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By Mike Johnson on 2011-12-03 23:59:00


CZW champion Devon Moore vs. CZW Ultraviolent Underground champion Masada vs. Robert Anthony vs. Scotty Vortekz - First Man to Retrieve the CZW title wins.

As you can see from the photos, no ropes barbed wire.  Spider web barbed wire wall on one side.  Glass partitions on two sides and you have to climb one of four ladders to make it to the belt.

Masada and Scotty brawled as Moore was ripped into the barbed wire by Anthony.   Scotty was backdropped into the spider web barbed wire and must have been cut bad as they were immediately trying to stop it.  He still nailed Moore with a spin kick.  Moore was busted open as well.

Masada was tossed over the barbed wire onto one of the cage partitions and caught his hair in the barbed wire on the way down.    Drew tried to climb the ladder but was pulled down by Scotty.  They tried to throw each other into one of the glass walls but in the end Scotty used head scissors to send Moore crashing through the glass, which showered the first row.

Masada, who had glass on his tape, began raking Anthony's head with it.  Anthony was bleeding by the ear.  Anthony was whipped into the barbed wire.  Masada forced him into the wire.  Scotty recovered and nailed Masada into the wire with an enziguiri.  Moore and Scotty speared Masada and Anthony into the wire.  Masada's calf was pierced by the wire.

Scotty and Anthony brawled on their knees.  Masada grabbed Moore and dug his face into the barbed wire.  Masada and Anthony powerbombed their opponents through another glass partition at the same time, with the glass exploding in all directions.  The crowd clapped and rallied both of them.  They brawled back and forth.  Masada had the better of it but Anthony battled back.  Masada cut him off with a clothesline.

Masada pulled put skewers and stuck them in Anthony's head.  They were all sticking out.  Masada then dropkicked him in the head.   Masada set up several chairs and attempted to suplex Anthony but he reversed it into a vertebreaker onto the chairs.  Anthony and Scotty began to recover as Anthony hit a running death valley driver into the spider web barbed wire.

Moore tried to climb the ladder but was sent off of it to a piece of cage set at a 45 degree angle.  Masada and Scotty brawled on a platform and Masada was sent off into the piece of cage.  Scotty then hit a senton off of it onto the partition.  This is nuts.

Moore and Anthony brawled on the top platform and Moore speared him off into the ring.  Scotty recovered and set up a table in the center of the ring.   He chopped Anthony, who battled back with uppercuts. Anthony picked him up for a powerbomb and did a running sit-down bomb into a side of the cage that featured a glass center, shattering through and crashing through a table that was set up underneath.  Scotty's back was shredded.

Masada returned to the ring and spiked Moore with a skewer, then piledrove him beautifully through the middle of a table.  The crowd chanted, "This is awesome."   Masada then picked up Moore and powerbombed him through a piece of the table.  He started to scale the contraption as fans chanted for him.

Masada started climbing the cage as Moore recovered and climbed another ladder.  Moore reached for the belt, which fell into the ring.  Moore took a bump into the ring and crawled to get the belt, retaining it.

Your winner and still CZW champion, Devon Moore!

Pretty much the entire company came out and applauded them.  There were chants for Masada and Scotty.  Hyde entered the ring and told everyone to turn the cameras off and said the iPPV was over.  Hyde said that he knows he hates all the people and he's a bad guy but damn it was a great Cage of Death.  He announced a double header with EVOLVE in January.

Hyde turned to Moore and told him he's been the MVP of Cage of Death for the last three years.  He said Scotty got his hand nearly cut off and came back out and still killed in the match.   He said Robert Anthony stepped up and went from a pretty boy to do a death match.  He said Masada was one of the best wrestlers in the world and he said everyone here and this crew is a family busting their ass for what they love.  He asked everyone to give it up for the wrestlers, the Japanese stars and even John Zandig for what they did tonight.  The crowd chanted "CZW."

Hyde said that it was something special tonight and everyone witnessed a show they won't see until next year.  He said in the future, CZW will be doing so much more and said he hopes to see everyone back here because the crew wants nothing more than to see everyone here while they bust their asses.

That was pretty damn insane.

Thanks for logging in with us tonight!

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