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By Mike Johnson on 2013-11-09 23:00:00

Homicide & Eddie Kingston (with Amber O'Neal) vs. Devon & Matt Hardy (with Reby)

Homicide and Devon started out.  Devon and Hardy is such a weird pairing, by the way.  They  started slow.  Kingston and Hardy tagged in.  Outlaws, Inc. controlled Hardy and tagged in and out.

Devon tagged in and nailing a running splash in the corner on Kingston for a two count.  Kingston has dropped a lot of weight.  The crowd chanted for Tables.  Devon elbowed Homicide off the apron but was pulled down and crotched to the ringpost as Kingston distracted the referee.

Homicide tagged in and choked the hell out of Devon against the ropes.  Devon was elbowed by Kingston and snapmared into an rear chinlock.   Devon elbowed his way out but was nailed with a lariat for a two count.    Kingston and Homicide nailed a double shoulderblock on Devon for a two count.

They knocked Hardy off the apron and continued beating on Devon.   Devon came back with a Bubbaslam on Kingston and fought to make the hot tag to Hardy.  Hardy tagged in and cleaned house on Homicide, including the Sidewinder.

Hardy nailed Kingston with a clothesline and bulldogged him as he clotheslined Homicide down.  Devon tossed Kingston to the floor and slammed him into the ringside table.  Homicide choked out Hardy in the corner.  Hardy came back with the Side Effect but Amber attacked him.  Sky hit the ring and they battled back and forth.  Amber caught her going for a kick and slammed her leg down, forcing Sky to split her legs.  She then kicked her in the face.  Sky came back with a DDT.

Hardy slammed Homicide and called for the Wazzup headbutt off the top.  The crowd went nuts for this.   Devon told Matt to get the tables.  Hardy instead got a ladder and began nailing Homicide and Kingston.  Hardy nails an elbow off the ladder.  Devon sets up a ladder and they nailed a double Uranage through the table and score the pin.

Your winners, Matt Hardy and Devon!

A solid tag match.

After the match, Hardy took the mic and said that they gave the people what they wanted. Hardy said that he was stepping out of the Matt Hardy character and said that he has more respect for Devon and Bubba than anyone else. Hardy then paid tribute to his wife, nothing this was the venue where they met and that he loves her. He thanked her for sticking with him through thick and thin. Devon closed it out by testifying.

 Kevin Steen vs. Rhino

They began slugging it out right away.  They battled to the floor.  Steen slammed Rhino into the guardrail.  He began arguing with a fan, which allowed Rhino to recover and nail him from behind.  Rhino removed a piece of the guard rail but Steen attacked him.  Rhino battled him off and they returned to the ring.

Steen attempted to suplex Rhino inside the ring but Rhino battled back and Steen nailed a DDT into the ring.  He preened to the crowd and began stomping away at Rhino, then choked him against the ropes.   Steen argued with the crowd, allowing Rhino to make a comeback.

Steen began ripping at Rhino and tearing at his face and choking him against the ropes.   Steen rebounded off the ropes and locked in a chinlock.  He controlled Rhino.   Rhino made a comeback and they battled back and forth.  Rhino nailed a belly to belly suplex.

Steen nailed a missile dropkick off the ropes, then hit a running cannonball into the corner.   Steen grabbed a chair and brought it into the ring.  He wedged it between the turnbuckles.  He went to whip Rhino into it but Rhino nailed him with an F5.

Rhino went for the gore but Steen moved and Rhino ate the chair in the corner.  Steen hit a move but Rhino kicked out.  He hit the gore for a two count.  He brought the guard rail into the ring.  The crowd chanted "ECW."

He went to nail Steen but was shoved down into the rail.  Steen covered him for a two count.  He grabbed another chair and went for a move but Rhino grabbed him for a belly to  belly on the rail, the belly to belly suplexed him on the open chair.  Rhino went for the gore but got kicked.  He rebounded and gored Steen for the pin.

Your winner, Rhino!

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