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By Mike Johnson on 2014-12-13 19:16:24

Preacher came out for a promo. He suffered a legitimate fractured neck last month taking a DVDR on the apron. He said he came out for a few reasons. He said that he wanted to thank everyone from the CZW locker room as everyone has called him or gone to see him since he was hurt. He wanted to thank every fan that contacted him and helped him get through the injury. He said he had pretty major surgery so it will be a little time before he can return, but he promised he will be back and when he is, he will show everyone something they have never seen before.

Alex Colon came out and apologized, but not for hurting him but because Preacher was "such a p*ssy." Preacher's wife slapped him and he menaced her but out ran Mike Bailey, who hit the ring and stopped it.

*BOTB14 Qualifier - Scramble Match: Caleb Konley vs. Jonathan Gresham vs. Alex Colon vs. 'The Product' David Starr vs. 'Speedball' Mike Bailey vs. AR Fox

Bailey was set to started with Gresham but Starr tagged himself in. Gresham controlled him so Starr tagged out to Konley. This led to a wacky sequence where everyone went for a waistlock from behind on each other in a row. This led to all hell breaking loose with tons of crazy dives and highspots. No chance I can recap all this, but it was a lot of fun. Here are some thoughts/

AR Fox hit his springboard backwards splash to the outside on everyone. That was nuts. Completely nuts.

Mike Bailey really scored with some awesome martial arts kicks that the crowd loved.

Gresham showed some really good in-ring prowess and has amazingly crisp timing. He had a really good showing tonight.

I popped for Konley hitting the pounce. He looked good and had the crowd behind him.

David Starr plays a hell of a dope.

The crowd LOVED the sequence where referee Kevin Keenan laid out the workers and pinned Alex Colon with a GTS.

Mike Bailey vs. AR Fox is going to be a hell of an attraction down the line.

Really crazy stuff ending with Gresham pinning Starr with a big moonsault, stealing the win from Konley.

Alexander James vs. Rich Swann

The crowd loved Swann coming out to Lionel Richie. Swann controlled early. James tossed him over the top. Swann skinned the cat and came back with an awesome series of quick moves including a rana and a dropkick. Swann teased a dive but James' team all stepped in the way. That allowed James to try and attack Swann from behind. Swann saw it coming and tossed James to the floor.

James nailed a neckbreaker to cut Swann's momentum down. He choked Swann against the ropes. James drilled him down and tied up Swann on the mat. They went back and forth and battled by the ropes. James drilled Swann's head rudely into the mat after something seemed to go amiss.

On the floor, James worked him over on the floor. Swann was almost counted out but returned. James scored several two counts but Swann kept kicking out. James brought him to the ropes for what appeared to be a superplex to the outside. Swann blocked it and kicked him, then dropkicked him off the top to the floor. Swann hit a big splash off the ropes for a two count.

Swann nailed a 450 splash off the ropes but one of James' lackies pulled the referee out. Swann nailed a flip dive to wipe the lackies out. This allowed James to nail Swann and drill him to the mat, scoring the pin. The crowd HATED that.

Your winner, Alexander James!

After the match, someone in a mask and a black hoodie hit the ring and attacked Swann, destroyed him, rammed him into the railing and ran off. Three members of security slowly gave chase.

CZW Tag Team champions OI4K vs. The American Wolves

There was a "F*** TNA" chant as soon as the Wolves' TNA theme ended.'

Jake Crist and Davey Richards started and went back and forth. Crist avoided Eddie Edwards coming off the ropes and faced off with the Wolves. He and Eddie had some nice back and forth exchanges. Dave Crist tagged in but was overwhelmed by the Wolves. Jake tagged back in but was tied up on the mat by Davey. Dave tried to interfere but was stopped by the referee, allowing the Wolves to doubleteam Jake.

The Wolves continued to work over Jake as Dave tried to get into the ring. Davey knocked Dave off the apron but he was able to return to the ring in time to break up a pinfall attempt. Eddie worked over Jake on the outside as Davey antagonized Dave.

Davey cinched in a side chinlock as the crowd tried to rally behind Jake Crist. The Wolves worked him over in the corner with chops and kicks. He finally kicked off Eddie during a charge into the corner and nailed a flying bodypress but was grabbed by Davey. He kicked Davey off and made the hot tag. Dave cleaned house and dropkicked the Wolves into each other. Everyone battled. Davey nailed a big suplex on Dave. The Crists came back with stereo dives on The Wolves.

The Crists worked over Eddie in the ring and scored several two counts. The Wolves came back with some great double team maneuevers on Jake Crist, scoring a near fall.

The Wolves hit a double suplex on Dave Crist but was Davey came down, Jake caught him with a sitdown powerbomb but Eddie broke up the pin. Nice spot. Crist nailed a back suplex with a bridge on Eddie but Richards came off the top with a monster double stomp.

The two teams went back and forth with some good near falls. They did some really great stuff including a sick Richards tombstone on Jake. The Wolves went to do a move off the top but Eddie was shoved off the top, allowing the Crists to doubleteam Richards. Dave took out Eddie on the floor while Jake scored a two count on Davey.

The Crists doubleteamed Richards and scored the pin.

Your winners and still CZW Tag Team champions OI4K!

Good, stiff tag match. Everyone worked their rear ends off here.

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