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By Mike Johnson on 2015-10-04 19:35:54
Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of the TNA Bound for Glory PPV from Concord, NC!

Bound for Glory opened up with Josh Mathews and Pope Dinero welcoming everyone to the show.  They promised every championship will be on the line tonight.

Bound for Glory opened up with Josh Mathews and Pope Dinero welcoming everyone to the show.  They promised every championship will be on the line tonight.

TNA X-Division champion Tigre Uno vs. Manik vs. Andrew Everett vs. DJ Zema Ion.

All four battled.  Everett hit a big springboard missile dropkick on Manik and Ion but was then hit with a bodypress by Tigre.  Tigre whipped out some Lucha offense but was caught by a Everett dropkick in the corner.  Everett got a nice reaction from his fellow locals.  Tigre set up for a dive but was nailed by Zema with a clothesline.  Zema went to the apron but was pulled down by Manik.  Manik sent Everett into the girders for the Ultimate X.

Tigre sent Manik and Zema to the outside.  He went for a dive but was caught by Zema.  Zema hit a great dive, using Tigre's back as his springboard, onto Manik.  Tigre then hit a sick twisting corkscrew dive onto them both.  Everett then hit a beautiful springboard shooting star press onto his opponents on the floor.  Great sequence.

Everett was the first to scale the wires but was taken down by Manik, who then hit a series of suplexes.  Zema and Manik double-teamed Tigre then each scaled the wires, taking each other out.   They all started hitting big moves on the others.  Tigre scaled the wires but Manik hit a springboard dropkick to take him down.  Everett whipped out a sick springboard 920 splash on Manik, which the place popped huge for.

Zema crotched Tigre on the top rope.  He and Manik each scaled the same girder, trying to get to the cables.  They exchanged punches before nailing each other at the same time, crashing down with Everett nailing the ring ropes and Zema falling to the floor.  Tigre hit a 450 splash off the top rope to the floor on Zema.  That was ridiculously dangerous and Uno was either banged up or selling like Shawn Michaels after.

Manik made his way across the cables but Everett, who walked across them while holding onto the structure, stomped his hands.  Uno and Everett battled for the belt.  Everett took a sick bump down to the mat.  Tigre took the belt and scored the win.

Your winner and still X-Division champion, Tigre Uno!

A really great opener with lots of crazy bumps and aerial spots.  This felt more like the old school X-Division then it has in a LONG time.  Everett made a big splash with his debut here and this was the best Tigre Uno was ever looked in TNA.  Manik and Zema Ion looked great here as well.

Gregory Shane Helms (aka Hurricane) walked out, wearing a lime green leather jacket that you'd have to be tough to wear in public.  They noted he was the longest reigning Cruiserweight champion in history.  He entered the ring and went face to face with Tigre, before shaking hands and raising the champion's arm.  They sort of teased he was coming for the belt.

TNA champion EC3 came out on stage.  He noted tonight was now a three-way bout with Jeff Hardy as the guest referee.  The crowd popped since it was Hardy country.  EC3 said it wouldn't matter because he would never, ever lose.  The crowd changed for "Hardy."  He said Drew Galloway fights for wrestling while Hardy fights for family.  He said their title aspirations will die because EC3 is unbreakable and undefeated World champion who fights for the greatest cause of all: EC3.    He said that he debuted two years ago and there's been two years of perfection.  He said he is beyond greatness.  Usual good promo.

Bound for Gold Gauntlet Match:  Mr. Anderson, Abyss, Mahabali Shera, Tyrus, Robbie E, Jesse Godderz, Aiden O'Shea, Eli Drake, and Chris Melendez

When it comes down to the final two competitors, you can win by pinfall, submission or tossing your opponent over the ropes.

Anderson and Godderz were the first two competitors.   Godderz tried to trick Anderson with a handshake but was hit with a clothesline. Godderz was then suckered in by Anderson offering handshake and eat another clothesline.  Anderson went for the Mic Check but Godderz grabbed the ropes as the next competitor, Eli Drake came out.  They all battled. 

Next out was Al Snow as a surprise.    The place loved it.  Snow cleaned house on all three and controlled the ring.  He drilled Godderz with a series of headbutts and a clothesline.  Snow missed a charge in the corner and Drake nailed him with a neckbreaker  Godderz caught him with an enziguiri.  Anderson and Snow brawled with Godderz and Drake, whipped them into each other and nailed clotheslines.

Next out was Aiden O'Shea, the former Jay Bradley, who was making his official TNA storyline debut.  They pushed him as a brawler from the South side of Chicago.  He controlled Drake with headbutts and strikes.  It was obvious they wanted the focus on him as everyone else was down selling.  Robbie E was next out.  E and Snow nailed a double backdrop on Anderson but Snow then drilled E with a right hand.

  Snow nailed Drake with Head, sending him over the top.  Drake was eliminated.  Mahabali Shera was next and nailed Drake as he headed to the ring.  Shera clobbered everyone with clotheslines.  Shera got all the competitors to do the Shera Shake.  Aiden even joined in, then nailed Shera.  Shera clotheslined him over the top, eliminating O'Shea.

Tyrus was next.  He laid waste to the entire ring.  Sgt. Chris Melendez was next out.  He nailed a sit-down bomb on Godderz.  He went right after Tyrus and then nailed E with the full nelson slam.  He faced off with Anderson, his mentor of sorts, and nailed him.  Tyrus eliminated Snow and Melendez.  Shera tried to get Tyrus to dance but was tossed out as well.

Out came Tommy Dreamer as the next surprise.  He was wearing a House of Hardcore shirt and polka dot pants in honor of Dusty Rhodes.  He cleaned house and the place popped huge and chanted for him.   Dreamer and Tyrus faced off.  Tyrus went for the Asiatic Spike but Dreamer lowblowed him nailed a high cross bodyblock.  Godderz caught Dreamer with a standing dropkick. 

Next out was Abyss who killed Dreamer with a running splash in the corner.  Abyss faced off with Tyrus.  Pope was the next one out, leaving the commentary booth.  The place popped when his music played.  He did his entire entrance shtick until he realized that now Abyss and Tyrus were staring him down.  He decided discretion was the better part of valor and eliminated himself, going back to the announcer table.  That was pretty funny.  Pope said he left the ring because Matthews couldn't be trusted to call the show himself.  That was even funnier.

They ended up battling in the corner and doing stereo Tower of Doom spots, which was pretty damn inventive.  It went back to Tyrus and Abyss back facing off and they slugged it out.  Dreamer got involved but was hit with the Black Hole Slam.  Tyrus nailed Abyss and eliminated him, which they pushed as a big deal.

Dreamer and Anderson beat down Tyrus and nailed a suplex.  Godderz was backdropped over the top but was slid back into the ring.  He and E went over the top and battled on the apron with the idea that if they went off, they would be eliminated.  E went to return to the ring but the ropes were kicked into his crotch.  Godderz used a head scissor takeover to bring E over the top to the floor.

Dreamer and Anderson battled.  Anderson tossed him over the top rope to the floor.  It was down to the last three, Anderson, Godderz and Tyrus.  Anderson  tossed Godderz over the top to the floor.

It was down to Tyrus and Anderson.    They made it clear the winner can challenge for any TNA title, not just the TNA championship.  Anderson worked hard to try and get Tyrus over the top.  Tyrus nailed the Asiatic Spike and splashed him for the pin.

Your winner, Tyrus!

EC3 came out and applauded the victory.  EC3 came out to interview Tyrus, who made it clear he won for himself and that he would be challenging for the TNA title.  EC3 was worried about that.

This was WAY better than I expected going in.  They did a nice job of spotlighting different talents and the surprises, whole not Earth shattering, were nice ways to spice things up and pop the house in North Carolina. My only nitpicking was there may have been a little too much silliness when there's a title shot at stake but it was obvious the goal here was to get the crowd to pop for all of it and they did. As an undercard deal, it was solid stuff.

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