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By Mike Johnson on 2011-11-13 19:50:59
No DQ: Rob Van Dam vs. Christopher Daniels

Before the match started, Daniels took the mic and asked "Bob Van Dam" why they are at this place and having a no DQ match.  Daniels said that he's not a hardcore wrestler or a bloodthirsty fan, but everyone knows that he never runs from a challenge and never quits, he'll go through with it.  Daniels said that since this is Impact WRESTLING, they should make a gentleman's agreement to have a straight forward back and forth wrestling match.  The fans booed and Daniels said they were booing hardcore wrestling.  Some fans chanted ECW.  Daniels asked Rob to have a clean wrestling match.  Daniels was pretty damn good on the mic.

Van Dam controlled him early with several spinkicks and attempted a cross armbreaker.  They went into a test of strength.   Van Dam got the better of it and Daniels retreated to the floor.   Daniels is doing really well with this new direction in character in terms of facial expressions and emoting his persona.  

Back in the ring, they went back and forth.  Van Dam whipped Daniels into the corner and nailed a big monkey flip out of it before playing to the fans.   Daniels, angry, charged and was kicked in the face for a two count.     Daniels came back with several shoulderblocks to the corner and brought down RVD with a snapmare and rear chinlock.

Van Dam tried for a hiptoss but it was blocked.  Instead RVD kicked him in the face and nailed Rolling Thunder for a two count.  Van Dam nailed a guillotine legdrop across the apron on Daniels.   Daniels regained control and snapped Van Dam into the ropes for a dropkick to the face.   He worked over RVD with a chinlock.   Daniels continued to work over Van Dam's neck and yelled, "That's wrestling, everybody.  I'm the best in the world!"

Daniels nailed a Death Valley Driver for a two count.    Daniels nailed an enziguiri and then a running forearm in the corner.   Van Dam and Daniels battled back and forth as Rob fired back with offense.  Van Dam nailed a springboard into a thrust kick.  Daniels caught RVD coming and tossed him to the outside but was nailed with a shoulderblock as Rob returned to the ring.  Van Dam crotched him across the top rope and nailed the Ryder Kick off the turnbuckles.

Daniels tried to walk out but RVD followed him up the ramp.  They exchanged punches and RVD hiptossed him on the ramp.  Ouch.  Van Dam draped him on the guard rail.  RVD ran down the ramp and leapt off, nailing a guillotine legdrop onto Daniels.  That was a cool spot.  Daniels rolled into the ring as Van Dam followed.

Daniels shoved the referee into RVD, then grabbed Rob and nailed an STO.  Daniels grabbed a chair and slammed Van Dam onto it for a two count.  So much for the gentleman's agreement.  Great heel move.   Daniels went under the ring for a screwdriver.  He started asking fans where they wanted him to stick it.  Van Dam pulled the chair up when Daniels tried to use it.  He then nailed the Van Daminator.  Van Dam nailed the Five Star Frog Splash for the pin.

Your winner, Rob Van Dam!

Another good match.  This was the best wrestling bout Van Dam has had in awhile beyond the Lynn matches and he seemed to be working harder than usual.  Daniels has really found his groove with this new character, almost to the point I was bummed to see him lose clean.  He's onto something.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Robbie E.  He said he was going to be the TV champ for a long, long time because he's jacked.  He said bling means bitches and they are going to the club.  It was fine for what it was designed to be.

Matt Morgan vs. Crimson

They faced off and locked up.  They battled for position but neither man was able to get the advantage.   Crimson shoulderblocked Morgan, who shrugged it off and flexed.   They went for a test of strength.  Neither man got the advantage.  Crimson drilled him with several knees but Morgan killed him with a discus clothesline.  They are playing monster vs. monster.

Crimson held onto the ropes to avoid the Carbon Footprint.  Morgan nailed him with a series of shoulderblocks in the corner.  Morgan clotheslined him over the top to the floor.    Morgan followed but Crimson fought back, slamming him into the apron and the guard rail.  Crimson moved the ring steps, positioning it.  That's strange considering they are both babyfaces.  He whipped Morgan towards them but Morgan leapt over them and kicked them into Crimson as he advanced.

In the ring, Morgan whipped Crimson into the ring and drilled him with a clothesline.  Morgan nailed a sideslam for a two count.   Crimson fired back with several punches to the mid-section but was nailed again by Morgan.  Morgan fired back with a series of hands.   Morgan nailed a headbutt to Crimson's face and moved him into the corner for the rapid fire back elbows.  They only served to wake up Crimson who challenged Morgan.  Morgan was surprised at that.

Crimson started nailing a series of clotheslines and an a T-Bone Tazplex for a two count.   Morgan ran him backward into the corner.   Morgan whipped Crimson, who reversed it and nailed a knee to the gut.  Crimson rode Morgan to the mat for a half nelson but Morgan turned it into a cradle for a two count.   Morgan chokeslammed Crimson for a two count.

Morgan went for the Carbon Footprint but Crimson avoided it and speared Morgan for a two count.    Crimson rebounded off the ropes but ate a Carbon Footprint.  Crimson fell out of the ring.  Morgan brought him back into the ring but Crimson kicked out at the last second.  Morgan was showing obvious frustration.

Morgan kicked off a charge but was caught with the Red Sky sitdown driver.   Crimson pulled Morgan to the middle of the ring and garnered a two count.   Both men returned to their feet and like King Kong and Godzilla, sized the other up.    They began slugging it out in the center of the ring, enjoying the back and forth slugging.  The referee tried to halt the exchange and they both shoved him away in stereo.

The referee called for the bell, saying you couldn't put your hands on him.

The official ruling was a double disqualification.

Morgan and Crimson didn't care and decided to keep going.  Security hit the ring.  Yes, four guys are going to keep two monsters apart.  REALLY?  Crimson and Morgan calmed down  and then Crimson tackled Morgan and they rolled out of the ring to the floor, continuing the battle.  The crowd chanted for them to fight.  More officials and staffers came out to separate them as Crimson told Morgan he could take anything Morgan had to give.

The finish sucked but in terms of a power vs. power match and two guys just slugging it out, it was entertaining for what it was designed to be.  You didn't expect this to be a great technical classic did you?

Jeremy Borash interviewed Bully Ray and Scott Steiner.  Ray said that Abyss has no one to blame but himself.  Ray said that if he had a dollar for every time he kicked Anderson's ass, he'd be rich and then said, "I am rich."  Steiner said Ray needed to relax because this is going to be an easy night.  He said he went to Parts Unknown and found Abyss' girlfriend and learned all of his weaknesses.  Ray said she had to be ugly.  Steiner said she was a cross between the toothless rednecks in Florida and a Billy Goat..and she was fat.  Steiner said they were going to win tonight and then Ray would have to date her.  Ray said their opponents were going to have to face one half of the greatest tag teams of all time and Scott Steiner too.  Steiner cut back saying he was the best of all time and Ray told him to just worry about flexing.  That was a pretty funny exchange.

Bully Ray & Scott Steiner vs. Mr. Anderson & Abyss

Ray and Anderson started out.  Anderson controlled him early with an armbar .  Ray got the better o him with a belly to back suplex and tagged in Steiner.  Steiner worked over Anderson but ate an elbow as he charged in.  Anderson ended up in Immortal' corner but elbowed Ray and Steiner.  Ray grabbed him and crotched him into the ringpost.  No babies tonight.

Ray tagged in and worked over Anderson, tying him up on the  mat.  It's ridiculous how good of shape Ray has gotten himself into.  The fans were all over Steiner on the outside as Anderson caught Ray with a neckbreaker.  Abyss was dying to get the tag in.  The referee was distracted and missed the tag, allowing Immortal to work over Anderson in the corner as Abyss tried to plead his case.

Steiner nailed a Fall Away Slam off the top.   Think he was watching Green Ant vs. Tursas on the CHIKARA PPV? Nah, me neither.   Steiner taunted Abyss.  Anderson caught him with a sunset flip and an inside cradle for several near falls.   Steiner snapped him with a belly to belly suplex.  

Ray tagged in and tried for the Bubba Bomb but Anderson slipped out and nailed a leaping DDT.   Abyss finally got the hot tag and started cleaning house on Bubba and Steiner.  Abyss nailed Ray with a big boot and slammed Steiner.  Abyss went to the corner for a big splash, getting a two count.

Abyss called for the chokeslam and nailed it but Ray  broke up the pin.  He began working over Abyss' back and called for Steiner.  Abyss grabbed them both for a double chokeslam but they blocked it.  Abyss was whipped into the ropes but came back with a double clothesline.  Ray kicked Abyss, who tagged Anderson.  Abyss and Ray battled on the outside.  Anderson nailed a bodypress on Steiner from the top for a two count.

Anderson went for the rolling Samoan Drop but Steiner slipped out and smashed Anderson into the mat face first.  Steiner went for the pin but only got a two count.    He placed Anderson on the top rope and nailed the top rope Frankensteiner.   Steiner went for the cover but the ref said that Abyss tagged back in.  Abyss snuck in from behind and nailed the Black Hole Slam, pinning Steiner.

Your winners, Abyss & Mr. Anderson!

Ray immediately tossed Anderson to the outside and retrieved a table.  Steiner worked over Abyss.  Ray and Steiner double chokeslammed Abyss through a table but Abyss no sold it and had these awesome gruesomely evil facial expressions.  Ray actually got spooked and backed off.  

OK tag match.  The story was that Abyss the Monster is back and is a threat.  They did their best to build him back up as someone to be reckoned with.  Its amazing how far Anderson has fallen from when they were trying to push him as their next top superstar.

Jeremy Borash interviewed TNA Knockouts champions Gail Kim and Madison Rayne as well as Karen Jarrett.  Borash asked if Kim was ready to challenge Velvet Sky for the Knockouts title.  Jarrett said she was going to walk out there and bring the belt back.  She said that she can't have a skanky little ho, smart mouthed bitch go out there with the belt because of how it makes Jarrett look.   Jarrett said she found someone who could properly represent the division.  Rayne thought she meant her but Jarrett was talking about Kim.  Kim said it would be a cakewalk and would be over in a few minutes.  Jarrett said that Kim didn't need anyone at ringside tonight because Jarrett brought her here to show the others the way it's supposed to be done.

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