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By Mike Johnson on 2011-11-13 19:50:59
TNA Knockouts champion Velvet Sky vs. TNA Knockouts Tag Team champion Gail Kim.

They went back and forth with a nice intensity right at the start.  Sky got the better of Kim but was clotheslined on the top rope.   Kim kicked Sky in the gut several times while Sky was down on the mat.   She whipped Sky into the corner and KILLED her with a running splash.  

Kim continued to work her over with a snapmare and a kick to the chest.  Karen Jarrett came out on the stage applauding.    Sky fired back on Kim with chops and punches.   She went for a high cross bodyblock but Kim caught her and dropped her over the knees.  Kim locked in an abdominal stretch.  Mike Rotunda would have been proud.

Sky slipped out and used a jackknife cover for a two count, then rolled her up for another.  Kim cut her off with a kick and whipped her into the corner.  Sky moved and Kim went for a bodyblock off the ropes but was met with a kick in the air.   Sky unloaded with several clotheslines and a bulldog.  Kim went for her finisher, Eat Defeat but was caught and nailed with a Facebuster.

Jarrett distracted the referee, allowing Madison Rayne to hit the ring and nail Sky with something was screwy.  Kim covered Sky for a two count.   Kim ascended to the top rope for a back senton splash but Sky moved.  They went back and forth with two counts.

Sky's leg was grabbed so Sky kicked her off.  That allowed Kim to nail the Eat Defeat and score the pinfall.

Your winner and new TNA Knockouts champion, Gail Kim!

Match was OK although Kim is obviously on a mission to show the world that WWE blew it with her, which no one would argue.   Amazing to see them take the belt off Sky so quickly.

Backstage, Eric Bischoff was screaming at his wife about Garrett Bischoff saying it was fault because she didn't take birth control 27 years ago.  He told his wife he would take care of Garrett on Impact Wrestling and send him back to her in a bag.  Bully Ray came in and told Bischoff  that something has snapped in Abyss.  He said that Abyss hopped up like nothing happened.   He said they needed to re-think everything because something has gone wrong in their plans, just like things went wrong with Hogan.  Bischoff said Bubba needed to be a leader and anything he wanted to do to get Abyss back in the fold, Bischoff would back him on.  Bubba was amazed that he and Steiner both put Abyss through a table and it didn't matter.  Bischoff said they needed to go find Abyss.  Ray was really good here.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Jeff Hardy

They did a deal where Hardy stood in the apron getting ready while Jarrett was waiting in the ring dying to get his hands on  Hardy.  Hardy hit the ring and ducked a clothesline.  He kicked Jarrett, nailed the Twist of Fate and sored the pin

Your winner, Jeff Hardy!

Well, that was quick.

Jarrett demanded they start the match again.  Hardy accepted and played to the crowd.  Jarrett attacked him and they rang the bell.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Jeff Hardy II

Jarrett worked over Hardy but was clotheslined by Hardy.  Jarrett cut him off and choked him against the ropes, strutted and slipped out of the ring for a right hand.   Jarrett said that he was taking over and went to the ropes.    He came off with a right hand.   He mocked Hardy and went to the ropes again.  As he jumped, Hardy kicked him and nailed a front suplex for a two count.

Hardy went to the ropes but Jarrett shoved him and Hardy crashed and burned back into the ring.  Jarrett strutted and stomped on Hardy.   Jarett kept whipping Hardy into the corner.  Hardy started firing back with elbow and right hands.  Jarrett reversed a whip and caught Hardy in a sleeper hold.  Jarrett wore down Hardy, who fought his way out.  Hardy slipped out and nailed a back suplex.

They battled back and forth with Hardy getting the better of the exchange.  Hardy rolled up Jarrett for a two count.  Jarrett kicked him coming off the ropes.  He went for the Stroke but was shoved off.  Hardy went for the Twist of Fate but Jarrett slipped out.  He nailed Hardy and went for the figure four leglock but was caught in a small package and pinned.

Your winner, Jeff Hardy!

Jeff Jarrett grabbed a chair and nailed Hardy on the ramp and said the match was over when he said it was over.  He demanded the referee return to the ring as Jarrett dragged Hardy back to the ring.  Jarrett was losing his mind, screaming. 

Jarrett returned Hardy to the ring and nailed the Stroke.  Jarrett demanded that Earl Hebner count but Hebner refused.  Finally, he agreed.  At the two count, Hardy reversed the pin and pinned Jarrett yet again.  They once again announced Hardy as the winner.

Everything from bell to bell was good in terms of putting over the idea of Hardy making his first big singles comeback. Solid work in the ring but the storytelling was good and the entire scenario was unique. 

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