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By Buck Woodward on 2008-09-07 22:29:29

Welcome to our coverage of WWE Unforgiven.  We will be updating this page throughout the evening with results from the show, so check back often. 

Unforgiven opened with a brief video package on the Championship Scramble matches, then a longer video going over the Chris Jericho-Shawn Michaels feud. Todd Grisham and Matt Striker then welcomed us to the show. 

ECW Champion Mark Henry vs. The Miz vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Fit Finlay vs. Matt Hardy.

The ECW belt was at ringside on a pedestal.  Matt Hardy was the first "randomly selected" participant.  The Miz was second. 

Miz grabbed a hammerlock at the start, which Hardy reversed into a headlock and took Miz down with a side mare.  Hardy hit a shoulderblock for a two count, then went back to the headlock.  Hardy hit another shoulderblock, but Miz scored with a hiptoss for two.  Miz went to a side headlock, but Hardy shoved him into a corner and hit a clothesline.  Hardy went for a bulldog, which Miz shoved off, but Miz missed a clothesline in the corner.  Hardy pulled Miz out of the corner and into a powerbomb for a two count.  Hardy hit a clothesline for two, then Miz pulled Hardy into the middle rope by his pants.  Miz jumped off Hardy's back, over the top rope, so he could yank Hardy throat first across the middle rope as he came down to the floor. Miz applied an armbar, but Hardy punched out.  Matt scored a two count with a sunset flip.  Hardy reversed a whip into the corner, but Miz caught Hardy with a back elbow.  Miz went to climb the ropes, but Hardy grabbed him and tried for a crucifix bomb.  Miz struggled out and hit the Reality Check, but Hardy rolled to the floor.  Miz pulled him back into the ring and got a two count as the first five minute period ended.

Chavo Guerrero entered the match.

Matt Hardy went to the second rope for an elbow, but Miz pulled him to the mat hard.  Miz charged Chavo as he got on the apron, but Chavo pulled down the top rope and Miz fell out of the ring.  Chavo went right to the top rope and hit Hardy with a frog splash for the pin.

Advantage: Chavo Guerrero.

Miz got back in the ring and went at it with Chavo, hitting the through-the-ropes clothesline in a corner for a two count.  Miz hit some punches, but Chavo hit a rolling capo kick, sending Miz to the floor.  Chavo dove out of the ring after Miz, then Hardy rejoined the fray, elbowing Chavo off the apron.  Matt put Chavo in the ring and hit an elbowdrop for a two count.  Chavo came back with punches, then went to superplex Miz, who was trying to climb the top rope.  Hardy went to stop Chavo, got shoved to the mat, then Miz shoved Chavo down as well.  Miz dove off the top rope onto Hardy and Chavo, and covered Hardy for a two count.  Matt came back with clotheslines on both men, then backdropped Chavo.  Matt bulldogged Chavo and clotheslined Miz at the same time.  Matt hit Chavo with the Side Effect for the pin.

Advantage: Matt Hardy.

Hardy slugged Miz and hit a back elbow, then threw Chavo over the top rope and to the floor. Matt put Miz in a chinlock. Miz elbowed out of the move and armdragged Hardy to the mat. 

Mark Henry, with Tony Atlas, entered the match.

Chavo, Miz and Hardy all stopped fighting, and seemed to agree to go after Henry as he came into the ring.  They triple-teamed him, backing him into a corner.  Henry shoved all three of them to the mat and started delivering clotheslines to them.  Henry flung Chavo with a hiptoss, then press slammed Hardy.  Henry bodyblocked Miz, then powerslammed Chavo for the pin.

Advantage: Mark Henry.

Henry powerslammed Miz, then Hardy went after Henry with punches.  Henry scooped up Hardy, but he escaped the slam attempt.  Hardy went to the apron for a slingshot, but Henry swatted him to the floor.  Henry threw Miz down to the mat, and he rolled to the outside.  Chavo tried sliding under Henry, but Henry grabbed him in a bearhug.  Hardy came in via the top rope, but as he jumped, Henry dropped Chavo and caught Hardy in a bearhug.  Hardy tried to headbutt out, but Henry backed him into a corner, then applied a trapped arm bearhug.  He threw Hardy down, then went back to a bearhug.  Hardy punched out with his free arm, but Henry just tossed him down.

Fit Finlay, with Hornswoggle, entered the match.  They put up a clock for the final five minutes of the match.

Finlay attacked Henry with punches and kicks, then hit a DDT for a two count.  Finlay gave Henry another DDT for two. Henry punched back and put Finlay in a bearhug.  Hornswoggle ran in, and Henry let go of Finlay and shoved him from the ring.  The referee was distracted and Finlay hit Henry with the Shillelagh.  Finlay and Hardy threw Henry out of the ring.  Finlay then grabbed Hardy and hit the Celtic Cross for a three count.

Advantage: Finlay.

The Miz came off the top rope and hit Finlay, then Hardy gave Miz a Twist of Fate for a three count.

Advantage: Matt Hardy.

Chavo Guerrero came off the top rope with a splash on Miz, but Hardy broke up the cover.  Henry powerslammed Miz, Chavo and Finlay, but every time he went for a cover, Hardy broke it up.  Miz rolled up Hardy, but Henry kicked him in the head.  Chavo jumped at Henry, but Henry powerlsammed him for two, as Hardy brokle it up.  Finlay rolled up Hardy for two, then went for the Celtic Cross again, but Henry broke it up.  Henry splashed Miz, but Hardy broke it up.  Hardy threw Chavo out of the ring, then broke up a Henry cover on FInlay, then threw Miz out of the ring.  Hardy threw Miz out of the ring. Finlay, Chavo and Henry all tried to roll people over for covers, but Hardy kept breaking them up.  Miz got back in and there was a pile up attempt as the final seconds ticked off. No pinfall was scored.

Winner and new ECW Champion: Matt Hardy.

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