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By David Tees on 2016-01-08 23:00:00
Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviews TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim, Kim talks about her history of being the TNA Knockouts Champion and that whoever wins the gauntlet match tonight will be in for a fight.

Match #4 - TNA Knockouts Title #1 Contenders Gauntlet Match: Awesome Kong vs. Jade vs. Velvet Sky vs. Marti Belle vs. Rebel vs. Madison Rayne vs. Chelsea vs. Deonna

The first two entrants are #1 Madison Rayne and #2 Jade, the two start brawling quickly and Jade nearly eliminated Rayne. Jade then clobbers Rayne with a roundhouse kick and she attacks Rayne further in the corner, Jade then crushes Rayne with shoulder tackles in the corner. Rayne fights back by nailing Jade with some forearm strikes, Jade regains control and she drapes Rayne on the middle rope.

Rebel is #3 and she hits the ring to attack Rayne, Rebel tries tossing Rayne out of the ring. Jade and Rebel double team Rayne and nail her with a double shoulder tackle, Rebel and Jade continue trying to toss Rayne out of the ring. Rayne starts fighting back and Jade puts a stop to everything.

#4 is Chelsea Green from WWE Tough Enough. Chelsea goes to work on Rebel by hitting her with a Russian leg sweep, Rayne tries eliminating Jade and Jade somehow survives.

Chelsea continues fighting Rebel as Rayne battles Jade, #5 is Marti Belle and she immediately attacks Chelsea and Rayne. Belle and Jade catch Rayne with Total Elimination, all three members of The Dollhouse focus their attack on Chelsea.

The Dollhouse members then focus their attack on Rayne next, #6 is Deonna Purazzo and she attacks The Dollhouse. Jade eventually slows down Deonna and the rest of The dollhouse attack her as well, eventually The Dollhouse and the other three competitors start brawling. Rebel goes to the top rope and Chelsea knocks her off for the elimination.

#7 is Awesome Kong and Kong takes out everybody but The Dollhouse members. The Dollhouse members regain control and work over everybody in the ring, Chelsea and Deonna try attacking Kong and Kong choke slams them both. Kong then dumps Deonna outside of the ring and Chelsea soon follows as both are eliminated,

#8 is Velvet Sky and she nails both Jade and Belle. Sky then hits both Jade and Belle with running bulldogs.

The Beautiful People start nailing Kong with some double team moves, Rayne knocks Belle out of the ring to eliminate her. Sky tries dumping Jade out and Kong grabs her from behind to eliminate her, Jade and Kong then start to work over Rayne. Rayne tries fighting back and Kong drops her with a shoulder tackle, Jade and Kong try eliminating Rayne and she keeps fending them off. Kong puts Jade on her shoulder and she places her on the ringside apron when Rayne drop kicks Kong, Rayne then knocks Jade off the ring apron to eliminate her. The last two will now compete in a regular match and it is Kong versus Rayne, Kong gets the early edge by locking Rayne in a Boston crab. Rayne fights back and she knocks Kong down with a missile drop kick, Rayne goes back to the top rope and Kong catches her and Rayne rolls through a choke slam for a near fall. Kong then hits a charging Rayne with a spinning back fist and the implant buster for the three count.

Winner: Awesome Kong

Backstage, The Wolves were in an interview with Jeremy Borash when both Jessie Godderz and Eli Drake arrive which prompts a brawl between the teams.

Match #5 - Singles Match: Pepper Parks vs. Trevor Lee

The match begins with Lee jumping Parks as he entered the ring, Lee then whips Parks into the turnbuckles a few times before stomping him in the corner. Parks then hits a charging Lee with a big boot, Parks then suplexes Lee into turnbuckles which prompts Lee to exit the ring. Parks makes sure Lee doesn’t rest long as he nails him with a suicide dive, Lee gets thrown back into the ring and he quickly exits the ring again. Parks follows him out of the ring and Lee smashes him into the ringside edge before kicking him in the head, Lee then tosses Parks back into the ring. Parks tries fighting back and Lee locks him in a arm bending submission, Lee holds Parks in the chin lock to wear him down. Lee then hits a charging Parks with some kind of flipping power slam for a near fall, Lee reapplies the chin lock to Parks.

Parks breaks free and he attack Lee with a few chops before eating a big boot from Lee, Lee goes to the middle rope and Parks cracks him with a boot to the face. Parks then cracks Lee with a power slam followed by a big boot to the face , Parks catches Lee with a backslide for a near fall. Parks then cracks Lee with a fisherman buster neck breaker for a near fall, Lee tries to escapes the ring and he pokes Parks in the eyes when he tries to stop him. Lee then nails Parks with a running punch for a two count, Parks then hits Lee with a sky high for another near fall. Parks goes for a death valley driver, which Lee avoids by kicking him in the head and landing a double stomp. Lee hits Parks with a fisherman buster cradle suplex for the three count.

Winner: Trevor Lee

Far and away the best match on the show thus far.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash tries to interview Awesome Kong and The Dollhouse says that nobody can speak to Kong unless they go through The Dollhouse. Kong says that The Dollhouse will become a force under her tutelage and that Gail Kim better be ready to hand the belt over to her.

The Pope is in the ring and he talks about how he has been scouting TNA talent while in the commentators booth and he wants to call out Grado because he has a problem with him. The Pope has Grado’s music cut so he can stop him from dancing, Grado talks about how great it is to be back in TNA before discussing his history with The Pope. The Pope calls Grado a joke and he mocks all of his mannerisms, Grado gets mad and he says that he needs to prove himself by issuing an open challenge to anybody tonight and Abyss comes out. Abyss grabs the microphone and he wants to make sure that Grado would fight anybody tonight, Abyss calls Grado trash and garbage like the fans in Pennsylvania. Abyss then says that he is making the match a Monsters Ball Match and Grado freaks out.

Match #6 - Monsters Ball Match: Grado vs. Abyss

The match begins with Grado kicking Abyss in the testicular region, Grado goes out of the ring and he grabs a garbage can full of weapons to bring in the ring. Abyss then cracks Grado with a punch as he returns to the ring, Abyss tries working of Grado with a cheese grater and Grado avoids it. Grado grabs the trash can and he hits Abyss with it a few times, Abyss stops Grado by punching the garbage can into his face. Grado rolls out of the ring and Abyss follows to beat him up further, Abyss grabs a table and he places it between the ring and the barricade. Abyss tries to choke slam Grado through the table and Grado escapes to get back in the ring, Abyss grabs his bag of tacks and he empties them in the ring. Abyss sets up Grado and Grado racks his testicles with a cheese grader, Grado dances around Abyss while cracking him with a kendo stick.

Grado goes to the top rope and Abyss nails him with a garbage can, the impact causes Grado to fall off the top rope and onto the previously set up table. Abyss then brings out a few barbed wire boards and he throws them into the ring, Abyss then tosses the barbed wire bat into the ring as well. Abyss then sets up one of the barbed wire boards on the turnbuckle while grabbing the bat, Grado avoids some bat swings from Abyss before nailing him with a chair. Grado then hits Abyss with a big boot and that knocks Abyss into one of the barbed wire boards, Grado sandwiched Abyss between the barbed wire boards before doing a top rope splash onto him for a near fall. Grado gets the barbed wire baseball bat and Abyss choke slams him on the thumbtacks instead for the three count.

Winner: Abyss

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