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By Mike Johnson on 2015-02-28 18:56:09

The Psycho Circus" "The Deadly Sinners" Stockade, Appolyon, Casanova Valentine, Jamie Van Lemur and King Mega (with Crusher Doogan & Brian Vitko) vs. Mikey Whipwreck, Joe Gacy. Joe Ettell, J-Ro and Joey Conway. 

They have one side of the ring with a steel cage set up, one side with barbed wire set up, several barbed wire contraptions hanging above the ring and a mystery box in the corner.

First out are Stockade and Mikey, who are each their team captains.  Mikey tossed a trash can into the ring as he came out.  They began slugging it out. Stockade went for a clothesline.  Mikey went down to duck but was nailed  Stockade worked him over and nailed a cookie sheet to the head.  Mikey fought back and  sent him into the eooden mystery box.  It cracked so he brought him back and nailed him again.  Mikey opened the box and removed several weapons before settling on a barbed wire bat.

Mikey nailed Stockade with the bat and ran it over his body.   The time limit expired and Casanova Valentine hit the ring and attacked Mikey, then sent him into the cage.     They beat Mikey with several weapons as the countdown expired.  Out came Mikey's partner Joey Conway  They immediately overtook him and beat him with several weapons.

They whip Conway into the barbed wire side and Stockade splashes him against the barbed wire.  Team Stockade controls the ring.   Apollyon from Stockade's team was next out.  They wiped out Conway and pinned him, eliminating him from the match.   So it was now 3 on 1 for Mikey who was beaten down.

Stockade grabbed a ladder as Joe Ettel hit the ring for Mikey.  He cleaned house with chairshots on everyone.  He sat Casanova in a chair and drilled him with a trash can.  Mikey grabbed a Singapore Cane and nailed Stockade, then slammed him into a ladder set against the ropes.  Apollyon suplexed the remnants of the ladder on Mikey.

Stockade's Jamie Van Lemur was next out but was kicked and hit with the Whippersnapper and pinned.

Mikey tossed Apollyon into the cage.  Outside, Stockade placed Ettel on the railing and nailed him with a can.   All sorts of chaos.  J-Ro was next out and he hit a springboard dropkickn into the ring on Apollyon.  He began using a staple gun.  King Mega was next out for Stockade and took it to J-Ro with a big lariat.    He and Apollyon nailed a double splash for a two count on J-Ro.

Next out was Joe Gacy.  All sorts of chaos.  Joe Ettell was pinned after a powerbomb through a barbed wire contraption.  Mikey spewed mist on Valentine and sent him off the ropes to the floor through a table, eliminatng him.  Gacy attacked Stockade and took him down.    Mikey worked over Apollyon.  Gacy drilled Stocade with a big leaping knee.  Mega and Gacy battled near the barbed wire.  Mega grabbed J-Ro and chokeslammed him through several chairs for the pin.

That left Mikey and Gacy vs. Mega, Stockade and Apollyon.  Gacy nailed a DVDR through a ladder in the corner.  Mega tossed powder in Mikey's eyes.  Gacy pinned Apollyon, although I missed how  Gacy drilled Mega with several clotheslines before taking him down for a two count.  Gacy went to the top but was crotched.  They battled and went through a table, eliminating both.

It was down to Mikey and Stockade.    The final fall must end in a pinfall or submission.  The crowd chanted for "Mikey." Mikey cleaned house with rights and nailed a Whippersnapper but was too hurt to take advantage.  When he finally covered Stockade, he only received a two count.   Vitko entered the ring to interfere and got a fireball in the face.  The FBI hit the ring and powerbombed Mikey off the ropes.  Stockade covered Mikey for a two count.

Stockade brought a table into the ring.    He and Mikey battled.  Stockade nailed a tombstone for a two count.  Stockade wrapped a chair around Mikey's throat and choked him against the ropes.  Mikey finally tapped.

Your winner, The Seven Deadly Sinners!

The insanity one comes to expect from this match. That's all from Long Island!

NYWC returns on Saturday 3/28.

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