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By David Tees on 2016-01-08 23:00:00
Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviews Kurt Angle and Drew Galloway, Angle talks about picking Drew for a match on Tuesday for TNA Impact. Drew says that he talks about what people have said about him over the years, but tonight they will win the tag team titles tonight. Angle says that he did not forget about Jessie Godderz and Eli Drake either because they will be dealt with as well.

Match #7 - TNA World Tag Teal Title Match: The Wolves (Champions) vs. Kurt Angle/Drew Galloway vs. Eli Drake/Jessie Godderz

The match begins with Richards and Godderz in the ring, Edwards tags in quickly and The Wolves nail Godderz with a double team maneuver. Drake interferes and he clotheslines a distracted Edwards, Drake tags in and he goes to work on Edwards. Drake then crushes Edwards with a suplex to get a near fall, Godderz tags back in and he kicks Edwards in the midsection before landing a press slam. Godderz stomps all over Edwards while mocking Angle, Edwards fights back by nailingGodderz with a suplex. Edwards tries for a tag and Drake knocks Richards off of the ring apron, Edwards then nails Godderz with a missile drop kick. Angle gets the tag from Edwards and he takes everybody out with suplexes, Angle then suplexes both members of The Wolves at the same time.

Drake knocks down Angle and Galloway comes in to lay everybody out, Galloway puts Richards on the top rope and he follows him up there. Richards slips away and he locks up Galloway in the rope, both Wolves nail Galloway with top rope drop kicks for a near fall. The Wolves start battling with Galloway and Angle until Godderz and Drake get involved, Galloway and Edwards take turns chopping their opponents and then themselves. Drake nails Edwards with a knee strike and clothesline combination, Angle nails Godderz with an Angle Slam and then everybody takes each other out until there is nobody left standing. The Wolves exchange blows with Galloway and Angle, The Wolves then do stereo suicide dives onto Drake and Godderz. Galloway does a suicide dive onto all of his opponents and then he tosses Godderz into the ring, Angle hits Godderz with an Angle Slam for the near fall.

Richards and Angle square off until their respective partners hit the ring as well, Angle locks Edwards in the ankle lock while Edwards locks Galloway in the ankle lock. Godderz hits the ring and he breaks up both of the ankle locks, Drake hits Galloway in the head with a tag team title belt and Godderz gets the near fall on him. Angle returns to the ring and he hits Drake with a German suplex. The Wolves nail Drake with their finisher after taking Angle out, Richards gets Drake in the ankle lock to force a tap out.

Winners: The Wolves (Still your TNA World Tag Team Champions)

Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviews Bobby Lashley, who says he wants to get revenge on Tyrus for costing him a world title tournament match.

Match #8 - Singles Match: Bobby Lashley vs. Tyrus

The match begins with Lashley trying to get Tyrus to the ground, Lashley eventually backs Tyrus into the corner but Tyrus cracks him with a few blows to the back. Lashley continues looking for takedowns as Tyrus continues cracking him in the back, Tyrus backs Lashley into the corner to assault him with punches. Lashley tries fighting back by jumping on the back of Tyrus while locking in an arm bar, Tyrus falls down and Lashley holds onto the arm bar. Tyrus breaks the hold by getting his feet on the ropes, Tyrus rolls to the ring apron and Tyrus suplexes Lashley from the ring onto the arena floor. Tyrus then rips the turnbuckle pad to expose the metal while Lashley is recovering on the arena floor, Tyrus the brings Lashley back into the ring.

Tyrus starts to stomp on a downed Lashley before mauling him in the corner, Lashley fights back and Tyrus knocks him down with a headbutt followed by an elbow drop. Tyrus works a nerve hold to keep Lashley on the ground, Lashley fights back again and Tyrus throws him into the exposed turnbuckle. Tyrus then nails Lashley with an exploder suplex, Tyrus brings Lashley to the corner before throwing him into the exposed turnbuckle again. Tyrus crushes Lashley with an elbow drop before wrenching his neck, Lashley tries fighting back again and he drops Tyrus with a running clothesline. Lashley misses a spear attempt and Tyrus catches him with a running cross body for a near fall, Tyrus then hits Lashley with the ICU Spike for another near fall. Tyrus tries tossing Lashley back into the exposed turnbuckle and they both knock referee Earl Hebner down, Lashley smashes the face of Tyrus into the exposed turnbuckle multiple times before nailing him with a spear for the three count.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviews Beer Money, Roode says that he would call everybody crazy for saying a Beer Money reunion was happening. Storm then says he came back to TNA because TNA is a family to him, Roode says that they will take care of Eric Young and Bram tonight.

Main Event - Tag Team Match: Beer Money vs. Eric Young & Bram

The match begins with Storm taking Young down with a headlock, Young gets back up and he exchanges some punches with Storm. Roode tags in and he double teams Young with Storm, Young bites Roode and that allows him to tag in Bram. Roode locks up with Bram and Roode nails him with a few chops, Bram eventually drops a charging Roode with a shoulder tackle. Roode gets back to drop a running Bram with a back elbow, Storm tags in and they catch both of their opponents with double team moves. Young and Bram go outside the ring and Storm catches them with a suicide dive, Young is brought into the ring and Beer Money nails him with a double suplex.

Bram hits the ring and he takes out both members of Beer Money with a clothesline, Young tags in and he works over Storm in the corner. Young then starts to choke Storm with his boot in the corner, Storm hits a charging Young with a big boot followed by a running neck breaker. Bram stops Storm from tagging and he attacks him with a bunch of stomps, Bram slows Storm down by holding him in a chin lock. Storm kicks at Bram and tries for a tag until Bram halts him, Young tags in and he reapplies the chin lock to Storm. Bram tags back in and he eats a big boot from Storm, Storm then collides mid-ring with Bram and both go down. Storm looks for another tag and Young knocks Roode off of the apron, Bram goes back to work on Storm by choking him in the corner.

Young tags back in and he resumes the choking of Storm in the corner, Bram tags in and he teams with Young to hit Storm with a double back elbow. Storm eventually gets Bram down with a spinning clothesline, Roode gets the tag and Roode cleans house on his opponents. Roode then hits Young with a series of knee lifts and a t-bone suplex, Bram tags back in and Roode puts him on the middle rope. Young interferes and Storm knocks him off the ring apron, Storm then catches Bram with a hurricarana and Roode follows up with a top rope splash for a near fall. Young returns to the ring and he attacks Storm, Bram and Young nail Roode with a Hart Attack for another near fall.

Roode avoids a DDT from Bram and Bram hits him with a uranage anyways, Storm hits Bram with a back cracker from out of nowhere. Young then hits a downed Storm with a frog splash, Rode then hits Young with a spine buster and everybody is down. Young knocks Storm out of the ring, Roode then hits a charging Bram with a spine buster to take him out. Young attacks Roode and Storm catches him with the Last Call super kick, Beer Money hit Bram with the DWI to get the win.

Winners: Beer Money

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