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By Mike Johnson on 2015-10-04 19:35:54

Jeremy Borash interviewed Jeff Hardy, who had black and white facepaint on, since he's the referee.  He said that EC3's money and Tyrus can't save him tonight.  He promised to make all the "Zebras" proud.

Kurt Angle vs. Eric Young

Big pop for Angle.  Young took the mic and said that everyone knows Angle is hurt and he has no problem taking Kurt away from "these sick pigs" or Angle's family.  Young said he was world class man and wrestler and that he was a God.  He gave Angle one last chance or he was going to end Angle forever.

Angle took the mic.  He said that if anyone could end his career, it would be Young, so they aren't going to have a wrestling match.  He said he and Dixie Carter spoke earlier and came up with something better, a No DQ Street Fight and it starts right now. It sort of makes sense they would have Carter try to screw with Young again after he turned on TNA for GFW. He nailed Young with the mic and they brawled to the floor and into the crowd.  Young was tossed back into the ringside area and landed with his leg smacking the ring steps.  Ouch.

They battled back into the ring where Angle knocked Young back to the floor.  Back in the ring, Young cut off Angle and nailed a leaping piledriver that Paul Orndorff would have smiled at.  They played it up as Angle hurting his neck. The storyline leading into this was that Young had been threatening to use the piledriver to finally finish off Kurt's neck. Several officials and EMTs including Simon Diamond came out to check on him.  A "ringside doctor" said the match wasn't going to be continued.

They went to walk Angle to the back but Young attacked Diamond from behind and then tossed the doctor (I think it was OVW's Paradyse) into the apron.  Young grabbed Angle as Angle said, "Eric, it's done, it's done."  Young tossed him into the ring and ripped at his neck.  Young brought a chair into the ring and drilled Angle with a shot to the head.  The announcers said the match was done and this was an assault.

Young tossed Angle to the floor and slammed him into the announcer's table.  Angle avoided another piledriver and nailed a German suplex on the floor.  Angle rolled Young back into the ring and covered him for a two count, so we are indeed still having a match.

Angle stopped a kick and nailed a series of German suplexes.  Angle nailed the Angle Slam for a two count.  Young cut off Angle and stomped his neck.  He nailed a flying elbow off the top onto the neck and covered Angle, who kicked out at the last second. 

Young went to put Angle on the ropes to sit him but dropped him.  He did it again and crotched Angle on the ropes, then tried to piledrive him off the ropes.  Angle escaped and nailed Young, taking him down to the mat.  Young was locked in the Anklelock but Young made it to the ropes.  Angle pulled him to the center and scissored Young as he locked it in. Young finally tapped.

Your winner, Kurt Angle!

OK match.  They worked hard and the crowd live seemed to really enjoy it. How did Angle win when they stopped the match?  I digress.    I'll be curious to see if this was indeed Angle's last PPV appearance for the company.

TNA champion EC3 vs. Matt Hardy vs. Drew Galloway with Jeff Hardy as the special referee.

EC3 has some great facial reactions coming out teasing that he couldn't trust Tyrus.  They showed Hardy's wife and infant son at ringside.

Jeff Hardy tossed Tyrus out from ringside as soon as the bell rang.

Galloway and Hardy kept shoving the other aside to get at EC3, then stopped and agreed to team up against him.  EC3 was tossed to the floor.  Galloway tried to schoolboy Hardy and scored a two count.  Galloway chopped away at Hardy, who made a comeback with a neckbreaker and nailed an elbow off the ropes for a two count.  EC3 broke up the pinfall.

EC3 knocked Hardy to the floor and had words with Jeff Hardy.  Galloway and EC3 battled back and forth.  EC3 applied a cravate.  Galloway nailed high cross bodyblock.  Matt Hardy returned to the fray and tried to go for the Twist of Fate but EC3 charged and they both went through the ropes to the floor.  They battled on the floor, setting up Drew Galloway nailing a flip over the ropes, taking out Hardy.  EC3, who had stepped out of the way, grabbed Drew and tossed him into the railing.

EC3 set up a table on the floor.  He pulled Drew up and went to piledrive Galloway on the ringsteps but Drew turned it into a Kryptonite Krunch on the steps.  Ouch.  Drew covered EC3 but Matt Hardy broke it up.  Hardy nailed an inverted DDT and a traditional one on his opponents at the same time.  He placed Drew atop of EC3 and came off the ropes on both.  Matt went for the Twist of Fate but EC3 shoved Matt into Jeff Hardy.  Matt hit Side Effect on EC3 but Jeff was woozy.

Hardy went for a backslide and scored a two count.  Galloway nailed the Futureshock DDT but EC3 nailed him and sent him to the floor.  EC3 covered Matt for a two count.  EC3 got in Jeff Hardy's face, not happy about the count.  EC3 went to the floor, worked over Galloway and placed him on the table. He suplexed Hardy out of the ring across the table, taking them both out at once.  That was  cool spot.  EC3 had this awesome, maniacal look after he nailed it.

EC3 covered Hardy for a two count.  The crowd chanted for him.  EC3 called for the One Percenter but Galloway returned and drilled him.  He came to life with a series of right hands on EC3 in the corner, then worked him over with chops.  Hardy caught him with a clothesline and covered Drew for a two count.  Hardy went to the top rope but Drew crotched him on the top turnbuckle.  They battled on the top.  Hardy tied him to the tree of woe.  EC3 chopped the hell out of Drew as he hung upside down.

Hardy and EC3 battled over Drew, who pulled him up and nailed a suplex as he was hanging upside down.  That brought the first "TNA" chant of the night.  All three returned to their feet and battled each other with punches and chops.  Good stuff!  EC3 nailed the One Percenter on both and tried to score pinfalls on each, but they kept kicking up at two.  Galloway was bleeding from the mouth.

EC3 got in Jeff Hardy's face and complained, shoving him.  He tried to get himself disqualified for using a low blow.  Jeff Hardy told him to fight.  The announcers noted there's no DQ and perhaps EC3 had nothing left.  He told Jeff that what was going to happen was on his hands.  Jeff took the chair away.  He told Jeff to hit his brother, which made NO sense.  Hardy instead nailed EC3 and walloped him with the chair.  Drew nailed EC3.  Matt Hardy scored the Twist of Fate on Drew Galloway and scored the pin.

Your winner and new TNA champion, Matt Hardy!

A hell of a main event with some great work. All three should be commended.

The show ended with Hardy in the ring with his father, brother, wife and son celebrating.

Backstage, EC3 screamed at Dixie Carter. TNA Executive John Gaburick tried to calm him but was shoved over a table, which flipped over. EC3 told Carter she was dead to him and stormed off.

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