used the power of his penis to eliminate everyone.  Yes, this is what I am paid to write about, folks.

Out came Nikos, who tossed Joey.  The crowd didn't like that.  Sam Roberts, the Sirius XM personality was next out.  He challenged Nikos to fight.  Sam ducked a clothesline and chokeslammed Nikos, then shoved him over the top to toss him.  Next out is Leather, one of the company's monsters.  He's basically Leatherface and came out the side door and through the crowd with a chainsaw revving.  Roberts saw him come out and said the hell with this and eliminated himself and ran out the front door of the venue.  Discretion is the better part of valor. 

Next out was Beefcake Charlie.  He came out and Leatherface immediately worked him over.   Next out was Malcolm Moss.  After that was Damian Gibbs.  Gibbs took out Moss.  Charlie hit a moonsault on him.  They tossed Leather.  Charlie was tossed by Moss.  Moss and Gibbs were battling when former WCW star Crowbar was next out and he tossed them.  Gibbs held on and he and Crowbar battled back and forth.

Out came Hush.  Then came Anthony Bowens.  Gibbs was tossed but his feet stayed on the apron and he used his hands to get to the stairs and return.  Next out was Bonesaw.  Next out was Delroy Alexander.  Hush was tossed.  Colt Cabana hit the ring and tossed Gibbs.  Brian Myers was next. 

Next was Mike Del, then Maxwell Jacob Feinstein followed by Kevin Matthews.  Dave Destruction was next.  Payne was next out.  Then Danny Maff.  Matthews and Crowbar battled and ended up going over the top to the floor, eliminating each other.    There were a bunch of eliminations. 

We are down to the final four - Fallah Bahh, Dan Maff, Payne and Anthony Bowens.  Payne drilled Bahh with a leaping kick in the corner,  He went to do another and was caught and tossed to the floor.  Then, there were three

Bowens and Maff tried to team up on Fahh but thenm turned on each other,  Bowens dropkicked Fahh down.  Fahh came back to wipe out Maff and nail a big legdrop.  He and Bovens battle back and forth with big splash and all sorts of stiff shots.  Bahh splashed Bovens so Maff stepped on his back and dropped down with a back senton splash.  He and Bahh chopped the hell out of each other.

Bowens took out Maffand tried to toss Fahh, who reversed it and tossed him.  Bowens held onto the ropes.  Maff grabbed Bahh and the two together tried to toss him over the top. All three ended up over the top and on the apron.  They all battled on the apron.  Bowens was knocked back over the top into the ring by a big Maff punch.  The crowd chanted for him.  He nailed a springboard clothesline to knock Bahh into Maff, who fell to the floor.   Maff attacked Bahh, trying to pull him down.  Bowens nailed a running kick that sent Bahh to the floor.

Your winner, Anthony Bowens!

This was really late in the show and I think that hurt the crowd heat at times but they told a hell of a story and pretty much made Bowens.  Lots of really good things in this match as little spotlighted spots and stories as well.  Very very good first showing for the company.


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