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By Mike Johnson on 2011-11-13 19:50:59
Welcome to TNA's live, ongoing TNA Turning Point PPV coverage from Orlando, Florida.

The show opened with a video feature on the Bobby Roode title win and heel turn.  Taz and Mike Tenay discussed the top matches on the card and Bobby Roode's change in attitude

TNA TV champion Eric Young vs. Robbie E (with Robby T)

When the bell rang, Young tried to lock up with the referee and then ran around the ring.  He ran into Robby T.  Robbie E tried to attack him from behind but Young got the better of him.   Young went to the top rope and leapt into the ring,  E avoided it but was nailed with a forearm smash to the face.    Young went into a handstand on the top rope and came down, catching E with head scissors.

Robby T clotheslined Young, setting up E to nail some offense and get some near falls.    Young came back with a roll up from behind but was kicked out and into the turnbuckles.  E nailed a forearm off the ropes for a two count.  E whipped Young into the ropes and nailed him with a back elbow for another two count.   E cinched in a side chinlock.

Young fought his way out and nailed several punches but was slammed down.   E went back to the chinlock.   Young broke the move with a jawbreaker.   Young dropped down and out of his first set of rights.  He went up and above the ropes, then slipped through E's legs and dropkicked him.  Young nailed a belly to belly suplex on E and came off the top with a flying elbowdrop for a two count, but E was pulled out of the ring by Robby T.

Young stripped down again, this time to pink tights and came off the top with a flying bodypress onto E and T on the floor.   Young tossed E back into the ring but was nailed in the back of his legs with a clothesline by T.  E rolled Young up and scored the pin, winning the title.

Your winner and new TNA TV champion, Robbie E!

The match was a fun opener for the Young silliness, but the finish seemed to come out of nowhere.  With two appearances left on the Ronnie from Jersey Shore deal, this makes sense to set that up.

TNA Tag Team champs Mexican America & Sarita vs. Ink, Inc. & Toxine. 

Jesse Neal and Hernandez went back and forth with power spots early, then went nose to nose.   They started shoving each other.  Neal drilled him with a big burst of offense and a boot to cover Hernandez for a one count.  Moore tagged in and shoulderblocked Hernandez.  Hernandez fought him off but missed a charge into the corner.  Moore went for a bodypress but was caught.  He slipped out and rolled up Hernandez for a two count.

Anarquia tagged himself in but was rocked by some of Moore's offense, including a springboard into a spinkick.   Ink Inc. double teamed Anarquia.   Hernandez tagged in and mauled Neal.  Moore and Toxine argued with the referee, allowing all if Mexican America to work over Neal.  Anarquia nailed Neal with a dropkick, sending him to the floor, where he was wrecked even more.

Back in the ring, Anarquia locked in a rear chinlock, using his knee to add additional pressure in Neal's back.   Hernandez tagged in after Neal's attempt to make a comeback was struck down.   Mexican America tried to double team Neal, who moved and Anarquia nearly snapped his neck hitting the turnbuckles at an awkward position.  Neal tacked Hernandez and made the tag to Toxine.

Toxine and Sarita went back and forth.  Toxine used a tiltowhirl into a gutwretch suplex.  Ink Inc. double clotheslined Hernandez out of the ring when he tried to get involved.  Moore hit an Asai Moonsault to the floor.  Neal and Toxine worked over Anarquia and then pulled his pants down.  We got a full moon and what was supposedly the tattoo they gave him.  He scampered out of the ring.

In the heat of battle Sarita drilled Toxine in the back and scored the pin.

Your winners and still TNA Tag Team champions, Mexican America and Sarita!

Not pretty at times but everyone worked really hard. 

Jeremy Borash interviewed X-Division champ Austin Aries and Kid Kash.  Kash said tonight is what it is.  He said he hates Sorensen is a disrespectful punk and he's tired of seeing him and having him around.  Aries said that Kash needed to stick to the plan - two on one.  He said that it's a handicap match and now because Sorensen is retarded.  He said this isn't High School football and Sorensen's not going to be prom king.  He's going to see what it's like dealing with two grown ass men.  Kash was losing his cool and said he was going to kick the hell out of that bitch.

TNA X-Division champion Austin Aries vs. Jesse Sorensen vs. Kid Kash

Sorensen tried to avoid the veterans early but wouldn't back down.  Kash demanded Aries back off so he could get a crack at Sorensen.  Aries obliged.  Kash and Sorensen went nose to nose.  Aries drilled Soresen from behind.  They worked him over.  Sorensen nailed Kash.  Aries went right after Sorensen ad nailed a big backdrop.  Sorensen tosses Aries and Kash to the outside and hit a tope con hilo over the top to the floor.

He tossed Aries back in and drilled Kash in the head.  The heels soon took control again.  Kash started trash talking Sorensen as he beat him down.  He picked up and slammed Sorensen down.  Kash held Sorensen so Aries could take his shots at him.   Aries argued with the ref, allowing Kash to nail a shot to the nether-regions.  The crowd chanted for Jesse.

Kash dropped Sorensen into an over the knee backbreaker.   He got a two count, at which point Aries realized Kash could end up winning and warned him to stick to the plan.  Their dissension allowed Sorensen to nail both with a dropkick.  He nailed Kash out of the ring and came off the top with a bodypress on Aries.  Kash broke up the pin.   Kash locked Sorensen in a surfboard.  Aries drilled Sorensen in the face as he was trapped.  Kash drilled him with a knee.

Kash and Aries worked over Sorensen in the corner.   Sorensen backdropped Kash over the top but Aries nailed him and sent him to the floor.  Kash whipped him into the railing and chopped him.  Kash held Sorensen for Aries to hit a crazy fast dive to the outsider.  Kash broke up a pinfall.  Aries warned him to stick to the plan and help him get rid of Sorensen first.   They started arguing.  Sorensen fired back with a series of punches but was cut off by an Aries clothesline.  Sorensen is being built as the never say die old school white meat babyface.

They set up Sorensen in the middle.  Aries went for a frog splash but Sorensen got his knees up.  Kash missed a moonsault.   Sorensen made a comeback, working over Aries with a series of rights.   He nailed an awesome spinning neckbreaker on Aries but Kash broke it up.   Aries was nailed with a nasty looking boot to the face and a neckbreaker but Kash again broke it up.

Kash worked over Sorensen in the corner with some awesomely stiff chops.  Kash is AWESOME in his role.  Sorensen goes to the ropes and kicks off Kash.  Sorensen came off the ropes but Kash clotheslined him in mid-air.  Kash is really making Sorensen work for it.   Sorensen recovered and ascended to the top rope again but was caught by a Kash punch to the head.   Kash nailed a superplex and had him pinned but instead got up and made a motion that he was trying to take Sorensen out for good instead.

Kash nailed Sorensen with the Money Maker but Aries put Sorensen's leg on the rope and told the referee to save the title.  Kash didn't realize what Aries did and was amazed.  Aries came from behind and rolled up Kash (and may have held the tights) to get the win.

Your winner and still X-Division champion, Austin Aries!

This was really, really good in the stories they were telling - the never say die attitude of Sorensen and Kash as the bitter, evil veteran who ended up screwed by the cunning champ.  Loved this.

Jeremy Borash interviewed AJ Styles.  I guess here comes the attack on the ankle.  Styles ripped on Bobby Roode for winning the title the way he did.  Styles said that everything he did in TNA, he did with honor and respect.  He said Roode destroyed everything Fortune worked for in one night and spit in not just their faces but all of TNA's face.  He said that he doesn't intend to spit in Roode's face but knock it off.  He told Roode to enjoy his time as champion because he won't be lasting much longer.

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