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By Buck Woodward on 2008-09-07 22:29:29

Backstage, DiBiase & Rhodes introduced Manu (Afa Jr's name) to Randy Orton, pointing out he was the son of Afa.  Manu got in Orton's face, saying he can rip on any other Raw champions, but not these two.  Rhodes asked Orton if he was impressed now.  Orton claimed Rhodes & Orton were lucky, and that he was not impressed at all, then walked off.

WWE Champion Triple H vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. MVP vs. Jeff Hardy.

Jeff Hardy was out first.  U.S. Champion Shelton Benjamin was out second. They had an inset interview from Shelton as he came out, saying he would be adding more gold to his collection.  Benjamin grabbed a cradle early for a two count, then Hardy grabbed a cradle in response.  Shelton grabbed a side headlock, then hit a shoulderblock for a two count.  Shelton went for a slam, but Jeff rolled him up for a two count.  Jeff hit a kick to the gut, then rammed Shelton into a corner.  Hardy went for a sunset flip for a two count, then Benjamin grabbed a side mare and cranked on a headlock.  Hardy punched out of it, ducked a Shelton spinkick, but got caught with a powerbomb into the turnbuckles.  Shelton scored a two count, then kicked and stomped Hardy.  Shelton suplexed Jeff for a two count, then applied a chinlock.  Shelton drove his knee into Jeff's back, then punched him in the head and got a two count.  Shelton went for a back suplex, but Hardy shifted his weight and got a two count.  Hardy hit a clothesline, then slammed Benjamin and hit a legdrop for a two count.  They slugged it out and Hardy hit a clothesline.

Brian Kendrick entered the match.  Ezekiel stayed on the stage and didn't come to ringside.

Benjamin and Hardy fought on the ring apron, with Benjamin teasing a German suplex off the apron.  Kendrick hit Benjamin with a forearm, knocking him to the floor.  Kendrick kicked Hardy in the head and covered him for a two count, then hit a forearm for two.  Kendrick kicked Hardy over and over, then went for another cover.  Kendrick pounded Hardy in the corner, then missed a avalanche attempt.  Hardy gave Kendrick a reverse powerbomb and scored the pin.

Advantage: Jeff Hardy.

Hardy kicked Kendrick out of the ring.  Benjamin ran in and attacked Hardy, but Jeff gave him a clothesline and forearm, then a vertical suplex for a two count (although he technically doesn't need a pinfall at this point).  Benjamin hit some forearms, but missed a Stinger Splash attempt and Hardy rolled him up for two.  Hardy went for a Twist Of Fate, but Benjamin blocked it and hit Paydirt for a two count, as Kendrick broke up the cover.  Kendrick threw Benjamin out of the ring, then gave Hardy The Kendrick for a three count.

Advantage: Brian Kendrick.

Kendrick celebrated, then kicked Hardy and watched for the next entrant.

MVP entered the match.

Hardy rolled to the floor as MVP entered.  MVP hit some forearms, then threw Kendrick face first to the mat.  MVP kicked Hardy's legs out from under him as he came in, then kicked him out of the ring.  MVP backdropped Kendrick out of the ring.  MVP went to work on Shelton, hitting a clothesline to the back of the head.  MVP set up for the running kick, but Kendrick came in and caught MVP with a side kick.  Hardy came in and forearmed Kendrick from the ring.  Hardy gave Shelton a mule kick, sending him into the same corner that MVP was slumped in. Hardy hit an elevated kick in the corner on both, then went to cover Shelton.  Kendrick broke it up and threw Hardy out of the ring.  Kendrick went to work on Benjamin, who countered with a Samoan Drop.  MVP went after Kendrick, but Kendrick hit a reverse bodypress out of the corner.  Kendrick kicked Benjamin in the head, then dropkicked MVP in the head.  Benjamin floored Kendrick with a clothesline. Benjamin went for a powerbomb, but Kendrick turned it into a rana.  Kendrick punched MVP in a corner, but MVP returned fire with forearms.  Kendrick caught MVP with a side kick.  Hardy was on the floor and the other three men were down in the ring.

Triple H entered the match.

Triple H got in the ring and clothesline Shelton out of it, then knocked down Kendrick with one.  Triple H gave MVP a facebuster on the knee.  Kendrick went for a forearm on HHH, who ducked and he hit MVP.  HHH gave Kendrick a spinebuster.  HHH sidestepped MVP and threw him out of the ring.  Triple H gave Kendrick a Pedigree and pinned him.

Advantage: Triple H.

Shelton Benjamin attacked Triple H and the brawled to the floor.  Shelton whipped Triple H into the ringsteps on the outside. Hardy threw MVP into the ring and hit a Twist of Fate for a three count.

Advantage: Jeff Hardy.

Kendrick kicked Hardy and missed on a The Kendrick attempt.  Jeff gave Kendrick a gourdbuster.  Hardy went to the top rope, but HHH crotched him on it from the outside.  Triple H gave Kendrick a Pedigree and pinned him.

Advantage: Triple H. 

Hardy jumped onto Kendrick with a Swanton and scored a pin.

Advantage: Jeff Hardy.

Triple H grabbed Hardy for a Pedigree, but Hardy backdropped Triple H to the floor.  Hardy dove out of the ring into a somersault onto Triple H.  In the ring, MVP and Kendrick battled near the ropes.  Benjamin jumped up onto the top rope to join them.  Benjamin suplexed Kendrick off the top rope while MVP powerbombed  Benjamin.  Hardy gave MVP a Whisper In The Wind.   Hardy gave Benjamin a Swanton Bomb.  Triple H ran in and gave MVP a Pedigree.  He covered MVP and Hardy covered Benjamin.  Triple H's pinfall on MVP was counted with one second remaining.

Advantage: Triple H.

Winner: Triple H.

Jeff Hardy applauded Triple H, and shook his hand.

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