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By Mike Johnson on 2015-02-28 18:56:09
Welcome to's live, ongoing New York Wrestling Connection coverage of the 13th annual Psycho Circus at the NYWC Sportatorium in Deer Park, Long Island.

They opened the show with a great video previewing the main event.

Joker's Wild Battle Royal

The winner receives a title shot for any belt at any time. Alvin Alvarez cut a promo saying they were taking over.   Everyone battled.  Even the referees and time keeper, who were the first ones out.   It came down to Monsta Mack, J-Red and Anthony the Stallion.  Mack pressed and tossed Red to the outside atop of Alvarez.

The final three started brawling.  Hyde was double-teamed but ducked and they nailed each other.  That was the end of their partnership.  Mack killed him with an Alabama Slam and tossed Stallion over the top.  He landed on the apron.  He came back and nailed a springboard dropkick on Mack.  Hyde snapped him with a nasty side throw suplex and speared Mack.  Mack came back to nail a rana, which was pretty damn impressive.

Hyde and Mack battled.  Mack was tossed over but Stallion recovered and crawled over to Hyde before finally tossing him out.

Your winner, Anthony the Stallion.

NYWC Tag Team champions Team Tremendous Investigations vs. Juicy Product vs. Milk Chocolate vs. The FBI.

Milk Chocolate went right after The Juicy Product at the bell and they had to be separated.  Guido started with JT Dunn.  Dunn backed him in the corner and called him and old man.  Guido shoved him down and controlled him on the mat.  They traded armdrags and Guido blocked a dropkick and they faced off. He slapped down Dunn and took down Starr, who dove off the ropes, with an armbreaker.  Everyone else hit the ring but the FBI took them out and nailed The Paisano elbow on Bill Carr.

The Juicy Product took Guido down and began working him over. The crowd chanted for the FBI.  Guido fought out of a chinlock but was drilled with a back elbow as he rebounded off the ropes.  Guido slid out of the ring and Randy Summers of Milk Chocolate hit the ring.  They went back and forth with some great faced paced action.

Dan Barry and Tony Mamaluke tagged in.  They went back and forth with some great wrestling.  Randy Summers and David Starr tagged in.  Summers hit some really good offense. His partner Brandon Scott nailed a pescado to the floor.  Summers nailed a tope.  JT Dunn teased one but was killed with an awesome Black Hole Slam.

Carr was pulled to the floot and worked over.  Barry hit a dive to the outside to save him.  This left the FBI to argue over which of them would do a dive first.  Mamaluke won and hit a freaking awesome diving swanton to the pile outside.  Guido went to do a tope but JT Dunn tripped him.    Dunn nailed a double stomp off the apron onto Brandon Scott who was on the railing.t

The battle continued with Summers eliminating David Starr with an awesome clothesline that sent him upside down.

Dan Barry hit the ring and nailed Summers with a big back suplex.   Team Tremendous worked over Summers for a long time.  Barry missed a moonsault and was caught and rolled up by Brandon Scott.    That means new Tag champs. 

The FBI was left and turned on Milk Chocolate after shaking hands with them.  Guido tossed Scott into the barricade hard.  Mamaluke drikked Summers with elbow strikes and nailed a back suplex for a two count.  They nailed a double legsweep off the ropes for a two count on Summers.  Guido snapped him with a dropkick for another two count.

Guido went for the Sicilian Slice off the ropes but Scott tripped him  Summers scored a two count but Mamaluke interfered and the FBI soon controlled the ring again.  Summers finally caught Mamaluke with a great back suplex and tagged in Scott, who cleaned house.  He nailed a standing moonsault for a two count.    

They went back and forth with some great sequences.   Milk Chocolate finally nailed a powerbomb into a back cracker on Mamaluke for the pin.

Your winners and new NYWC Tag Team champions Milk Chocolate!

Absolutely phenomenal bout.  Everyone looked great and they took the audience on a hell of a ride.

Jigsaw vs. Monsta Mack

Mack is replacing Grimm Reefer, who didn't make the show for some reason.

The story was power vs. finesse with Mack controlling Jigsaw early on with his girth and power.  Jigsaw would use his speed and agility to escapeand try and avoid Mack's lariat.   Jigsaw finally used a big boot to send him to the floor and hit a tope to the outside.  When they returned to the ring, Mack took over and controlled Jigsaw until he missed a headbutt off the ropes.   Mack slapped him but Jigsaw nailed a leaping kick and nailed a series of strikes and dropkicks in the corner.  Jigsaw scoring a two count.

Mack came back and nailed a sitdown powerbomb.  Mack pressed and slammed Jigsaw inton the buckles, which looked brutal, for another two count.   He went to the top but was cut off and nailed with a superplex for the pin.

Your winner, Jigsaw!

Solid match.  They told a good story and Mack was good as the dominant heel so that Jigsaw could get a big comeback and the win.  They each did their job perfectly here.

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