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By David Tees on 2016-01-08 23:00:00
Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of TNA's One Night Only: Live PPV from Bethlehem, PA.

Match #1 - TNA X Division Title Match (Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match): Tigre Uno (Champion) vs. Crazzy Steve vs. Mandrews vs. DJ Z

The match starts off with DJ Z working over Uno and Steve working over Mandrews, DJ Z gets knocked to the arena floor while Uno works over the rest of the opponents. Uno eventually gets tossed out of the ring and Steve gets tossed next, DJ Z returns to the ring and he drop kicks Mandrews out of it. DJ Z then hits Steve with a springboard elbow strike, Mandrews gets back in the ring and he nearly pins DJ Z with a hurricarana. Steve breaks up the pin before catching Mandrews with a double knee strike to the back, Uno then hits a charging Steve with a spinning heel kick. DJ Z knocks Uno down before meeting Mandrews on the top rope, Steve looks for the Tower of Doom spot and Uno breaks it up with Mandrews remaining on the top rope.

Mandrews eventually jumps off the top rope to hit Uno with a missile drop kick, Uno rolls out of the ring and Steve does a slingshot dive onto him. Everybody eventually goes outside the ring and Mandrews rides his skateboard before diving off to do a hurricarana that knocks DJ Z into Steve. Uno got back in the ring before doing a suicide dive onto all three of his opponents, Uno rolls Steve into the ring and then he hits him with a top rope leg drop, Steve gets mad and he clobbers Uno with a short arm clothesline. Steve sets both Mandrews and Uno into different corners before catching them both with cannonballs, Steve puts Mandrews on the top rope until Uno gets a hold of Steve. Steve catches Uno in a chicken wing submission, Mandrews does a shooting star press onto both men and he gets the three count on Steve.

Eliminated: Crazzy Steve

The match continues with Steve tossing Uno into the ring steps and relocking him in the chicken wing submission, the referee eventually get Steve out of the ringside area. DJ Z and Mandrews are going at it in the ring and Mandrews catches him with a tornado DDT for a near fall, Mandrews goes for a top rope move and DJ Z avoids him. DJ Z goes for a springboard move and Mandrews rolls him up to get a three count.

Eliminated: DJ Z

The match resumes with Mandrews instantly working over the hurt shoulder of Uno, Mandrews nails Uno with a back suplex for a near fall. Unos starts fighting back by catchingMandrews with an inzaguri, Mandrews regains control by slamming Uno and going to the top rope. Uno crotches Mandrews and climbs to the top rope, Uno nails Mandrews with a moonsault power slam type move for the three count.

Eliminated: Mandrews

Winner: Tigre Uno (Still your TNA X Division Champion)

After the match, Shane Helms comes to the ring while Tigre Uno is celebrating and he shows Uno that he is wearing a hurricane shirt and he points to his wrist like he has a watch on before walking away.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviews Eric Young and Bram, Young says the only news the wrestling world has to worry about is what he and Bram will do tonight. Young calls Beer Money a disease and Bram follows up by saying that he hates both members of Beer Money, Young says that Beer Money will never team again after tonight. Young then turns his attention to Jeff Hardy, Young says that he will get revenge on Hardy for costing him the world title.

Match 2 - Singles Match: Rockstar Spud vs. Aiden O’Shea

The bout kicks off with O’Shea grabbing the microphone and he says that he has a proposition for Spud, O’Shea tells Spud to not embarrass himself tonight and just walk away tonight to give O’Shea a count out win. Spud pretends to leave the ring before flipping O’Shea off, O’Shea responds by cracking Spud while still talking on the microphone. O’Shea continues attacking Spud while still talking on the microphone, Spud tackles O’Shea into the corner and O’Shea responds by tossing him across the ring. O’Shea gets the microphone back and he goes out of the ring to punch Spud, O’Shea finally gives up the microphone to attack Spud. O’Shea grabs the microphone again as he returns to the ring, O’Shea trahs talks Spud before letting go of the microphone and missing the knee drop.

Spud goes for a bulldog and O’Shea lays him out with a back breaker, O’Shea grabs the microphone again and he tells Spud that he tried to save his career by not fighting tonight. O’Shea goes back out of the ring and Spud hits him with a basement drop kick, Spud then connects with a suicide dive onto O’Shea. O’Shea gets up first and he throws Spud right into the barricade and then the announce table, O’Shea picks up Spud and he drops him on the top of the announce table. O’Shea tosses Spud back into the ring and he works him over some more, Spud starts to “Hulk Up” and he nails a charging O’Shea with a pair of boots to the face. O’Shea misses a dive and he hits the ring post, Spud follows up by hitting O’Shea with an inzaguri and a running drop kick. Spud goes to the top rope and he nails O’Shea with a diving elbow, Spud hits O’Shea with the Underdog to get the win.

Winner: Rockstar Spud

Highlights from the backstage altercation that set up tonight’s tag team title match from TNA Impact are shown. Highlights from the Ethan Carter III/Matt Hardy title tournament finals from this past weeks TNA Impact air, including comments from EC3. Before the next match begins, Maria appears and cuts a promo similar to the one she did this past week on TNA Impact.

Match #3 - Singles Match: Mike Bennett w/Maria vs. Robbie E

This bout starts off with Bennett dropping Robbie with a shoulder tackle, Bennett insults Robbie and Robbie clobbers him with a few punches. Robbie then sends a charging Bennett out of the ring, Robbie goes to the top rope and he does a high cross body onto Bennett. Maria tries distracting Robbie and it initially fails, but then Bennett counters a Robbie hurricarana by throwing him into the barricade. Bennett brings Robbie back into the ring and he hits him with a running clothes line, Bennett then catches Robbie with a big boot for a near fall. Bennett stomps away on Robbie before catching him with a suplex for a near fall, Bennett slows things down further by locking Robbie in a chin lock.

Robbie tries fighting back and Bennett nails him with a drop kick, Bennett again applies the chin lock to Robbie. Robbie finally fights back by catching a running Bennett with a forearm strike, Robbie then hits Bennett with an avalanche and a flying clothesline. Bennett traps Robbie in the corner before nailing him with a few elbows, Robbie fights back and he catches Bennett with a middle rope diving clothesline. Robbie goes back to the top rope and he misses a high cross body attempt, Robbie avoids a clothesline from Bennett to hit him with the Boom Drop. Bennett rolls to ringside to avoid Robbie, Robbie and Bennett trade suplex attempts on the ringside area. The two competitors start exchanging a ton of forearm strikes until Bennett drops Robbie neck first on the top rope, Bennett then hits Robbie with an Ace Crusher and Divine Intervention for the three count.

Winner: Mike Bennett w/Maria

After the match, Mike Bennett grabs the microphone and tells everybody that their hero has arrived, he says that what everybody has witnessed a miracle tonight and he is building a kingdom of miracles.

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