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By Mike Johnson on 2013-11-09 23:00:00

Hardcore Rumble - Pinfall, Submission and Over the Top Elimination

The first two competitors were John Redbeard and Joe Caldo.  A lot of the competitors will be HOH Academy students.  They are doing entrances every minute.  They battled back and forth.  Redbeard nailed a suplex and whipped Caldo into the corner.  Caldo reversed it and took him down with a leg lariat for a two count.

A third competitor, a masked man named Robert Castillo, hit the ring.  He covered Caldo.  Redbeard slammed him and Castillo nailed a swanton on him for a two count.  The next competitor out was King Danza.  He had a manager and attacked arrogant.

They all worked over Caldo in the corner.   The referee, who was female, tried to stop them and Redbeard shoved her down hard.  The next wrestler out was the referee, Brooke Danielle.    She slapped Redbeard and ripped off her shirt to reveal an outfit.  She nailed a drop toehold and eliminated Castillo.  Caldo and Redbeard eliminated each other. Danza grabbed Brooke and pressed her over the top to the floor into the arms of Redbeard.

Next out was D3 who was in the ring with Danza.  He nailed a nice dropkick on Danza, avoided a charge in the corner and hit a handstand into a splash off the top for a one count.   D3 nailed a moonsault for a two count.  Next out was Harley Cruise.  He was a burly guy and teamed with Danza to beat down D3.

Next out was Little Guido, who cleaned house on Danza and nailed the Sicilian Slice on him.  Guido teamed with D3 to work on Cruise.  Next out was Nick Owens.  He nailed a nice powerslam on D3. 

Next out was Danny Doring, who was doing commentary.  He came out fixing his tights.  He hit an awesome Alabama Jam on Owens for a pin, eliminating him.  Next out was Devito!

Devito entered the ring and met Doring and Guido in the middle.  They all embraced, being former ECW talents, then turned on each other.  Devito and Doring nailed a double flapjack on Guido.  Doring turned on him, hitting the Bareback and Guido rolled him up for the pin.  Devito was eliminated.  Doring tossed Guido.  The crowd chanted, "bullsh**" at that.

Next out was a wrestler named FUNGUS.  Doring was tossed out.   D3 took out Caldo and Danza.  Fungus snapped his neck over the top.   Next out was Anthony Michaels.  They all battled.  Next out was David Sizzle.  He missed a few spots but was trying to do some high flying stuff.

CJ Mirror was out next.   Mint Mike Mitchell hit the ring next .  The ring was not filling up so they all battled.  Out next was the masked Silent Assassin.  He nailed a nice double chokeslam.

Bill Carr was up next.  He's gotten around a bit, including NYWC.  He began clobbering everyone with nice clotheslines.   He powerbombed CJ Mirror into the buckles and pinned him.  Our next was Hale Collins, who got a nice pop as he's popular in these parts.

Collins hit the ring and clotheslined Harley Cruise over the top to the floor, then took out the Silent Assassin and King Danza.   Out next was Shooter Schultz, who hit the ring and raked everyone's backs.   Next out was Vik Dalishus.  Larry Dallas and Monique were managing him.

Vik hit the ring, killed D3 and eliminated him.  Vik and Collins, who feuded in NEW in the same venue, began brawling all around the ring.  He nailed a dropkick but was attacked by Carr, who killed him with a great clothesline.    They all battled.

Last out was Spike Dudley, who nailed Acid Drop on Shultz and Carr and pinned them.  He was tossed over the top.  Collins and Vik were left.  Collins had him beaten down and went to the top.  Monique got in the ring to block him and Collins grabbed her hair, only it was a wig.  He was distracted long enough by that shock, that Vik shoved him over the top to the floor.

Your winner, Vik Dalishus!

Luke Gallows (with Amber O'Neale) vs. MVP

They locked up and ended up muscling each other to the floor and around the ringside area.     They returned to the ring where Gallows slapped him and grabbed a side headlock.  MVP fought back and they battled to the outside, where Gallows was slammed into the guard rail.

MVP brought him back to the ring and drilled him in the back with a hard kick, followed by a leaping kick to the face.   Gallows made a comeback and stomped the hell out of him.  He peppered him with punches to the face and mid-section in the corner.  He nailed him with a short arm clothesline for a two count.

Gallows nailed a series of elbows.  He held him down but MVP fought back.  They battled back and forth and went to the floor.  MVP made a comeback and nailed an awesome belly to belly overhead suplex.  He nailed the Ballin' elbow for a two count.

MVP nailed a neckbreaker for a two count.    Gallows came back with a big chokeslam for a two count.  Gallows nailed him with a chair for a two count.  Gallows missed a charging knee in the corner.  MVP nailed the shining wizard for the pin.

Your winner, MVP!

Good back and forth slugfest.  I liked this one a lot.


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