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By Mike Johnson on 2015-10-04 19:35:54

TNA Tag Team champions The Wolves vs. Trevor Lee & Brian Myers

Lee and Myers attacked the champions before the bell.  They tagged in and out, working over Richards.  Edwards was able to tag in and the Wolves regained control.  They controlled Myers' arm.  Lee was able to tag in and nailed Richards with the Inside Out for a two count.  The challengers cut the ring off on Richards, beating him in their corner.

Edwards tagged in and finally nailed a leaping kick on Myers as he was on the corner and drilled him for a two count.  Lee tried to interfere but was tossed out.  The Wolves double-teamed Myers for a two count.   Edwards went to the top.  Lee distracted him, allowing Myers to nailed Edwards off the apron and sent him flying to the floor.  Lee attacked Richards and slammed him down to the floor.

Edwards battled back from a two on one but Myers swarmed over him and trapped him in a leglock.  That allowed Lee to cover Edwards for a two count and cinch in a chinlock.  Edwards fought his way out but Myers tagged back in and cut him off before he could tag Richards.  He locked in a chinlock.  Edwards tried to fight out but was driven back into the challengers' corner.  They worked him over but he finally fought free and nailed a double rana on the challenger before making the tag.

Richards hit the ring and battered them with kicks.  Davey nailed a handspring into a kick to the head on Lee for a two count.  He went for a top rope double stomp but missed.  He rolled through and nailed an exploder on Lee.  Lee went to the floor.  Richards went for a dive but Myers tripped him.  The GFW crew went for a double suplex on Richards but Edwards saved him and they sent the challengers to the floor before nailing stereo dives to the outside.

Richards nailed a double stomp on Lee but Myers made the save.  They went back and forth with some great near falls.  Richards sent Myers hard into the railing on the floor.  Lee was nailed as he was on the top.  Richards tried to set something up but Myers nailed him.  Myers ended up crotched and sitting on the top.  Edwards hit a rana into the ring.  Richards nailed a superplex on Lee, then pulled him up and nailed a brainbuster as Edwards superkicked Lee for the pin

Your winners and still TNA Tag Team champions, The Wolves!

Entertaining tag match with some old school psychology as the challengers cut the ring off and really worked over Edwards to build to the hot tag.

This has been a pretty good show so far.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Drew Galloway backstage.  He said he came to TNA a year ago to show the world the real Drew and to compete with the best.  He said he defended TNA from GFW while EC3 sat it out like a bitch.  He said that he's wrestling's Chosen One.  He said there are curveballs with Hardy being added and his brother being the referee.  He said a Triple Threat is a No DQ match and people forget he's not only willing to do what it takes, but to kill himself to get the win.

TNA King of the Mountain champion Bobby Roode vs. Bobby Lashley

Lashley backed Roode into the corner but they broke clean.    They went back and forth with some nice action.  Lashley caught Roode with a clothesline and nailed a shoulderblock into the buckles.  Lashley nailed a standing vertical suplex and set up for a spear.  Roode leapfrogged it and went for the Roode Bomb but Lashley avoided it and they faced off.  The idea was that they knew each other very well.  The crowd chanted for "Bobby."  That made me laugh.  Richard Trionfo called it.

Lashley nailed a nice German suplex.  Roode mounted a comeback and nailed a suplex.  He nailed the Buff Blockbuster off the ropes for a two count.  Lashley made a comeback and sent Roode to the floor.  He followed Roode and smacked his face into the mat.    He brought Roode back into the ring and worked him over with elbows.  Roode kicked him off and tried to leap off the ropes but was caught and powerslammed him.  Lashley set up for a spear and drilled it, scoring a two count.

Roode caught him with the Roode Bomb for a two count.  Roode and Lashley traded blows   Roode avoided one and cinched in the crossface.  Lashley stands up and escapes, locking in a Kimura on Roode as he was in an abdominal stretch.  Roode rolled through and locked back in the crossface.  Lashley powered out and hit Roode with his own finisher, the Roode Bomb for a close two count.  Nice sequence.

Roode came back with a spear.  Roode went to the top but was slammed off the top.  Roode avoided a spear and went for the Roode Bomb but Lashley avoided.  Roode finally nailed it and scored the pin.

Your winner and still King of the Mountain champion, Bobby Roode!

Very good, physical match.

Lashley and Roode showed each other respect after the match.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Matt Hardy backstage.  He said he thinks tonight is his night.  He said his career and life has been an emotional roller coaster and anyone who has followed his career knows what tonight means to him.  He said they were born 100 miles down the road.  He and his brother had a dream of being the Tag Team champions and they accomplished that.  Then they had dreams of being World champion and Jeff has done it several times and he's proud of him.  He said this was his chance to do it in front of his fellow Carolinians and put over that his father and wife and son were here and his brother was the referee to make sure he would get a fair shake.  Hardy was fired up and gave a good promo.

They showed footage of Earl Hebner being inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame last night.

Billy Corgan came to the ring and asked everyone to watch some of the highlights of Hebner's career.  They aired a nice video piece on Hebner and pushed the idea he was the greatest referee in wrestling history.  Corgan brought Hebner to the ring.

TNA Knockouts champion Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong.

Kong used her power early.  Kim tried to cut her down with kicks and hit a bodypress off the ropes but went a little too high.  They showed Chef Robert Irvine, Gail Kim's husband at ringside.  He's a good man with a great TV show.

Kong took down Kim and locked her in a Camel Clutch.  Kim fought her way out.  Kong powered her up but Kim turned it into a submission while on Kong's shoulders.  Kong slammed her down for a two count.

Kong went to climb to the ropes but Kim dropped down over the ropes to throw her balance off.  Kim climbed up and nailed a kick.  She went for a top rope rana but was tossed off.  Kong splashed her off the ropes, which looked brutal, and scored a two count.

Kong began gathering chairs.  She went to grab one but in front of Irvine but he grabbed it from her from behind the rail.  Kong got in his face.  Earl Hebner got between them and Irvine began screaming at Hebner to do his job and that was his wife in there.  That allowed Kong to nail the Implant Buster on Kim on the floor on the chairs.  Kong brought her into the ring but was only able to get a two count.

Kong went for a powerbomb but Kim rolled through with a rana for a two count.  Kong nailed her with the spinning backfist. Kong and Kim battled near the corner.  Kim nailed Eat Defeat off the ropes, then rolled up Kong for the pin with an inside cradle.

Your winner and still TNA Knockouts champion Gail Kim!

OK match but nowhere near what you would have hoped. You could see there were a few things that were off from a timing perspective and it really appeared Kong was working hard, possibly with an ankle injury. She even had issues getting on the turnbuckles so she was really hurting and trying to gut it out. She's really damn tough. I am a big fan of Irvine so I liked his involvement but I can see people looking at it as really hokey. Kim worked real hard to try and make this work but they couldn't recreate history and likely shouldn't have been expected to.

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