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By Buck Woodward on 2008-09-07 22:29:29

They recapped the Orton-Punk angle from last week, and the attack from earlier tonight.

Backstage, William Regal told Mike Adamle he wanted Punk's spot in the main event, since he beat Punk to become the King Of The Ring.  Adamle said Punk might still compete, and that he had to check on something.

World Champion CM Punk vs. JBL vs. Kane vs. Batista vs. Rey Mysterio.

Batista was out first. JBL was second.  Batista hit a shoulderblock at the bell and pounded JBL in the corner.  Batista hit a clothesline for a two count.  JBL reversed a whip and grabbed a sleeper, but Batista broke out with a shinbuster.  Batista hit a chopblock, then dropped an elbow on the leg.  Batista applied a figure four leglock, and JBL struggled in the hold.  JBL eventually made the ropes to force a break.  The two men exchanged punches, then JBL tripped Batista out of the ring and to the floor.  JBL went out after him threw him into the ring apron.  JBL hit some punches, but Batista reversed a whip and threw JBL into the ringsteps.  Batista got back into the ring and the clock ticked off the end of the period.

Kane entered the match.

Kane went on the attack, punching Batista and going for a whip, but Batista came right back with a clothesline.  Kane hit a big boot, then a dropkick to the downed Batista and scored a two count. Kane ran into a Batista elbow, then Batista followed with a clothesline in the corner.  Batista choked Kane with a boot in the corner, but Kane came back with a side slam. Kane went to the top rope and dove, but Batista ducked the clothesline.  Kane rolled to his feet and hit a shot to the throat.  Kane teased a chokeslam, but Batista broke free and set up for a powerbomb.  JBL ran in and kicked Batista in the head.  Kane grabbed JBL by the throat.  Kane let go to kick Batista out of the ring.  JBL went for a clothesline, but Kane ducked and chokeslammed JBL for the pin.

Advantage: Kane.

Kane went back to work on Batista, throwing him shoulder first into the ringpost. Batista fell to the floor.

Rey Mysterio entered the match.

Kane punched Mysterio as he got into the ring, but Mysterio hit dropkicks to the legs, then a spin kick to the head for a two count.  Rey hit some kicks to the legs, then a springboard dropkick, sending Kane to the floor.  JBL hit Rey with a forearm, but Rey countered with a spinning headscissors.  Rey gave JBL a bulldog, then kicked Kane as he got on the apron.  Rey went for a 619 on Kane, but Kane ducked, then clothesline Mysterio from the apron.  Batista got back in and gave Kane a back suplex.  Batista gave JBL a running kick to the head.  Rey went to the top rope, and Batista stood in the corner.  Rey stood on Batista's shoulders and dropped onto a splash on Kane.  Batista covered Kane for a two count.  Rey and Batista went for the move again on JBL, but Rey dropped down and gave Batista sunset flip for a two count.  Batista and Rey argued, and JBL attacked, giving Batista a short-arm clothesline.  JBL gave Rey a fallaway slam, dropping Rey on Batista.  JBL kicked Kane in the head, then dropped an elbow on him.  JBL dropped another elbow, then gave Rey a short arm clothesline for a two count.

Chris Jericho entered the match. There's your substitute.

Jericho, obviously still hurting, walked slowly to the ring.  JBL kept covering Rey for two counts.  JBL hit Rey with a clothesline, but then Rey tripped him.  Rey was going to give JBL a 619, but Batista speared him.  Batista speared Jericho as he got in the ring, knocking him back out Batista powerslammed Kane, then speared JBL. Batista covered, but JBL got his foot on the ropes.  Rey and Batista double teamed Kane, but when Batista went for the cover, Rey broke it up with kicks.  Rey legdropped JBL.  Batista went to powerbomb Rey.  Rey flipped out, then gave JBL a 619.  Rey then went for a springboard, but Batista knocked him off the ropes and to the floor. JBL gave Kane a Clothesline From Hell.  Batista gave JBL a spinebuster.  Kane kicked Batista in the head, then elbowed him in the corner.  Kane slammed Batista, then went to the top rope.  Kane nailed Batista with a top rope clothesline and covered him (although he didn't have to).  JBL, Jericho and Rey are all on the floor.  Kane called for a chokeslam, but Batista jumped up and speared Kane.  Batista hit Kane with a spinebuster for the pin with 30 seconds left.

Advantage: Batista.

Batista stood in the ring.  Rey went for a springboard, but Batista caught him.  Chris Jericho crawled into the ring and covered Kane, while Batista, his back to them, powerbombed Rey.  Jericho got the three count on Kane, and Batista turned around and saw the referee raise Jericho's arm with two seconds ticking off on the clock.

Advantage: Chris Jericho.

Winner and new WWE Champion: Chris Jericho.

Jericho celebrated, while a frustrated Batista walked off. subscribers are able to enjoy the coverage on an ad-free version of the site, and will be able to hear our exclusive post-PPV audio show.

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