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By Mike Johnson on 2011-12-03 23:59:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of CZW Cage of Death 13 from Philadelphia, PA!

Larry Legend came out and welcomed everyone to COD, running down the main events of the card. Maven Bentley came out and said that in CZW, they try to give the best of every style but there are several men here who are truly the best at what they do. He introduced a group of Marines who were in the house to collect donations for Toys for Tots.

CZW Wired champion Jake Crist vs. Dave Crist.

They started out hot with a lot of fast action. Jake hit a crazy tope through the ropes. Dave came back with a big twisting dive over the top to the floor. Jake tried to leap off the ropes but was kneed in the air. Dave charged him but Jake moved. Dave went for a monkey flip but Jake turned it around and landed on his feet. Dave nailed him with an elbow. Jake drilled him with several superkicks and a back suplex for a two count. He grabbed an armbar submission but Dave fought it off. Dave landed a cutter but was too tired to follow up. He finally covered Jake, but only scored a two count.

Dave went to the top rope but was cut off. Jake nailed a superplex, then pulled him back up for another suplex. Jake followed up with a shining wizard for a two count. Dave came back with a springboard into an awesome looking DDT for a two count. He followed up with a bulldog like move, flying through the ropes and clotheslining his brother on the ropes throat-first.

They battled on the top rope until Jake Crist drilled his brother with a Canadian flip piledriver off the top for the pin. THAT WAS ABSOLUTELY SICK!

Your winner and still champion, Jake Crist!

Jake offered his brother his hand, but was slapped instead. Crist chased Dave back to the locker room.

Awesome, balls to the wall sick action with a ton of high spots and stiff action.

Best of Three Tables: BLK-OUT (Ruckus & Alex Colon & Chrissy Rivera with Robbie Mireno) vs. The Runaways (Joe Gacy & Ryan Slater & Kimber Lee)

The girls started catfighting immediately but were broken up by the teams, who then started brawling.   Colon and Slater went back and forth in the ring with hiptosses and armdrags as Slater and Ruckus brawled on the floor.  Colon dove out on Gacy while Slater his a dive on Ruckus.  The girls started slugging it out and went back and forth until Rivera speared Lee.  Ruckus nailed the Razzle Dazzle on her followed by Colon kicking her.  Rivera nailed a Facewash on Lee.

Lee cut her off with a shot and went to the top.  Rivera joined her battling as the teams brawled on the floor.  Rivera superplexed Lee off the top onto everyone and the building went nuts.  As everyone recovered, Ruckus set up a table in the corner but was attacked by Gacy.  Ruckus went for a handspring elbow off the ropes but was caught and nailed.

Gacy grabbed Rivera by the hair and tried to throw her into the table.  She ran up the table, slid down and low blowed him.  She then hit a tornado DDT off the table.  Lee attacked her and started choking her.  The Runaways started triple teamed her and powerbombed Rivera through a table.

It's 1-0 in Falls for the Runaways.

River was carried out.

The Runaways tried to triple team Colon but he was able to maneuver Lee and Gacy into the corner and wiped them out.  He drilled Lee with a running foot.  Colon was grabbed and suplexed off the corner by Slater, who was now hanging off the ropes.  Ruckus hit a Van Terminator on Slater while he was hanging.   Gacy attacked Ruckus and they battled on the top rope.  Ruckus tried to superplex him out of the ring onto a table on the floor but was unable to do so.  Colon came out of anywhere with a flying leg lariat and wiped out Gacy, sending him to the floor through a different table.

It's now tied.

Gacy was out on the floor.

Lee nailed a top rope rana on Colon.  Lee and Slater laid him out with flying moves.  They set up a table on the floor.  Lee and Slater tried to double suplex Ruckus out of the ring but Colon attacked Slater and they battled back and forth.  Left alone, Lee was no match for Ruckus and was hit with a suplex into an inverted sit-down bomb through a table on the floor.

Your winners, BLK OUT!

This was absolutely mind blowing, just in terms of the crazy male vs. female violence and some really creative spots and brutal looking table spots.  This needed to be a war because of the feud and it was.  Great stuff.

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