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By Mike Johnson on 2014-12-13 19:16:24


CZW champion Sozio vs. Drew Gulak vs. Blk Jeez vs. Biff Busick

They are using the traditional, original yellow and black CZW Cage of Death. There are platforms in each other. There are also bags hanging from the ceiling and a glass pane in one corner.

They are doing this elimination style. You can be eliminated via pinfall, submission or being thrown out of the cage with both feet hitting the floor.

Everyone battled. Gulak and Busick powerbombed Jeez and Sozio into each other and each scored a two count, then went nose to nose with each other. They tied up and tried to suplex each other with Gulak getting the victory there, suplexing Busick into the pane of glass.

Gulak went to the top trying to grab one of the canvas bags that were hanging but Jeez took him out. Jeez tried to get up but Sozio's minions grabbed at him from outside the cage. Sozio whipped Busick into the cage. Jeez tossed broken glass in his face and slammed him on the glass particles. Jeez grabbed Gulak and sent him into the cage facefirst.

Sozio came back to slam Jeez with authority on the glass. Gulak drilled him with a running boot. Gulak climbed towards the top of the cage to grab one of the canvas bags but the minions attacked him and almost pulled him over the cage. No bag. Sozio worked over Gulak and went to the top, grabbing one of the bags. He tossed it into the ring and returned. He pulled out TWO barbed wire bats. He went after Gulak and dropped one of the bats as he swung. He swung a second time and smashed a pane of glass against the cage. Gulak drilled him in the chest with the bat and worked him over with it.

Gulak turned to Jeez and drilled him in the back with the bat, then went after Busick, who tried to fight it off to no avail. Gulak took the bat to Sozio's face, which was now bleeding. Gulak then took the bat to Jeez's forehead. Gulak continued to wage war with the bat until Jeez attacked him with the other one. Meanwhile, Busick and Sozio battled atop the ropes in a corner. Busick was knocked into the ring so Gulak attempted a pinfall. This left Sozio to grab another bag which had some cookie sheets and crockery. The crowd booed that.

Jeez took a strainer and began beating the others with it. Sozio drilled him with a cookie sheet and covered him for a two count. Sozio took control of the cage, working everyone over. He drilled Gulak hard but Gulak refused to go down after each shot. Gulak used a chokenstein for a two count. Busick tried to scale the cage but the minions prevented him. One of the minions met him at the top but was grabbed and tossed down onto the others, wiping out all four.

Busick made it to the top and retrieved a bag, tossing it at Sozio and knocking him off the ropes to the mat. Busick grabbed Gulak and suplexed him on the glass and barbed wire bat. He opened the bag and revealed a staple gun. Jeez took him down and locked on a Boston Crab. Gulak grabbed the stapler and used it on Jeez, who was now bleeding as well. Jeez ripped the CZW paper off his face and hit Gulak with a sick side suplex where he landed weird on his wrist. Gulak popped up, threw a baseball bat at Busick, who ducked it, and then nailed him with a big lariat for a two count.

Gulak climbed up the cage for a bag but was caught and hit with a back suplex off the ropes into the ring by Busick for a two count. Busick began climbing for the bag but Sozio was in pursuit. Gulak covered Jeez for a two count. At the top of the cage, Sozio used a staple gun on Busick and shoved him over the cage. He crashed through a table to the floor and was eliminated.

Three men remain.

Gulak went to the top but was met by one of the minions. Gulak overpowered him and sent the Minion down through what sounded like a table with glass atop of it. Gulak retrieved the next bag, which had light tubes. The crowd went nuts for that. Gulak began holding one and spinning it like a sword, then measured Sozio with it before drilling him in the stomach with it. He grabbed another and went for Jeez but Jeez ducked and nailed him with the barbed wire bat and began raking it in Gulak's face. Jeez grabbed a tube and went for Sozio who tried to kick it and break it but failed. Jeez drilled him over the top of the head, bringing down the house.

Gulak and Sozio recovered and each grabbed light tubes and smashed each other. Sozio drilled Gulak and nailed him with a tombstone on a light tube for the pin.

Then, there were two.

It's down to Jeez and Sozio.

Sozio went to nailed him with the bat but Jeez had grabbed a staple gun and began stapling him over and over in the stomach. He covered Sozio for a two count. Jeez pulled another set of light tubes out of the bag but Sozio nailed him from behind and they fell. He suplexed Jeez across the tubes. Sozio scored a two count.

Sozio used the staple gun. His minions opened the cage door and put a big ladder inside the ring. There's one bag hanging above the ring now, so now we know how they are going to retrieve it. One of the minions sets the ladder up and holds it for Sozio to ascend. As he tried to get what was in the final bag, a bunch of chairs were brought into the ring. It was a weed wacker. As Sozio returned down, he turned it on but Jeez nailed him with a chair several times. He set up several chairs in the ring and placed a pane of glass atop of them. Nothing good can come from this.

Jeez placed him under the pane on the mat and climbed the ropes but Sozio caught up to him and they battled on the top rope. Jeez nailed an Ace Cutter off the ropes through the pane of glass. Jeez covered him but Sozio kicked up.

Jeez grabbed a chair but Sozio superkicked it into him. Sozio placed it atop of Jeez and beat it with another chair. He went to the top of the cage with the chair and came down, stomping the chair into Jeez, who was covered under the other chair. Sozio covered him as the crowd chanted, "Holy sh**" but Jeez kicked out at the last second. The crowd chanted, "BLK JEEZ."

Sozio grabbed Jeez and said he was going to kill him but Jeez nailed a headbutt and went into his tights for something. It was handcuffs and he cuffed Sozio to the ring ropes. The crowd perked, knowing this was foreshadowing of the weedwhacker being used. Sozio tried to escape and begged for mercy. Jeez turned on the wacker but Sozio kept kicked him away. Jeez grabbed a chair and slammed it over his head, then cuffed his other hand to the ropes as well.

Sozio told him "F*** you." Jeez used it again and again until finally Sozio blacked out. The referee called it.

Your winner and new CZW champion, BLK Jeez!

Well, that was certainly out of this world and beyond insane. Wow.

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