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By Mike Johnson on 2011-12-03 23:59:00
Ultraviolent Trial Pit of Death Match: Bulldozer Matt Tremont vs. Danny Havo

There is a pit of spikes and a pit of thumbtacks.   Havoc was bleeding early from his glass match wound.  Tremont tried to force his head into the spikes.  Havoc battled back and tried to force Tremont into the thumbtacks.  Tremont did the Cactus clothesline. 

On the floor, Tremont nailed Havoc with a chair.  Havoc battled back with a series of shots.  He worked over Tremont with shots, then whipped him into the stairs.   Tremont came back with a slam.   Back in the ring, Tremont nailed a series of chops in the corner.  Havoc came back with a dropkick to the knee and a knee to the face.

Havoc battled Tremont over the spikes and Tremont teased falling into them, then grabbed Havoc and suplexed him on the spikes.  OUCH.  He ripped Havoc's face into the spike.    He slammed Havoc into the thumbtacks with a bunch embedded into his head, then poured some over Havoc's chest.  Tremont stomped the chest and then elbowdropped it.  He poured tacks in the ring and slammed Havoc on  them.

Tremont teased a powerbomb onto the spikes but was backdropped onto them.  His boot was totally embedded in them and it took three staffers to help pull his foot out of the spikes.  Havoc pulled him to the tacks and DDT'd him into that pit.   Tremont, who was now limping, kicked out.

Havoc followed up with a bulldog into the tacks with Tremont landed chest first on the tacks.  Havoc went to the top but Tremont tried to stop him.  He slammed Havoc off the top onto the tacks and powerbombed Havoc onto them for a two count.  This is a damn war of attrition.

Tremont poured all the tacks onto the mat.  He nailed a Samoan Drop onto the tacks.   Tremont scored a two count and retrieved a chair from under the ring.  He set it up in the corner.  He placed the board of spikes on the chair.  He tried to whip Havoc into the spikes but Havoc stopped short and kicked him in the face.  Tacks went flying.    Havoc tried whip him into it but it was reversed and he hit the spikes backfirst.  Tremont then nailed him with an Avalanche....and then he only got a two count!

He dug Havoc's face into the spikes and hit him with a curb stomp into the tacks.   Tremont grapevines the legs and locked in an STF combination.   Tremont set up the spikes in the center of the ring.  He went to get atop of Havoc who rose to his feet and gave Tremont to Electric Chair onto the spikes.  Havoc covered him for a two count.   Havoc came off the top with an elbow for another two count.

Havoc grabbed Tremont for a move but Drew Gulak hit the ring and booted Havoc, who fell backward into the spikes.  Gulak told Tremont to pin him and end it but Tremont got in his way.  Tremont was attacked by Gulak's bodyguard and clotheslined atop of Havok, who was still on the spikes.  Gulak, his manager Dewey Donovan and the bodyguard forced the referee to count the fall.

Your winner, Matt Tremont!

  This was a hell of a death match with a ton of crazy, evil stunts and spots.  I loved it.  I didn't care for the Gulak angle at the end, but understood what the company was going for storyline wise with it.

Tremont tried to apologize to Havoc for what happened, but Havoc blew him off and slammed a chair out of frustration.   Tremont said that he waited his entire life for Cage of Death and he's sorry that Gulak stuck his nose in where it didn't belong because it was supposed to be him, Havoc and the fans.  He said that last January, Gulak mocked his hero (Nick Gage, who wasn't mentioned by name) and his hero wasn't here to defend himself but Matt Tremont is.  He challenged Gulak, saying he is calling him out for January.  A HELL of a promo.

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