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By Mike Johnson on 2011-12-03 23:59:00

Six Man Scramble: Alex Payne vs. Drew Gulak vs. tHURTeen vs. Ryan McBride vs. Derek Frazier  vs. Dustin Rayz to determine number one contender to CZW title.

McBride and Rayz started out.  McBride grabbed a side headlock but was sent into the ropes.  Rayz was dropkicked out of the ring.  Payne nailed a springboard dropkick in on McBride.  He shoved him into the ropes and rebounded landing with all his weight on him.  Payne followed up with several headbutts and whipped McBride into the corner, drilling him with a running knee.  Frazier blind tagged in and unloaded with chops on Payne.

Thurteen tagged in and we had a flurry of people tagging in and out doing crazy moves.  Rayz hit a moonsault on McBride.  Payne hit the ring and worked over McBride, stomping him and nailing a running kick.  He peppered him with forearms and suplexed him over.  Frazier attacked Payne and dispatched him, then stood over McBride with one foot.  Thurteen, Payne and Rayz all tried to dropkick him but he ducked, so they all nailed him with three at the same time.

They continued with a lot of fast spots.  Rayz set up McBride on the ropes and nailed him.  Payne powerslammed him off the ropes.  Payne hit  dive to the floor.  Rayz nailed a moonsault off the top to the floor and wiped everyone but Gulak, who remained in his corner the entire match.  A ton of officials ran out to check on him and he was eventually stretchered out.

Inside the ring, the match continued with the others all battling back and forth and doing some unique three way submissions.  Frazier nailed Thurteen and got into it with referee Dru Blood, who he's had issues with, so Blood attacked him and threw him out of the ring.  Blood hit a tope to the outside and then nailed Frazier with a chair.  They kept brawling and that brought out a ton of officials to break them up.

In the chaos, Gulak covered Thurteen and pinned him, becoming the new number one contender for the CZW title.

As officials held Blood and Frazier apart, CZW owner DJ Hyde came out.  He told Blood he is not a wrestler anymore and questioned him.  He asked Blood if he wanted a match and then asked Frazier if he wanted to see it.  He asked the fans if they wanted to see it.  Hyde instead told Blood he was fired and told security to throw him out.  Frazier and McBride started brawling.  Hyde told him that if they wanted to fight, they can do it in January and to get out the building.  Hyde heard the fans chanting at him and told them that they probably want to see John Zandig, the former owner back.  The place popped.  He said too bad they'd never see him again, since he's retired.  Foreshadowing perhaps?

Drake Younger vs. Rory Mondo

There are weapons in the ring and a barbed wire board.  Younger immediately drilled Mondo with a punch, then pressed and threw him out of the ring through the barbed wire board which on a  table on the floor.    The place went nuts for that.  He drilled Mondo with a sick chair shot, then a barbed wire board to the gut.  He nailed a Russian Legsweep with the board and then drilled it into Mondo's head before stomping it into his head.

Mondo was busted open.  Young spilled Tekkens on the mat and nailed a delayed vertical suplex on them.  The crowd chanted, "Stick it in his head."  Younger slammed Mondo on them, then slammed a chair onto them.  Younger beat the piss out of him with a water jug that was attached to a stick.  Younger went to nail him with a trash can but Mondo kicked him in the gut and nailed him twice with it.  He put the tekken in Younger's head and drilled him with the can again.

Younger made a comeback and nailed a powerbomb off the top onto the trash can, which was turned upside down.  The can did NOT budge one bit.  It was one of the sickest spots I've ever seen.  Younger pulled the tekken out of his own head.  He grabbed a box and dumped an entire box full of broken glass onto the mat.  He pressed and dropped Mondo onto it and then pulled him across it in circles.

Younger filled Mondo's mouth with glass and punched him in the face.  He then threw a chair at Mondo.  He swung the chair again, but Mondo ducked and hit himself, laying himself out.  Mondo worked over Younger and placed him on a chair.  He nailed a double stomp off the chair for a two count.

Mondo set up a barbed wire board upside down so the barbed wire was facing Younger, over two chairs and double stomped it into Younger.  Younger kicked out and was psyched up by the move, eating glass and spitting it out.  He nailed Mondo with a pair of powerbombs on the glass, but Mondo kicked out.

Younger went for the Vertebreaker and nailed it on the glass, covering Mondo.  He pulled him up at one.  He set up a chair and hit a back superplex through the chair for the pin.

Your winner, Drake Younger!

That was a sick, insane, holy hell beatdown.  There were a hell of insane spots and crazy bumps that made you cringe and shake your head from the insanity.


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