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By Buck Woodward on 2008-09-07 22:29:29

Todd Grisham interviewed Shawn Michaels backstage.  Michaels said this was the first PPV in three months that he hasn't been going to a hospital.  He said he was going to go home to his family.  He said he was content, but that he wasn't satisfied or feels a sense of closure.  Michaels said he wishes he could do this to Chris Jericho every night.  Michaels said Jericho awoke something in him he can't control (and doesn't want to).  Michaels said the worst is yet to come.

Backstage, Eve Torres interviewed CM Punk.  Randy Orton interrupted, saying CM Punk's title reign was a fluke.  Punk said Orton was bitter.  Orton said he wanted to continue their conversation from Raw. Punk was ambushed by Rhodes, DiBiase and Manu.  Kofi Kingston ran in for the save, but was laid out.  Orton kicked Punk in the head, and said "That was impressive".

Divas Champion Michelle McCool vs. Maryse.

They locked up at the bell and broke apart, then Maryse went for a hammerlock.  Michelle escaped and swept the leg for a two count.  Michelle hit a Russian legsweep for a two count, but Maryse yanked her to the mat by her hair.  Michelle kipped up.  Maryse maintained the armbar.  Michelle flipped off the ropes, apparently tweaking her knee, but Maryse maintained the armbar.  Michelle armdragged out of it, and the fight went to the floor.  Maryse knocked Michelle over the security wall, buy Michelle scored with a kick, then jumped off the wall with a clothesline.  Back in the ring, Maryse hit a chopblock on the leg, then applied a grapevine.  Maryse kept working on the leg, but Michelle reversed out of a leglace and slammed Maryse knee first to the mat.  Michelle grabbed a heel hook, but Maryse made the ropes.  Maryse yanked Michelle into the ropes by the tights, and choked her against the middle rope.  Michelle came back with an upkick from the mat for a two count.  The two traded forearms, then Maryse went for a sunset flip, but Michelle rolled through it and hit a dropkick.  Michelle went for a suplex, but her leg gave out on her.  Michelle hit a kick, the delivered a gourdbuster for the anti-climactic pin at the six minute mark.

Winner: Michelle McCool.

They showed the results of a text poll that 77% of those responding felt Big Show was shafted by Vickie Guerrero, since he wasn't included in the WWE Championship Scramble.

Raw General Manager Mike Adamle came out and said CM Punk may not be able to wrestle tonight.  Adamle said he would have to find a suitable substitution if that is the case, and stated that there would be five men in the World Title Scramble later.

Big Show came to the ring and said if Adamle is looking for a substitution, he should look to him.  Show said Adamle wouldn't make such a huge "oversight" the way Vickie Guerrero did. Show asked the fans if they would vote for him to be in the scramble.  The fans responded positively. Vickie Guerrero came out and confronted Big Show in the ring.  Vickie took Show to task for "causing a disruption".  Vickie called him a "big dumb giant".  Vickie said Show now had to deal with the circumstances, and ordered him out of the ring.  The old Undertaker "druid music" started.  Druids brought a casket to the ring, which Big Show applauded.  Vickie looked worried, and Show looked overjoyed as they brought the casket to ringside.  Show made gestures that Vickie was going "bye bye".  Undertaker appeared on the screen over the entranceway.  Taker talked about his plans to destroy Vickie Guerrero.  Big Show grabbed Vickie by the arm so she couldn't escape the ring.  Undertaker's music hit, and he made his entrance.

As Undertaker walked down the aisle, Vickie broke free and tried to run away, but Show caught her and dragged her back into the ring.  Undertaker opened the casket at ringside.  Undertaker took off his coat and hat, while Show smiled and held a struggling Vickie from the apron.  Undertaker grabbed Vickie by the throat... and Big Show slugged Undertaker with a right hand.  Show began punching and headbutting Undertaker, knocking him to the floor.  They exchanged punches on the outside, then Show picked up Undertaker and rammed him back first into the ringpost.  Show dropped Undertaker face first onto the coffin lid.  Show kicked and stomped Undertaker, then whipped him into the security wall.  Show tipped over the casket.

Big Show headbutted Undertaker, then threw him into the security wall and pounded him.  Show tossed Undertaker back into the ring (where Vickie was still hanging around).  Show gave Undertaker a pair of headbutts, then decked him with a right hand.  Big Show dropped three elbows on him.  Undertaker started to get up, and Big Show blasted him with a right hand. Big Show picked up the unconscious Undertaker and Vickie slapped him, then spit at him. Big Show and Vickie Guerrero then walked off, leaving the Undertaker laying in the ring.

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