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By Mike Johnson on 2015-02-28 18:56:09

Grandmaster of the Mat: Drew Gulak vs. Papadon vs. Tony Nese


Grandmaster of the Mat: Drew Gulak vs. Papadon vs. Tony Nese

The winner is the man with the most falls at the end of the 30 minute time limit using their point system.  2 points submission, 1 point pin.

Alot of faced paced wrestling the first few minutes with two of the competitors working over each other and the third would get involved and either ruin it or come in with a submission of his own.   There were a lot of three way submissions on the mat.  Papadon controlled Gulak with a series of kicks to the back and used several pinfall combinations for near falls.

Nese returned to the ring as Papadon drilled Nese with combinations in the corner.   Gulak tossed him over the top but Nese landed on the apron.  He was shoulderblocked to the floor.  Gulak took down Papadon and cinched in a anklelock for a submission.

Gulak scored 2 points with about 22 minutes to go.  Gulak was sent to the floor.  Nese went for a springboard moonsault but missed and was locked in a submission.  Nese tapped.

2 points scored for Papadon, now tied with Gulak.  Papadon controlled Gulak with kicks.  Nese tried to recover and went to the top but was nailed with a right hand.  Gulak fired back and he and Papadon went back and forth with strikes.  Nese nailed a dropkick off the top on both that looked awesome.

Nese went nuts with offense with knee strikes and spinkicks.  He nailed a great leaping lariat on Papadon for a two count.  Nese scored with a series of kicks and then caught Gulak with a back suplex with a bridge as he rolled up Backlund, scoring pinfalls on both.

All three men are tied as Nese scored a point for each point.

They all battled as we hit the 15 minute mark.  Lots of really good wrestling here.

Papadon scored a flying headbutt for a two count on Gulak, who came back with several strikes and tossed him to the floor.  Nese and Gulak battled back and forth.  Papadon returned and scored a back splash senton on Gulak for the pin.

Papadon 3 points, everyone else -2 points.

Gulak and Papadon battled over a suplex on the apron.  Gulak was knocked to the floor.  Papadon went to toss him into the railing but it was reversed.  Nese hit the scene.  Gulak tried to take him out but Nese cartwheeled off the apron to the floor and drilled Papadon with a superkick.  Papadon caught Nese and nailed a death valley driver on the apron.  Papadon nailed a dive to the floor on his opponents.

Gulak reversed a whip and went Papadon into the railing.  He tried to do the same to Nese but was tossed into the ring. Gulak cut him off and tossed him back to the floor.  Gulak went for a dive but was cut off.  They all battled and Nese nailed a rana off the apron to the floor, wiping out Papadon at the same time.  The crowd loved that and chanted, "Holy sh**."

Nese rolled back in the ring while the others were counted out.

Due to the countout, Nese and Papadon were penalized a point, so we were back to everyone at 2 points.

Nese scored a tornado DDT on Papadon but Gulak broke up the pinfall.  With seven minutes left, they were really pouring it on.   Papadon went for a suplex but Gulak nailed knee strikes while he was upside down.  He slipped out and charged Papadon, who hit a nice tiltowhirl suplex.

Papadon scored a back suplex with a bridge but was hit with a 450 splash off the ropes for a three count.

Nese was up to three points, over the others with two.

Gulak and Nese battled on the top rope.  Papadon drilled Nese from behind but was kicked off.  Nese nailed a leaping rana on Gulak  With three minutes left, they all exchanged punches and strikes.   They went into a series of superkicks.  Nese went for one but Gulak trapped him in an anklelock.  Papadon nailed Nese with a leg lariat for a close two count. 

Gulak nailed the cradle piledriver for a two count on Nese.  Papadon was tossed over the top.  Nese nailed his one arm powerbomb in the corner for a two count with 30 seconds left.  They time limit finally ran out as Gulak was scrambling to get a pin.

Your winner and 2015 Master of the Mat, Tony Nese!

Really really good match with tons of European style mat wrestling influence and some awesome strikes and dives.  These guys are just so good.

They all shoved each other after the bout before cooler heads began prevailing and they showed respect for each other.  Big reaction for Nese before he headed to the back.

NYWC Fusion championship Rex Lawless vs. Mike Mondo

They started out fast going at each other.  Mondo tried to come off the ropes but was caught and nailed with a Fall Away Slam.  Lawless continued working him over and scored a big boot off the apron for a two count.

Mondo tried to get away but Lawless followed  He scampered back into the ring, crawling over the referee and caught Rex with a low blow.    Mondo pulled him under the ring skirt and worked him over.  Mondo nailed a splash off the ropes and landed with feet across them for leverage for a two count.

Mondo locked on a rear chinlock and jumped down with all his might across the back of Lawless.  Lawless came back with a MASSIVE superplex for a two count.  In the end, Mondo scored the win after cheating.

NYWC champion Blake Morris (with DJ Hyde) vs. Big O.

 Morris said he could beat O by himself and demanded DJ leave.  Hyde got mad and asked Morris if he was doing it for the fans.  Morris told him he doesn't deserve to be here and isn't supposed to be here and demanded he leave.    Hyde finally left.

Morris went right after O but was tossed in the corner and nailed with a series of right hands.  O shoulderblocked him off the apron.  O nailed several chops against the railing.  He went to run Morris shoulder-first into the ringpost but Morris slipped off and rammed him into the ringpost.  Morris worked him over with chops and kicks.

Morris used a top wristlock on the mat to try and force a submission but O fired back only to be caught with a slam.  Morris nailed a rana off the top for a two count.  O finally knocked him off the apron.   O nailed a big shoulderblock and hit an Oklahome Stampede for a two count.

O went for an AA but Morris slipped off and nailed a series of kicks and a DDT for a two count.   Morris nailed several tope suicidas on O to the floor.  O caught him on the third and drove him into the ring apron back-first.  Both men were counted out.

The ring announcer tried to announce the finish but Morris refused.  Several NYWC officials came out and Morris nailed official Shane O'Neil, who lost ir and demanded the bout be continued.

O charged Morris but was taken down in a guard.  O fought back and nailed a series of powerbombs.  Morris kicked out.   DJ Hyde hit the ring and attacked the referee.  O went after him but Hyde wiped him out.  He called for the lariat and drilled O with it.  Hyde called for a referee  He demanded Morris pin O but the champion refused and fired Hyde.  He superkicked Hyde out of the ring.

Morris charged O but was kicked off.  He leapt back on him on the ropes but was chokeslammed off the top for the pin.

Your winner and new NYWC champion, The Big O!

Easily the best match O has ever had in his life.  Morris worked his ass off and Hyde's involvement added a good story to the proceedings.  O really worked beyond his usual limitations.

Morris and O shook hands after.


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