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By Mike Johnson on 2013-11-09 23:00:00

Tommy Dreamer & Terry Funk vs. X-Pac & Lance Storm

Waltman cut a promo and basically said he was going to beat up Funk because it was best for business.  Lance said that in this building, he broke Dreamer's back and he has something just as evil set for tonight.  He called out Angelina Love and Justin Credible, saying he was having them in his corner tonight.

Dreamer came out and got a great pop.  Funk came out to Desperado and there was a huge, long Terry chant and standing ovation.  Dreamer got choked up and hugged Funk.

Dreamer and Waltman tied up.  Waltman crotch chopped him and Dreamer nailed a right hand.  He hiptossed Pac, who tagged in Lance.    Dreamer and Storm went back and forth.  Dreamer caught him with a back elbow.  Storm challenged Funk to get in the ring.

Funk tagged in and drilled Waltman and Storm with a bunch of punches and DDT'd Storm for a two count.  Dreamer and Funk doubleteamed Storm.  Funk went to the outside and attacked Credible, throwing him into the rails.  He and Credible brawled to the back.

Meanwhile, Dreamer was beaten down and double teamed by both of their opponents. Funk returned to the ring with Beulah McGuillicuty.  Waltman naile the Bronco Buster on Dreamer.  Storm and Dreamer went back and forth.  Storm worked him over.  Funk tried to come in and help but the referee stopped him.

Dreamer came back with a double clothesline.  Funk was tagged in and nailed a bunch of punches and headbutts.  He put the spinning toehold on Waltman.  Dreamer did the same to Storm. Dreamer and Storm battled to the floor. Funk got a trash can lid from somewhere and began beating Lance and Waltman with it.  Dreamer tossed a trash can in and Funk walloped Waltman in the head with it several times.

Dreamer pulled Lance out to the floor.  Everyone battled on the floor.  Dreamer rang the ring bell on Storm's privates.  Waltman choked Funk at ringside but was slammed into the guard rail.

Storm went for a superkick but Dreamer caught him and nailed the Spicoli Driver.  Love broke it up and Dreamer grabbed her but Lance nailed him and held her.  Love was going to attack Dreamer but Beulah attacked her and they had a catfight.  Lance clotheslined Beulah and went to put the Sharpshooter on her.  Dreamer threw him out and piledrove Love.

All this time, Waltman was beating Funk down outside the ring, then returned and nailed Dreamer, covering him for a two count.   Funk tried to return but was caught up in the camera cord and snapped himself backwards.

Funk tossed a ladder into the ring.  Funk did the airplane spin with the ladder and walloped Waltman and Storm.  Funk drilled Waltman with the ladder and scored the pin.

Your winners, Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk!

The crowd chanted "Thank you Terry!"

Dreamer took the mic and said he has an announcement before everyone leaves.  He said that they had a great show again thanks to the fans.   He said a 69 year old man with a torn abdominal stole the show.  Dreamer said that this will be the last time you see them tag and it's been a hell of a run from 1995 on, so thank you very much.

Funk said that Dreamer is a great man and gives him more credit than he deserves.  He said that Dreamer was there to stay from day one.  Funk said that not many people knew it but he knew that Dreamer had it, because he knew Dreamer loved the profession that Terry's  father taught him.

Dreamer said that by the size of this house, they are of this house, they are onto something and that's the next show...and then BULLY RAY hit the ring from the crowd and laid out both Funk and Dreamer.  He began whipping them with a chain.

Bully grabbed the ring mic and said, "Do you know who I am?"  He kept whipping Dreamer and Funk.  He told Dreamer that he was his best friend in the world but Dreamer doesn't invite him to HOH?  "That's how you do me?"  He attacked Dreamer.  He invited Dreamer to come back here on December 30th - One Night Only - TNA presents Old School.  He challenged Dreamer to face him in an Old School Street Fight with Falls Counting Anywhere in the business.

Ray said that he wouldn't miss this in the entire world.  He said he was going to destroy Terry Funk and no one can do a damn thing about it.  Spike Dudley hit the ring and went for the Acid Drop but Bully tossed him and attacked him.

Devon hit the ring.  They teased fighting but instead hit Dreamer with 3D.    Bully said that he's been waiting for this moment his entire career.  He told Devon they were going to piledrive him through the table. 


Sandman hit the ring and caned the Dudleys but was overwhelmed. He was caned and left laying. Bubba said this is what happened when you mess with the best tag team in the world. He said tonight was House of Hardcore 3D. He and Devon walked out.

The heroes recovered. Dreamer said that HOH is going to kick the "living sh**" out of TNA.

Dreamer thanked Funk and said the ring is his because he earned it more than anyone in the business. They left Funk in the ring.

Funk said that he hopes everyone has a safe trip home because he loves them all so damn much. He said that he thinks of them all. This is the House of Hardcore, and "by God, it's a resurrection of hardcore....and its going to be here forever....FOREVER.....FOREVER.....FOREVER....AMEN!"

They closed with Funk leaving to Desperado. Thanks for logging in with us.

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